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Ready for a trip to Japan? Known for its high quality “Made in Japan”, Japan is economically well developed and is considered the safest country in the world. In addition, Japan has four seasons and is a country of “fusion of tradition and modernity”.

Whether you are studying or pursuing a career in Japan, you will experience the traditional Japanese performing arts and pop culture such as manga and anime firsthand.

One of the first things you need to do to perfectly settle into your life in Japan is to learn the Japanese language. There are many Japanese language schools in Japan. You may wonder which school to choose.

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Back to the topic, here I am going to introduce you to “Coto Japanese Academy“. This school prides itself on creating a welcoming environment where students can achieve their learning goals and develop their personal learning plans.

The goal is also to teach “Real” Japanese that students would not learn from a textbook. Please read the following information we have gathered only for you! Hope you get anything you need here!

1. About Coto Japanese Academy

About Coto Academy - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Japanese Academy is one of leading Japanese language school in Japan offering Japanese lessons with professional teachers, small classes and personalized lesson plans – EDOPEN JAPAN

The school’s mission is to help students by teaching them “real” Japanese that students would not learn from a textbook. The school hopes that they will be able to live well in Japan with their new Japanese skills.

“Coto Japanese Academy” was founded in 2000 by a group of volunteer Japanese teachers whose mission is to help international residents in Japan.

The school emphasizes practical conversation skills, so there is a lot of variety and the opportunity to get as much speaking practice as possible.

To help their students acquire new Japanese skills for an accessible life in Japan, Coto published theri first Japanese learning textbook, Nihongo Fun and Easy, in 2009. It is really easy to understand and popular, so it has been used by many Japanese learners since then.

In addition, this school keeps class sizes small, with a maximum of 8 students as well, and focuses on conversation, allowing for relational learning and personal attention for students.

All are professional teachers, and private lessons are available, so flexible and free course consultation and level testing is provided to ensure students have a lesson plan to suit their needs.

2. 7 Features of Coto Japanese Academy

Coto Japanese Academy Features - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Japanese Academy has 7 main features in offering the leading Japanese lesson for foreigners – EDOPEN JAPAN

“Coto Japanese Academy” has helped 5,000 foreigners improve their Japanese communication. The school is confident that it can provide professionals with a comprehensive solution to learning the Japanese language.

What are the features of this leading Japanese language school? Please see the table below.

1. Variety of Levels and CourseThe school provides beginners, intermediate & advance level.
2. Flexible SchedulingFlexible and even customized curriculum system for busy students.
3. Class SizeSmall class sizes – 8 students maximum – allow for relational learning and personal attention.
4. Professional TeachersTeachers are native Japanese speakers with professional qualifications and have extensive teaching experience. All of them understand basic conversational English.
5. International EnvironmentThe school has students from over 35 countries each year. It accepts students regardless of their knowledge and background.
6. Japanese Course StyleThe school focus on helping students acquire practical conversational skills, so more class time is focused on speaking. 70% of class time is focused on speaking.
7. Recognized by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language EducationThe school can help you apply for your student visa (student visa).
8. Various ActivitiesYou have the opportunity to do this in cooperation with volunteers, universities and high schools. You will have many opportunities to make Japanese friends in your generation.


3. Course

Coto Japanese Academy Courses - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Japanese Academy offers various courses with flexible curriculum – EDOPEN JAPAN

Coto Japanese Academy offers long term and short term courses as well as many other types of courses. Part-time courses and private courses, in particular, are among the most popular courses for students at this school.

(1) Japanese Course

1. Intensive Japanese CourseFocus on practical spoken Japanese for daily life that will help you live comfortably while in Japan.
2. Part-time Japanese ClassesIn a small group (maximum 8 people), with emphasis on speaking. Covering a wide range of levels, topics and skills.
3. Private Japanese Lessons in Tokyo, YokohamaCustomizable lesson plan to achieve your own learning goal. Communicate professionally in the workplace, prepare for the JLPT, or simply achieve a natural fluency for daily life,
4. JLPT CoursesTargeted Japanese language instruction prepares you to succeed on the exam. Using a mix of in-house and hand-picked materials.
5. Lite Intensive CourseMeet 2x per week for 100 minutes and provide a perfect balance of flexibility and intensity for working professionals.
6. Kids Japanese ClassCombines learning and fun activities for your kids so they look forward to each class visit.

(2) Online Lessons

1. Online Private Japanese ClassesLearn Japanes with speaking and learning sessions with a native speaker and a professional teacher
2. Online Group Japanese ClassesStructured on 18 different levels and types of lessons. From beginners who want to learn Japanese for the first time to advanced learners.
3. Online Kids Japanese ClassesOnline Japanese course for children (6-15 years) that is highly effective and fun at the same time.
4. Online JLPT Video Lecture CourseCovers all essential grammar and vocabulary for JLPT levels N1, N2, and N3. Seminar-style lectures let students work individually with class material.
5. Self-Study CoursesYou can learn whenever you want with online videos.

4. Educational Philosophy

Coto Academy Educational Philosophy - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Academy believes in “Teaching as A Team” as their educational philosophy – EDOPEN JAPAN

The school believes in “Teaching as A Team“. This means that teachers share their insights and knowledge about each student, what ideas they have to help them improve. “Coto Japanese Academy” has the following features of the educational philosophy.

(1) Original Teaching Material

The school offers a wide range of original teaching materials specialized in improving conversational skills at all levels, to provide a natural and practical Japanese education that can only be achieved by native speakers. There are many types of texts, including published books.

(2) Focused on Communication

Focuses on improving conversational skills. This is because conversational ability is the most important of all language skills and can be practiced through Japanese lessons with native speakers.

