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To study in the land of Sakura and learn the language and culture is the dream of many young people. Moreover, they can get the opportunity to live in the capital city of Tokyo. A city is known for its technology. With the bonus of being able to drink water that is treated with a sophisticated purification system. And not only that. Tokyo is a city where air pollutant emissions per unit area are lower than other Asian cities.

Therefore, allow me to introduce to you in this article one of the Japanese language schools that are always at the forefront in Tokyo. It is the Akamonkai Japanese Language School, Tokyo. Read more here!

1. School Introduction

Akamonkai was founded in 1985 near the “Akamon” area. It is right near one of the best and oldest universities in Japan, the University of Tokyo. Akamonkai is one of the largest Japanese language schools in Tokyo. The school offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs. Akamonkai has been an accredited legal education institution since 2005.

What’s more? Akamonkai has educated more than 20,000 graduates from more than 80 countries. The graduates are scattered and active throughout the world, including in Japan. As well as their home countries. Currently, about 1,800 students from various countries are enrolled at Akamonkai. This school also offers a complete Japanese language program for students who wish to study or work in Japan.

2. School Location

Akamonkai is located in the Nippori area of Tokyo. Nippori is a very interesting area with very modern and spectacular views. It is a shopping area in the heart of Tokyo called “Yanaka Ginza”. Visitors can still catch a glimpse of the area, the “Yanaka Cemetery”. Especially, with its beautiful cherry blossoms. Also, the “Tonyagai Arts” area, where people who want to work in the fashion industry gather.

Near the school’s building, you can see Nishinippori and Mikawashima train stations. From these stations, both downtown Tokyo and the suburbs are easily accessible. There are several train connections, including the JR Yamanote, Keisei Main Line, and many more. It only takes 36 minutes to get from Nippori Station to Narita International Airport! Awesome right!

3. Student Demographics

About 1,800 students from different countries are currently enrolled in Akamonkai. As of April 2019, the nationality of the students is composed as follows:

  • 29% Chinese
  • 21% Vietnamese
  • 20% of South Koreans
  • 15% Westerners
  • 10% from Taiwan & Hongkong and 5% from other countries.

4. School Main Services

What kind of facilities you can get by enrolling in Akamonkai Japanese Language School? Please see the following table!

Free internet access for all students studying at the school.
2. LibraryA variety of reading materials are available for study or relaxation.
3.ApprenticeshipGain hands-on experience in a Japanese work environment.
4. Career Support
Find the perfect job after you graduate.
5.AccommodationHelp find the right room for you.
6.The LoungeA space for students to study, relax or pass the time.
7.ActivityExperience Japanese culture with cultural experiences and activities.
8.School Transfer SupportTransfer to a degree program at a Japanese school.
9.Support for part-time workPractice Japanese and earn some extra money while doing the study.
10.Student ResidenceThe school operates several dormitories not far from the school. This dormitory is a very affordable option for any student on a budget.

5. The School Main Features

Akamonkai has two school buildings. It is in Nippori for the main campus and the Nippori campus building. The Nippori campus building was built in 2003. On the other hand, the main campus building was renovated in 2012. Both campus buildings have been fully earthquake-proofed.

Accredited and Certified

This school has successfully received accreditation as well as certification from 3 Institutions of the Japanese Government as follows:

  • Bureau of Immigration as a school of excellence.
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in the college preparatory curriculum.
  • Ministry of Justice as a school that meets the criteria for notification of Japanese language education.
  • This school is really professional and has been officially recognized even by the Japanese government

Comfortable Learning Environment

Students can choose the class. The teachers have extensive experience in teaching Japanese and diverse backgrounds. This school helps students develop their Japanese language skills comprehensively. With the right balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition, the school strives to enable students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Especially, with high scores through this special method.

