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Are you looking for the best Japanese language schools in Los Angeles?
or are you trying to find the best resources to learn Japanese?
or do you want to find the best Japanese tutor in Los Angeles as well?

While the internet might give you easy access to information, not everything can be trusted. That’s why we are here to give you the best recommendations on the 6 most popular and best schools to learn Japanese in Los Angeles.

All instructors, teaching systems, facilities, and fees are safe and affordable. In fact, famous singer Ariana Grande has studied Japanese at one of the schools we’ve summarized below!

By choosing the right Japanese language school, you can master Japanese more effectively and precisely. Of course, that will make it easier for you to access great opportunities.

Okay, let’s get started!

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the 2nd most populous city in the United States, after New York. Famous for its initials L.A., making it one of the world’s most populous metropolitan areas and the 2nd largest in the United States.

Covering 46,867 miles² with a population of 3,792,621 and is located in Southern California. LA is one of the most populous and ethnically diverse counties in the United States. In addition, Spanish governor Felipe de Neve founded Los Angeles on September 4, 1781.

Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles is the world’s leading center for business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, and education. It is also becoming the 3rd wealthiest city in the world. Also, the fifth most powerful and influential city and the third largest economic center in the world.

Additionally, LA is a cultural center and one of the most important economic engines in the US. Especially if it’s not LA as the world’s entertainment city, all kinds of entertainment industries are here including sports. The Pana Olympics in 1932 and 1984 were also held in this city.

Although learning Japanese may be difficult for Americans. Did you know that in Los Angeles there are a lot of people who want to master Japanese? Even Ariana Grande has studied Japanese at one of LA’s famous Japanese language schools.

Again, do you want to learn Japanese at the best Japanese language school in LA like Ariana Grande? Check out the 6 best Japanese language schools in Los Angeles that we have summarized below!

6 Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Los Angeles

Here are the 6 Best and Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Los Angeles! Please also leave your experience when studying Japanese at one of these schools in the comments section!

1. Japanese Language School Unified System

This school is a very large chain of schools in the city of Los Angeles. The long history of this school began in 1911, this school has 4 branch schools and 1 main school spread across the city of Los Angeles. The first school and the headquarters are the following;

  1. Kyodo System Headquarters
  2. Valley Gakuen
  3. Rafu Chuo Gakuen / Japanese Culture Course
  4. Pasadena Gakuen

Further, this school expects all its students to be able to master Japanese as their second language. As well as live like Japanese culture and understand Japanese culture fundamentally and conceptually.

In addition, this school offers a more systematic and effective Japanese language education. With textbook method as the main basic teaching material. Also interspersed with various seasonal educational events for students such as New Year’s Day, Setsubun (節分/holiday for the end of winter), Children’s Day, etc. for students to experience what those events are like in Japan.

Class hours start from early morning until just below 12 pm. The classes here are also divided into 2 semesters. The school accepts students from children to adults.

Address: 3323 FairPoint St, Pasadena, CA 91107, Los Angeles
Recruitment term: in July every year
Number of instructors: –
Capacity: > 100 students  

2. Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute

Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute has been established in the last 75 years ago as a non-profit organization. This institute serves various events between Japan and USA. Not only the Japanese language, but this school also provides various events and ch as fundraising, and pancake parties. As well as some sports training such as judo, karate to meditation such as yoga 20 years ago.

The specific purpose of this language school is to preserve, share, and promote Japanese and American culture. Also share the heritage through education, cultural programs, and exchange activities between countries.

Moreover, the school specializes in learning to do a lot of conversation and listening exercises for students. Thus, it is emphasized that students can speak Japanese and use it in daily practice. The teaching materials used are popular textbooks. The learning media used are also very easy to digest for beginners.

Address: 3929 Middlebury St., Los Angeles, CA 90004-2208
Recruitment term: in July every year
Number of instructors: 5 Staff (Full time)
Capacity: 3-5 people/class

3. Fuji School

Fuji School was established 11 years ago. The teachers here are all native Japanese. The school emphasizes improving live conversation aimed at all levels. They will teach in a fun way, through anime, pictures, flashcards, and videos.

