5 Great Places to Learn Japanese in Chennai

5 Great Places to Learn Japanese in Chennai

Especially for those of you who are currently looking for the best Japanese language learning places in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Also, for those of you who are still trying to find the best Japanese tutors in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We have summarized the 5 Best Japanese Language Schools in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for you.

Although you may find information out there. However, to find a credible option and make sure the information is reliable or not, you will need a strong lead. And this is exactly what you need.

All of these recommended options have excellent track records and are certainly credible. Some of them have a very long history of providing Japanese language classes. The Japanese language and Japanese culture-sharing programs are also very rich and diverse. Therefore, you must study at the recommended places below!

Not only that, but here we have also gathered the information for those of you who want a more flexible and personalized Japanese learning system. Of course, everything you need about learning Japanese in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is in this article. Well, let’s get started!

About Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is a city on the southern side of India. This city has the 3rd busiest airport in India. This four-century-old city was once known locally as Madras. Chennai has a population of around 9 million people. Making it the 5th largest city in India after Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. If you’re a fan of India’s Bollywood film industry, then Chennai is the birthplace of the film industry in India.

The main languages in this area are Tamil and English. Don’t be surprised that this area is full of Hindu temples. The UNESCO world heritage sites are already quite international with many foreign tourists who data to Chennai. In Chennai, there is also Marina Beach. This is the 2nd longest urban beach in the world with 13km.

In terms of economic movement, Chennai is supported by the manufacturing, health care, and IT industries. A word of caution to those of you who want to visit Chennai is that, since Chennai is a predominantly Hindu and conservative city, you must respect all the culture here, including the manners of behavior, and dress politely when on vacation.

And did you know that the city of Chennai has the largest library in Asia called Anna Centenary? This largest library in Asia has 7 floors. With a distribution of quality book references. Do not hesitate to bring children. Since this library has an abundance of children’s books and special reading rooms for children that are super comfortable.

5 Great Places to Learn Japanese in Chennai

Here are the 5 Great Places to Learn Japanese in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

1) Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Center

Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Center is a reputable Japanese language school 2005 in Chennai. It is the No. 1 largest in India. This leading school is proudly recognized by the Japanese Consulate in India. As well as by the Japan Foundation as the largest Japanese language school in India.

The aim of this Japanese language school is to provide low-cost but high-quality Japanese lessons. So that the students who study here are able to get decent jobs in the industry, both in Japan and in India itself. Hayakawa’s service is very complete. It also offers a taste of Japanese discipline, ranging from Japanese Language Training, Japanese Culture, Japanese Business Etiquette, English to Japanese, and Japanese to English Translation & Interpretation services through Professional Native Japanese to cater to the Japanese and Indian markets.

Most interestingly, Hayakawa School has affiliated with several Japanese companies to recruit young Indian professionals to work in Japanese companies either operating in India or Japan. This school and the cultural center have also published their own teaching book for students with a unified method that ensures students easily and quickly adapt to learning Japanese.

Address:  #19, East Mada Street, Aminjikarai Chennai – 600029
Recruitment term: Always Available
Number of instructors: –
Capacity: 18 Students per Batch

2) Japanesepro Japanese Language School

The Japanesepro was founded by an electrical and electronics engineer who previously worked in a global IT organization. She is Ms. Manikripa who has fallen in love with the Japanese language. The school has successfully trained over 200+ students. As well as successfully translated over 500+ scientific research papers to date. 

Further, this school emphasizes learning through their mother tongue (Tamil) approach. The methods used vary, combining web, audio, and video sessions that have proven effective in helping students learn speed to grasp basic Japanese grammar concepts. The school inspires students to take control of their Japanese learning experience.

This school’s priority is how students can focus on completing the JLPT exam. They offer the JLPT N5 to JLPT N3 classes with specific duration, plans, and targets.

Address: Vada Palani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Recruitment term: Always Available
Number of instructors: 1 Indian teacher and several native Japanese speakers
Capacity: max 10 students/class

3) ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI Japanese Language School

For over 40 years ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI Japanese Language School has been operating in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Making it the oldest Japanese language school in southern India. The school is entrusted with the coordinator of the annual JLPT exam in Chennai Tamil Nadu. Trusted by several leading Japanese companies to provide services such as Japanese interpretation and translation services. The school is also a member and part of the Japan Foundation Network.