Strong Support Before & After Graduation

This school has a wealth of experience in sending students to many schools. Including top universities and graduate schools throughout Japan. Class instructors and professional staff provide students with specific advice on how to continue their university education. The school also cooperates with more than 20 private universities and 25 vocational schools. This makes it easier for you if you want to continue your education in Japan.

In addition, students can take courses for the Japanese University Entrance Examination for International Students (EJU) if they wish. The same is true for students with professional goals. Students can receive individualized advice. Such as specialized faculty in job search, resume writing, and interviewing skills. As well as recommendations and references for companies in Japan. The school is proud that more than 90% of the students find jobs each year after graduating.

24-Hours Study Room with Manga

The basement of the main campus has 20 free computers and 3,000 manga books. It is available 24 hours a day. In addition, there is a meeting room on the first floor and students can use Wi-Fi on all floors.

Excellent Support Systems

You can get excellent support systems. Such as dormitory, skillful staff, scholarship, Part-Time Jobs, and many more. Staff members speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, English, and Japanese. They help students and advise them on various administrative procedures and so on. Akamonkai dormitory can accommodate more than 400 students. Each room has an Internet connection at a very reasonable price.

Additionally, all dormitories are located near the main campus and Nippori campus. As well as Nippori Station on the Yamanote Line JR. Which is convenient! It is not only for studying but also for purposes other than studying Japanese.

Fortunately, there are occasional scholarships for students with outstanding performance. Then, it is without the obligation to repay the scholarship. The school also has a connection with a group of companies. Such things would eliminate or shorten many of the procedures for finding a job.

6. The Course and Its Price

This school mainly provides 4 types of courses. They are Regular courses, Special Employment Programs, Short Term Courses, and Online courses. Please read below for detailed information about the Regular Course.Online Program

Regular Course

In this course, you will receive Japanese language instruction. Also, support, according to the student’s learning objectives. A curriculum is available to continue studies to graduate school/ university/ professional school. As well as developing a career in Japan, and improving skills/experience of Japanese culture.

Moreover, teachers will help students with the right balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition, the school also focuses to enable students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with good grades. Find more about the JLPT by reading my article, JLPT Levels: A Comprehensive Guidance For You. In this way, students acquire Japanese language skills that are useful in various situations and in their desire to work in Japan. Please look for detail about the regular course in the following table.

1. Admission PeriodsJanuary, April, July, October
2. Course Length
3. Class Length45 mins/lesson
4. Class Time① 9:00 – 12:30
② 13:00 – 16:30
5. Learning Content① Comprehensive Japanese
② Preparation for the JLPT
③ Preparation for the EJU
6. In Total Course Prices
Course Duration:
① 1 year: ¥778,000
② 1 year 3 months: ¥ 953,000
③ 1 year 6 months: ¥ 1,128,000
④ 1 year 9 months: ¥ 1,303,000
⑤ 2 years: ¥ 1,478,000
Notes for the additional fee
¥10,000 for the enrollment fee
¥20,000/year for the class fee
Textbook costs are included in the tuition

If you want to know more about the other course, please refer to this website, please click the following link!

7. Reviews

When combining information from various sources, Akamonkai Japanese Language School (赤門会日本語学校) has received ratings above 4 stars out of 5 stars. According to alumni, the most outstanding and interesting aspects of this school are the following:

  • Great staff, facilities, and a very helpful learning system that makes your travel and study in Japan comfortable and very enjoyable.
  • Staffs, as well as teachers, are very supportive to help students in finding jobs.
  • However, some still expect improvements in the materials used, which have not been updated, such as the old books still used.
  • Also, there are those who criticize the lack of opportunity to speak in class.

Despite all this, this school has managed to maintain its reputation very well. Then, they will continue to develop their educational system. Please share your experiences or thoughts in the comment column!


In conclusion, I would like to ask you to reconsider some of the above points. Please let us know what you think of the information presented. We are very happy to receive any comments and suggestions for our next improvements. Hope you get useful insight about the Akamonkai Japanese Language School!

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