This school aims to help you quickly adapt to real Japanese conversation. You will get 10 lessons per course package offered and only once a week on the same day to avoid boredom in the learning process.

Amazingly, there are currently around 1300 students studying Japanese at FUJI School. The very famous American singer Ariana Grande has studied Japanese here. Fuji School’s principal, Mrs. Ayumi, even has a special autograph of her, the worldwide teen idol.

This school also offers meet-to-meet courses, telecourses, or private courses to your needs. This school suits those of you who are super busy but want to be able to master Japanese

Fuji school holds many events outside of learning Japanese, you can also learn Japanese calligraphy at this school.

Address: 244 South San Pedro St. #501 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Recruitment term: 4 terms a year
Number of instructors: 15 Staff (Full time and Japanese native)
Capacity: no more than eight students in a class with over 1,700 registered students.

4. Japanese Language Class by The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles

Japan Foundation Los Angeles has been established since 1983. The Japanese government supports this non-profit organization by giving partial fun. The foundation is well known throughout the world that provides classes for the exchange of culture, art, and of course Japanese language.

The foundation also has 25 offices in 24 countries, including Los Angeles. The Japan Foundation specially designed books for teaching here, such as Marugoto books. You can be sure that the learning program on this course is very enjoyable and comprehensive.

Address: 5700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Recruitment term: the fall (Sep-Nov), winter (Jan-March), and spring (April-June) term.
Number of instructors: 5 (Full time and Japanese native)
Capacity: 10 students/class

5. Pasadena Language Center

Pasadena language center aims to guide you through a very new language learning experience. The institution also guarantees that you will be able to speak the new language you know for the first time with no stammering.

You can be sure that the teachers at this institution are professional and native teachers. The classes available are classes with a small number of students. This is to ensure that language teaching is quickly absorbed by students.

Further, the classes are available weekly and intensive with 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Please note that, due to COVID-19, all classes are currently only available online.

This institution is one of the best foreign language service providers in the city of Los Angeles which can be your choice to get everything about Japan.

Address: 46 Smith Alley, Suite 240, Pasadena, CA 91103
Recruitment term: Fall I (Aug-Oct) and Fall II (Oct-Dec)
Program: varies and specific
Tuition: starting from $50

6. Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is a very well-known Japanese language school in Los Angeles. It is renowned for its dedication and quality of teaching and facilities.

You can learn Japanese at all levels with teachers who are native speakers with high educational and professional backgrounds.

What’s more, this institution also provides private programs for those who prefer intensive classes. Not only that, Japanese language programs for company employees are also available here.

With more than 10 years of experience, this institution can be one of your choices to learn Japanese. Not only Japanese, 35 other foreign languages are also available here.

Address: 8383 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Recruitment term: Fall I (Aug-Oct) and Fall II (Oct-Dec)
Program: varies and specific
Capacity: 10 students/course

How to Find Best Japanese Language Tutors in Los Angeles?

For those of you who want a more personalized and flexible class, we also have another option. That is, you can learn Japanese with a native Japanese tutor.

Where can you find Japanese tutors available in Los Angeles? You can find them through several online platforms such as Preply, Varsity Tutors, Amazing Talker, and others.

Alternatively, you can contact us and discuss any issues you have with learning Japanese. Stay tuned to EDOPEN Japan for the latest news and comprehensive Japanese language materials. We are super happy to be your advocate in finding the best Japanese schools and tutors.


So, what do you think? These are the 6 most popular and best Japanese language schools in Los Angeles that we have summarized.

  1. Japanese Language School Unified System
  2. Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute
  3. Fuji School
  4. Japanese Language Class by The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
  5. Pasadena Language Center
  6. Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

Please share your experience of learning Japanese at one of these schools. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about learning Japanese.

See you in the next article! Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!


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