More than 800 students have joined the school. You also should know that most of the Japanese language teachers in Japanese language schools in Chennai are graduates of this school. The school has a large collection of Japanese learning materials and an AV room with a memory of up to 20 TB of digital learning materials is open to all students.

Japanese language services from ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI, ranging from Business conversation, advanced conversation, and basic conversation, Level 1 (JLPT N5), Level 2 (JLPT N4), Level 3 (JLPT N3), Level 2 (JLPT N2), Level 1 (JLPT N1).

While professional services for the working class are called Japan management training, the school provides classes such as follows; AOTS online seminar on Kaizen, the overseas human resources, and the industry development association (HIDA) regular management training, and Japan management training. Furthermore, the school has also worked closely with several Japanese government agencies and leading Japanese universities.

Address:  No. 37, 3rd Floor, Chateau ‘D’ Ampa, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029
Recruitment term: Always Open with an appointment
Number of instructors: >35
Capacity: 293 members registered

4) Sensei – The Japanese School (STJS)

Sensei – The Japanese School (STJS) was established in 2006 by Mr. Chowdhury, who also doubles as the founder and an instructor. The school has currently trained more than 1000 Japanese language proficiency of Indian children in the Chennai area. With Competence, Commitment, and Compassion to provide higher-quality Japanese language education to all students. Regardless of the social status of the students who wish to learn Japanese for their brighter future.

The school also trains not only students but also corporate trainees. This is including some bank employees. In its development, the school then opened classes for other foreign languages such as Chinese, English, and French. In case of the Japanese language classes, Sensei – The Japanese School (STJS) only provides classes from JLPT N5, N4, and N3. For your consideration, this school has many partnerships with educational institutions in India and Japanese companies such as Toshiba.

Address:  #790, G1, Cozee Homes, 30th Street, Korattur, Chennai – 600080
Recruitment term: Always Available
Number of instructors: –
Capacity: Small class only

5) Indo Japanese Education Centre (IJEC)

Indo Japanese Education Center (IJEC) has been established in 2009. This language and cultural education center is dedicated to the learning and promotion of the Japanese language, and Japanese culture between two countries, India-Japan.

Further, the school provides Japanese Language Education, Japanese Business Culture, Japanese Business Etiquette, English to Japanese and Japanese to English Translation & Interpretation Services, or Tamil to Japanese, Japanese Travel Assistance, Japanese Guides, Japanese Speaking Drivers, Japanese Family Assistance, Home Tutors, Study in Japan, Stay at Home services in Japan.

Further, it is not only to teach Japanese. Due to the rapid development of Chennai city, the school also responds to the needs of the community for services other than the Japanese language. For Japanese Business Support services, the school also opens services such as Business services, Executive Search, Recruitment, Find People, HR Services support, Legal support, and General affairs.

IJEC, however, only provides guidance for the JLPT exam at JLPT N3 to N5 levels, which are divided into Japanese reading, Japanese writing, and special classes to discuss kanji and how to read and write kanji like a natural Japanese native speaker.

The Indo Japanese Education Center (IJEC) has 14 study center locations spread evenly in the city of Chennai. You can choose which location is convenient for you to learn Japanese closest to your residence.

Address: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600099
Recruitment term: Prior arrangements with the school
Number of instructors: –
Capacity: Small class only

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Chennai?

In addition to the 5 Best Places above, we also want to share with you other options that are no less interesting. This option is especially for those of you who are currently looking for a more personalized, flexible, and unlimited class, as well as possible with various other special conditions. Fortunately, you can still have the opportunity to learn Japanese directly with native speakers.

You can do this by learning directly with the best Japanese tutors in Chennai. So, how to find the best Japanese tutor in Chennai? You can find them at UrbanPro, Superprof, Varsity Tutors, and many other places.

We are also happy to help you find the best way to master Japanese. Don’t forget to keep up with the complete and reliable information that we have shared here. We will always give you the best. And we would love to be a part of your big journey to master Japanese in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Last but not least, to conclude this article, here are the 5 Best Places We Highly Recommend for You to Learn Japanese in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Do you also have experience learning Japanese at any of the places we mentioned above? Feel free to share your experience with us below.

And, these are the 5 places we highly recommend for you to learn Japanese in Chennai:

  1. Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Center
  2. Japanesepro Japanese Language School
  3. ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI Japanese Language School
  4. Sensei – The Japanese School (STJS)
  5. Indo Japanese Education Centre (IJEC)

We really hope you found this information useful. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about learning Japanese. And, see you in the next article! Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day and keep up the good work learning Japanese!


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