12 YouTube Channels to Watch for Studying Japanese

12 YouTube Channels to Watch for Studying Japanese - EDOPEN Japan

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform worldwide today. You can view multiple videos posted by YouTube users globally. Why not utilise YouTube for studying Japanese?

Learning Japanese with YouTube is a worthwhile approach as you can access free structured language courses and entertaining videos about Japanese culture.

Let’s check out these 12 top-rated YouTube channels for studying Japanese that we recommend for you as the finest resource for learning Japanese nowadays – credit to the digital revolution of education!

1. JapanesePod101 (Since 2006)

Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com – EDOPEN JAPAN

JapanesePod101 is a channel that offers comprehensive videos for learning Japanese. Among Japanese learning channels on YouTube, it stands out with its vast library. It’s great for beginners and anyone seeking to improve their language skills.

The uploaded videos come in diverse topics, ranging from beginner, intermediate, expert, listening, reading, writing, and speaking courses to special programs like weekly Japanese vocabulary sessions led by Risa.

The host Risa is beloved by international scholars because she delivers lessons in an upbeat and jolly manner. Viewers may be awarded gifts or bonuses on occasion while visiting this YouTube channel.

It offers an amusing study approach via music and comic books that ensure education stays enjoyable! The platform presently boasts 2.67 million members and has been viewed over 805 million times.

2. 出口日本語 (Deguchi Nihongo – Since 2009)


For those of you who are looking for real Japanese learning materials directly from a very professional Japanese teacher, then visit the youtube channel called “出口日本語“.

This channel was started in 2009 by Dr. Hitoshi Deguchi, a Japanese native who has gained five Japanese teaching certificates, possesses extensive experience in teaching both Japanese and foreign languages, and provides Japanese language classes in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as at many businesses and community colleges.

In the 出口日本語 channel, you can access a range of extensive talks on the Japanese language. You will feel as though you are studying in a Japanese lesson at one of the language schools in Tokyo. It is essential to subscribe to this channel!

3. Learn Japanese with Punipuni Japan (Since 2012)

Learn Japanese with PuniPuniJapan – EDOPEN JAPAN

Older Japanese learners know PuniPuni Japan, a cute alien who offers Japanese learning materials targeted at beginners.

The YouTube channel “Learn Japanese with PuniPuni Japan” comes highly recommended for beginners. You can find various engaging and helpful information in each video, presented in an efficient teaching method.

There is a wide range of topics available to watch nowadays, including basic vocabulary, grammar, phrases, recommended learning resources for Japanese, Japanese proverbs, JLPT, and much more!

4. 日本語の森 (Nihongo no Mori – Since 2013)

日本語の森 (Nihongo no Mori) – EDOPEN JAPAN

This resource is ideal for those who have foundational knowledge in Japanese and wish to develop their understanding of N3 to N1 levels. The channel features lively instructors in a classroom-style environment, contrasting with the intimidating and inflexible nature of traditional school classes.

This resource will significantly aid you in passing the JLPT exam, enabling you to gain admission to university or work within a Japanese corporation. This Nihongo No Mori channel is ideal for those who share similar interests. Additionally, it is beneficial for the JLPT test as it will aid in your preparation.

The YouTube channel is entirely in Japanese and lacks subtitles, allowing you to focus solely on the content without any distractions. It is an excellent option for intermediate or advanced Japanese learners.

You can learn words commonly used in everyday situations for the JLPT N3 exam by following the link provided.

5. Japanese Ammo with Misa (Since 2014)

Japanese Ammo with Misa – EDOPEN JAPAN

Japanese Ammo with Misa features Misa, a renowned Japanese vlogger. Her videos teach simple and useful Japanese words, and explain how to write in hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Misa uses real-life examples that Japanese people come across in their daily routine, making her tutorials very practical.

Her videos teach simple and useful Japanese words, and explain how to write in hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Misa’s cheery persona ensures that her videos are both engaging and informative. The channel employs various interactive teaching techniques, including pointing out mistakes and how to rectify them.

The videos mainly highlight the informal language and language usage by the young generation in Japan. No need to worry if you find it challenging to read kanji since romaji and English translations are provided.

As an anime and manga enthusiast, Misa also reads manga in Japanese in some of her videos. You’ll have no difficulty following along as her videos are mostly accompanied by subtitles in Japanese, English, and Romaji. If you want to know more about romaji in Japanese, please check out “Everything You Need to Know about “ローマ字 (Rōmaji)” in Japanese“.

