All Best Japanese Pick Up Lines You Need to Know!

All Best Japanese Pick Up Lines You Need to Know! - EDOPEN Japan

Have you ever tried to pick up a Japanese girl in a bar? Or do you have a Japanese girlfriend/boyfriend, fancy a Japanese colleague or fellow student, or just want to go out and impress some of the locals?! If you want to impress a Japanese girl, you can take the help of these classic lines to start a conversation, I am sure it will work out for you.

A pick-up line “Kudoki-Monku (口説き文句)” is a line to let the other person know your feelings and hopes and accept them. Pick-up lines “Kudoki-Monku (口説き文句)” are different from the words you usually use in your daily life and can be said to be the crucial lines to say in this situation. Let’s try them out!

In addition, for those of you who are currently struggling to master the Japanese language, please also read our recommendations for some very popular phrases and sentences that you can use in everyday Japanese conversation.

"How to Express I love you in Japanese?" - EDOPEN Japan

How to Express I love you in Japanese?


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The Japanese Culture of Relationships

The Japanese Culture of Relationships - EDOPEN Japan

Before we begin, a word of caution: Be careful with these pick-up lines, as using them indiscriminately could be considered inappropriate. In Japanese culture, people respect others and tend not to express their feelings, so many Japanese are not good at expressing themselves and are quiet.

When expressing feelings, people sometimes read the situation too much and hesitate to express themselves. Also, the reaction is poor and the expression is modest.

Overseas people say “I love you” even as they get older, but Japanese people don’t. There are few habits that can be expressed in words, and there are not many emotional expressions. In this respect, you may be shy in your love affairs and tend to avoid sweet words.

Because of their strong cooperation, they may try to agree with others even if it is against their will. They tend to be a little too careful with other people’s feelings. However, this is an aspect of Japanese society.

In romance, some people may be reluctant or distracted by the opinions of others. It may be okay to have a little more personality. Because of this, the romance you develop with a Japanese person may be much slower than the one you’re used to if you live in a Western country, and this is often reflected in the words and phrases used in Japanese to talk about love.

Don’t worry if it’s “too slow” for your version of normal – you may be right on track. Group hangouts early in the relationship aren’t a deal breaker, nor is a lack of physical contact. Remember and respect the culture of the person you’re dating.

The Basic & Simple Japanese Pick Up Lines

1. コーヒーでも飲みに行きましょうか?
[Kōhī demo nomi ni ikimashō ka?]
Shall We Go and Get Some Coffee?
2. もしよかったら、飲みに 行きませんか
[Moshi yokattara, nomi ni ikimasen ka]
Would you like to grab a drink with me?
3. あそびに 行こう!
[Asobi ni ikou!]
Let’s hang out!
4. LINE IDを 教えてくれる?
[LINE ID o oshiete kureru?]
Can I Get Your LINE ID?

Probably, above is one of the most used phrases in Japan. Guys doing nampa (picking up girls) on the streets of Japan usually say something like this. You can replace the coffee with other drinks like お茶 (ocha: tea) or ビール (bīru: beer) or even an activity like カラオケ (karaoke).

Remember to drop the 飲みに (nomi ni – to drink) part when using an activity (please look at the 2 examples below).

In addition, “LINE” is a very popular application in Japan and other countries. It is so popular in Japan that virtually everyone who has a smartphone uses it to chat or call each other. It’s the modern equivalent of asking for someone’s phone number.

The Example of Japanese Pick Up Lines

This is the phrase you use to ask them for their email address or phone number:

The Casual Japanese Pick Up Lines

1. メールアドレスを教えてくれる?  
[Mēru adoresu o oshiete kureru?]
Can you tell me your email address?
2. 電話番号を教えてくれる?
[Denwa bangō o oshiete kureru?]
Can you tell me your phone number?

If you prefer to be more polite, you can replace “くれる (kureru)” with “ください (kudasai)”, which means “please”, or いただけますか (itadakemasu ka), which is a very polite way of asking for something.

The Formal Japanese Pick Up Lines

1. 電話番号を教えてください。
[Denwa bangō o oshiete kudasai.]
Could you please give me your phone number?
2. 電話番号を教えていただけますか?
[Denwa bangō o oshiete itadakemasu ka?]
Would I be able to get your phone number?
3. 可愛い/キレイですね・かっこいい/ハンサムですね
[kawaii/kirei desu ne / kakkoii/hansamu desu ne.]
You’re Cute/Beautiful! or You’re cool/handsome!