(3) Assessments and Concrete Lessons Plan

The school pays careful attention to the Japanese language skills that companies expect of their employees and analyzes the current level of students through a conversation assessment test in order to plan lessons to help students reach the desired level and to monitor and report progress through regular assessments.

In addition, this academy has an original and unique policy in the classroom. This is student-first teaching philosophy where the class should be:

  • Fun and Encouraging
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Mutually Beneficial for the teacher and the student.

To achieve this goal, the Coto Japanese Academy train their teachers with the following 5-point philosophy.

(1) Encourage teachers to create fun and engaging lessons.
(2) Encourage their teachers to lead the class so students can talk and practice.
(3) Support their teachers to always find ways to improve their teaching
(4) Train teachers to encourage their students to actively communicate in class
(5) Remind teachers to always be flexible and adapt to students’ needs.

5. Academy Location

Coto Japanese Academy Location - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Japanese Academy is a Japanese language school in Tokyo, Yokohama and online

Coto Japanese Academy is a Japanese language school offering Japanese lessons with professional teachers, small classes and personalized lesson plans in Tokyo, Yokohama and online.

(1) Tokyo

Coto Japanese Academy – Tokyo is located just a two-minute walk from JR Iidabashi Station. It is a very comfortable city with fashionable stores and embassies of each country. Well-lit classrooms, cozy lounges and modern amenities allow you to have fun and have an effective learning experience. You will learn Japanese in the best learning environment with professional Japanese teachers while enjoy your living in Tokyo Metropolitan city.

(2) Yokohama

Coto Japanese Academy – Yokohama is located just a 10-minute walk from Yokohama Station. There are many schools nearby and it is a good environment for learning. The Yokohama office focuses on learning Japanese in a small group while staying motivated and having fun.

6. Student Demographics

Coto Academy Student Demographics - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Academy Student Demographics – EDOPEN JAPAN

Coto Japanese Academy has approximately 60% of the students are from Europe and North America. With the remainder from Asia, South and Latin America. Most of the students are coming for work or to visit their family or only for a short stay.

  • Europe: 60%
  • Asia: 30%
  • North Central South America, Latin America, and other countries: 10%

7. Course Expenses

Coto Academy Course Expenses - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Academy offers affordable fees – EDOPEN JAPAN

(1) Intensive Course Pricing

  • 1 Week: ¥35,000
  • 4 Weeks: ¥120,000
  • 3 Months: ¥324,000
  • 6 Months: ¥576,000

(2) Part Time Course

  • 8 Lessons with 2 Lessons/week: ¥18,000
  • 16 Lessons or 4 Lessons/week: ¥32,000

(3) Private Japanese Lesson

  • 8 Lessons or 3 Months: ¥38,400 with 1 lesson: ¥4,800/50
  • 16 Lessons or 6 Months: ¥74,400 with 1 lesson: ¥4,650/50 mins
  • 32 Lessons or 8 Months: ¥144,000 with 1 lesson: ¥4,500/50 mins
  • 48 Lessons or 12 Months: ¥208,800 with 1 lesson: ¥4,350/50 mins

(4) JLPT Course

  • 16 Lessons or 4 lessons/week: ¥32,000

(5) Lite Intensive Course

  • 100 minutes for 2 times/week: ¥32,000

8. Activities

Coto Academy Activities - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Academy Activities – EDOPEN JAPAN

The school organizes not only classes, but also many different activities so that students can learn about Japanese culture every month. For example: exchange party, lunch, cooking, calligraphy and kabuki watching. You can participate in these events at any time and have the opportunity to improve your Japanese skills and experience.

9. Review

Coto Academy Review - EDOPEN JAPAN
Coto Academy Review – EDOPEN JAPAN

According to some information that we have gathered, Coto Japanese Academy has a lot of good ratings and comments. Please take a look at the students’ comments below and consider whether this school is a good fit for you.

One of the best Japanese language schools. Foreigner friendly, experienced teachers. Recommended.

Very friendly and very helpful. They are very patient in the case of beginners with different language skills

Friendly teachers and a variety of ages, extremely flexible to take classes online or in person.

The private lessons were very helpful because they were tailored to me and I progressed at my own pace.

My part-time evening classes fit perfectly into my work schedule, and thanks to Coto, I was able to gain advanced Japanese skills and pass the JLPT.

The course materials were very clear and easy to understand, and the staff was friendly. The teachers here are great.

Classes are held in very small groups and are clearly focused on interactivity. One-to-one lessons are flexible and adapted to your needs. All the teachers are great. Truly one of the best Japanese language schools in Tokyo.


  • “Coto Japanese Academy” was founded in 2000 by a group of volunteer Japanese teachers whose goal is to help international residents and teach “real” Japanese that students would not learn from a textbook.
  • “Coto Japanese Academy” has already helped 5,000 foreigners improve their Japanese, including 60% students from Europe and Asia.
  • There are different course levels and most courses are held in small groups (maximum 8 students) with an emphasis on speaking.
  • Coto has a unique teaching philosophy that focuses on the student, such as fun and encouragement, cultural sensitivity, and mutual benefit for both teacher and student.
  • The school published its first Japanese language learning textbook, Nihongo Fun and Easy, in 2009, which is still used by many Japanese language learners today.


I am Yuri. I have worked for several companies, involved in assisting foreigners and teaching Japanese. I have also worked in Vietnam, teaching Japanese. I would like to help students abroad and teach Japanese culture. My hobbies are traveling abroad and sports, like tennis. Following excitement and discovering new things inspires me a lot. My joy in life is to help people overseas so that I can pass on the charm of Japanese culture.