6. あかね的日本語教室 (Since 2017)

あかね的日本語教室 – EDOPEN JAPAN

Akane sensei started this channel about 5 years ago and the learning videos created by Akane sensei are very comprehensive and great for intermediate and advanced Japanese learners.

The content, however, is also beginner-friendly. Within no time, you’ll adjust to the material and improve your Japanese language skills, particularly your listening skills.

The topics covered in the content are useful for everyday situations such as daily conversations, job interviews, JLPT, Kanji, grammar, public places vocabulary, and more.

7. 日本語勉強チャンネル (Since 2018)


For those of you who want to strengthen your learning of JLPT N1, N2 and N3, the youtube channel 日本語勉強チャンネル is a must have!

Started in 2018 by Sato-sensei, this channel has gained popularity among Japanese language learners who are dedicated to attaining proficiency in Japanese and particularly, passing the JLPT.

You can now view engaging and informative videos on grammar, JLPT queries and responses, tips and techniques for answering questions, and more!

8. Miku Real Japanese (Since 2018)

Miku Real Japanese – EDOPEN JAPAN

Another YouTube channel to learn Japanese is Miku Real Japanese. Videos on this channel are shorter, but still effective, and can be used in specific everyday situations.

You will receive a general lesson in Japanese grammar, followed by a review and quick test to measure your understanding of the material and establish communication between teacher and student.

To alleviate the tedium of studying Japanese, this channel employs abundant humor and simulates genuine circumstances in its videos. Such an approach enhances remembrance compared to learning concepts from books.

At present, Miku Real Japanese channel provides supplementary learning resources in the form of product packages, which are ideal for customers seeking more comprehensive materials. A subscription is highly recommended!

9. Learn Japanese with Taka (Since 2020)

Learn Japanese with Taka – EDOPEN JAPAN

Learn Japanese with Taka is a YouTube channel for people who want to learn Japanese in a relaxed and informal way.

The channel offers a range of materials that cover different topics such as JLPT, news, Japanese games, and other useful materials designed to help improve your listening skills.

When you watch these videos, it’ll feel like you’re talking to a native Japanese speaker. For additional learning, you can book private Japanese lessons with Taka.

His straightforward approach allows you to comprehend the material easily. Learning Japanese with Taka is a smart addition to your list of learning resources.

10. Minori Education (Since 2020)

Minori Education – EDOPEN JAPAN

If you want to improve your basic Japanese, such as learning hiragana, katakana, vocabulary, grammar with JLPT N4 and N5 levels, then Minori Education’s YouTube channel will be the answer for you!

Apart from YouTube, Minori Education also shares various useful Japanese materials with very comprehensive and applicable examples on their website, Minori Education.

It’s definitely worth a visit and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel!

11. Learn Japanese with Noriko (Since 2020)

Learn Japanese with Noriko – EDOPEN JAPAN

Another option for a popular YouTube channel for Japanese learners is Learn Japanese with Noriko. Noriko-sensei is a qualified Japanese language teacher, who began this channel in 2020. Despite being relatively new, it offers a wealth of useful and informative content about the Japanese language.

If you’re an intermediate Japanese learner, this is the perfect channel to watch. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner because you can still follow this material easily. Noriko sensei is known for being pleasant and her explanations are clear, easy to understand and not too fast or too slow.

Additionally, the video isn’t too long so you can stay focused. It’s definitely worth subscribing!

12. Japanese Phonetic Lessons by Dogen (Since 2006)

Japanese Phonetic Lessons by Dogen – EDOPEN JAPAN

On this final list, I have something special to share with you. There’s a renowned Youtube channel with some videos that have garnered millions of views, delving into Japanese phonetics.

You’re probably familiar with it – it’s called Dogen and is the sole channel on Youtube that imparts knowledge on Japanese phonetics in a entertaining manner.

The funny sketch method used to present Japanese content is very smart and distinctive! You ought to sign up!


To conclude this article, it’s important to stay motivated in learning Japanese. There are many resources available, such as YouTube, that can be used to learn Japanese at any time and anywhere.

Hopefully, the 12 lists above have been helpful in enhancing your understanding of learning Japanese.

Please share your feedback in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing you in the next article!


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