It’s easy to use these phrases with friends or coworkers you’re not interested in, but asking someone you want to get to know better will make anyone nervous. Compliments go a long way in flirting. It’s easy and a great way to show that you’re interested in someone.

The Pick Up Lines for Girls

可愛い (kawaii): Cute  キレイ (kirei): Pretty 色っぽい (iroppoi): Sexy
美人 (bijin): Beautiful woman

Please continue reading the examples below!

1. かわいいですね。 
[Kawaii desu ne.]
You’re cute.
2. かっこいいですね。  
[Kakkoii desu ne.]
You’re good looking.
3. ~似合っているね [~Niatteiru ne.]~Looks Good On You.

The Pick Up Lines for Guys

カッコイイ (kakkoii): Good looking   ハンサム (hansamu): Handsome
イケメン (ikemen): A good looking guy

Please look at the following examples for further understanding.

1. めがね似合っているね。
[Megane niatteiru ne.]
You look good with glasses.
2. スカート似合っているね。
[Sukāto niatteiru ne.]
You look good in a skirt.
3. 笑顔がすてきだね。
[Egao ga sutekidane]
Your smile is nice.
4. いやされるな。  
You heal me.
5. 服かわいいね  
[Fuku Kawaii ne.]
Your cloth is so cute.
6. おしゃれですね。
[Oshare desune.]
You are stylish.

In the middle of a date, when she says, “I’m cured when I’m with OO-chan,” the woman is subconsciously imagining the future with the other person. Also, she doesn’t feel bad because it’s the same as complimenting her from the inside, not from the outside. It’s a very effective pickup line because you can praise a woman and lift her spirits or make her think “I’m a special person.”

The Borderline Pick-Up Lines to Break the Ice

The Borderline Pick-Up Lines to Break the Ice - EDOPEN Japan
1. 君を見ると、ドキドキするよ。 
[Kimi o miru to, dokidoki suru yo.]
My Heart Beats Loudly When I Look at You. 
2. 君と出会って前向きになれたよ。
[Kimi to deatte Maemukini naretayo.]
You made me positive.
3. なにがあっても君を守るから/そばにいるから。
[Naniga attemo Kimo wo Mamorukara/ Sobaniirukara]
No matter what happened, I always with you.
4. 必ず君を幸せにするよ。
[Kanarazu Kimi wo shiawasenisuruyo]
I’ll make you happy.

Women are more likely to feel the future with confident men than with insecure men.
Even if you’re always confident and can’t win a date, if you say
“I’m going to make you absolutely happy” like a man, the gap between when you’re not confident will make women sick. It is.

This pick-up line is great for breaking the ice. If you have already managed to get your date to laugh at your jokes, adding this one to your list will get them hooked. It’s a bonus if your date goes along with it and gives you a date! This cheesy pickup line is still cute even though it is a bit over the top. Imagine the person you like saying this to you, won’t your heart start beating faster too?

The Romantic Pick-Up Lines

The Romantic Pick-Up Lines  - EDOPEN Japan
1. すきです / だいすきです。 
[Sukidesu / Daisukidesu]
I like you / I really like you; I love you.
2. 結婚してくれますか/くれる?
[Kekkon shite kuremasuka/kureru?]
Will you marry me?
3. 君のことしか考えられない。
[Kimi no koto shika kangae rarenai]
I can’t get you out of my head.
4. 僕が君を守るよ。  
[Boku ga Kimi wo mamoruyo]
I will always protect you.
5. 君じゃなきゃダメなんだ。
[Kimijyanakya damenannda]
I can not live without you.
6. 君を幸せにしたい。 
[Kimi o shiawase ni shitai.]
I want to make you happy. 

* There are three levels of “Love” in Japanese. “すきです (Sukidesu)” can mean like or love.

Further, “だいすきです (Daisukidesu)” is closer to “Love”or “Like a lot”. However, “あいしてる (Aishiteru)” is much stronger than any phrase that means “I love you” and uses the verb “to love” in Japanese.

Or you can say that “You’re my Type” as follows:
【Saying to the girls】君はぼくのタイプだよ。 [Kimi wa Boku no taipu dayo]
【Saying to the guys】あなたは私のタイプだよ。[Anata wa Watashi no taipu dayo]

Moreover, the phrase “I will protect you” resonates with every woman. The word “protect” has many meanings. It means not only “physical danger,” but also economic and spiritual.

It is a complaint that tells that it is a special one. By saying this line, you can express your sincerity, because it’s equal to say that you’re the best one of life.

If you’re confident in your charisma, this pick-up line is for you. Telling someone directly that you’re in love with them can impress a woman or man when done right. It’s honestly a nice thing to hear when you know someone isn’t playing around with you.

The R-18 Pick-Up Lines

The following is the risky, but bold, use with caution! Look at the following examples!

1. I Don’t Want to go Home Just Yet. 
[Mada kaeritakunai.]

This is usually said by women to men when they don’t want to call it a night. Of course, it can also mean “let’s go to another bar” or “I still want to have fun, so let’s go to karaoke” or something like that. Never assume it means they want to go back to your place.
This is perfect for that kind of situation.

2.  Can I kiss you?
[Kisu shite mo ii?]

You’re totally smitten with your date and want to get closer. Nothing is more romantic than announcing that you want to kiss her. Just make sure they give you the signal before you lean in for the kiss!

3. Let’s go to a love hotel.
ラブホに行こう [Rabuho ni ikō].

Japan is famous for its infamous love hotels. “ラブホ (Rabuho)” Love hotel is short for a love hotel. Try using this pickup line when your goal is a home run and things are looking pretty good. As always, use it at your own risk!

The Useful Pick-Up Lines to Use at a Bar

The Useful Pick-Up Lines to Use at a Bar - EDOPEN Japan

(1) Is This Seat Available?
[Kono seki wa aite imasu ka?]

The nuance of this phrase implies that you want to take this seat so that you can use it elsewhere. However, if someone answers “yes” to this question and you sit down and join them

(2) Do You Come Here Often?
[Koko ni wa yoku kimasu ka?]

You see a beautiful girl or a handsome man alone in a bar. You want to talk to them, but you don’t know what to say. This phrase is always used as a fallback when nothing else comes to mind.
It’s easy to remember and probably works better in Japan than in other countries.

(3) Did We Meet Somewhere Before?
[Dkoka de atta koto ga arimasuka/aru?]

Although overused, this classic pick-up line is still used today. Popular in English, asking someone this question is sure to catch anyone off guard. As always, use it at your own risk. You don’t want to come off as creepy and stalkerish!

Have we mentioned a pick-up line that you’ve used successfully? If so, comment below what it was! When done correctly, pick-up lines are your weapon in the dating world. They’re also a great way to practice your Japanese!

The Best Tips about Japanese Pick Up Lines You Need to Know

The Best Tips about Japanese Pick Up Lines You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

As I mentioned before, compared to other countries, Japanese women tend to be shy and less likely to express their feelings. Therefore, if you want to use pick-up lines for a Japanese woman, it is recommended that you do not be too impatient and take steps while listening slowly to the other person.

You should not miss the little signs of the women. Here are some things to keep in mind when making a pick-up line to a Japanese woman. Remember them!

The Bad Pick Up Lines You Have to Avoid

(1) Only praises the way she looks

Basically, women want to be persuaded by their favorite men. However, depending on the pick-up line, even a pick-up line from a man who has goodwill maybe not good. Pick-up lines that only focus on a girl’s appearance are so bad! People, not just women, want to see not only what they look like, but what they are inside.

(2) Too many pick-up lines and self-centeredness

A selfish man who ignores her feelings for him is not good. Also, if you make too many pick-up lines on a regular basis, you will be labeled as a playboy. Pick-up lines don’t resonate with a single person unless you say them from the heart.

To put it another way, if the playboy complains about something like a pick-up line often, it loses its rarity value altogether.

(3) Relationship is not yet close

Even if the relationship between the two has not yet been established, even if a drama-like pickup line has been complained about, it will not affect women’s hearts. Even if you can prepare the atmosphere and make a special pickup line, if you make a mistake in an important scene, all your efforts up to that point will be wasted.

How was it? Now you have mastered the above pick-up lines in Japanese. I would like to leave you with some advice. Being honest is the best way to win a girl’s heart. If you don’t say it seriously, it may be taken as a joke. Please say your heartfelt words so that you can express your serious feelings and capture the heart of a Japanese woman.

Also, don’t forget to SMILE! It depends on the type of girl you’re after, but a smile usually breaks the ice. Now is the time to go out and ask Japanese women out!


Please read the following points to review this article!

  • Japanese relationship is much slower than other countries, so it is better to be careful and take a step to use pick up line.
  • Before not close relationships, it is better to use only “simple pick up lines”.
  • When using pick up lines for Japanese women, it is better to see the situation and her reaction first.
  • When you use pick up line, express your serious feelings and smile, otherwise you can not capture the heart of Japanese woman.
  • There are many different types of pick up lines in Japanese, and when done correctly, they will be your weapon in the dating world. They’re also a great way to practice your Japanese!


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