The Most Complete List of JLPT N1 Vocabulary (Part 3)

The Most Complete List of JLPT N1 Vocabulary (Part 3) - EDOPEN Japan

Whether you are looking for a job or scholarship in Japan, JLPT N1 is one of the powerful prove that you are worthy for countless golden opportunity in Japan.

JLPT N1 is the highest level, the toughest and the most sought after by foreigners who want to stay, live and have a long career in Japan.

Various companies and institutions will easily accept you and even pay you a higher salary just because you have a JLPT certificate, especially JLPT N1.

This is the list of most complete JLPT N1 vocabulary that you surely need to pass JLPT N1. To make it easier, we have divided this JLPT N1 Vocabulary List into 3 parts. This is the last part of JLPT N1 Vocabulary series. Please click the link below to go to the other parts.

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The explanation of the abbreviations in the type column that we use represent the following descriptions:

Abbreviation Note
“n” for noun, “adj” for adjective, “adv” for adverb, “trans” for transitive verb, “intrans” for intransitive verb, “pro” for pronoun and “suf” for suffix

We also write the JLPT N2 vocabulary words in the list below in hiragana order from あ(a) to ん(n) as

Then, in this article, to help you master the JLPT N1 Vocabulary, here I am introducing you to the 1000 JLPT N1 Vocabulary list. Alright, let’s just get started!

は ~ ほ

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
616. 把握 (はあく)understanding; graspn; trans
617. 肺 (はい)lungn
618. 廃棄 (はいき)disposaln; trans
619. 配給 (はいきゅう)distributionn; trans
620. 配偶者 (はいぐうしゃ)spouse; partnern
621. 背景 (はいけい)backgroundn
622. 拝啓 (はいけい)To Whom It May Concern; Dear..n
623. 背後 (はいご)back; rearn
624. 灰皿 (はいざら)ashtrayn
625. 廃止 (はいし)abolition; repeal; discontinuationn; trans
626. 拝借 (はいしゃく)borrowing​n; trans
627. 排除 (はいじょ)exclusion; removal; eliminationn; trans
628. 排水 (はいすい)drainage; drainingn; trans; intrans
629. 敗戦 (はいせん)defeat; lost battle; losing a warn; trans
630. 配置 (はいち)arrangement (of resources); deploymentn; trans
631. 配布 (はいふ)distributionn; trans
631. 配分 (はいぶん)distribution; allotmentn; trans
632. 配慮 (はいりょ)consideration; concern; attentionn; trans; intrans
633. 配列 (はいれつ)array​; arrangement; dispositionn; verb
634. 映える (はえる)to shine; to glown; intrans
635. 破壊 (はかい)destruction; disruptionn; verb
636. 破棄 (はき)tearing up and discardingn; trans
637. 泊 (はく)counter for nights of a staycounter
638. 迫害 (はくがい)persecution; oppressionn; trans
639. 薄弱 (はくじゃく)feebleness; weakness; weakna-adj
640. 白状 (はくじょう)confessionn; trans
641. 派遣 (はけん)dispatch; despatch; deploymentn; trans
642. 破損 (はそん)damage; breakagen; verb
643. 裸足 (はだし)barefootn
644. 蜂蜜 (はちみつ)honeyn
645. 発掘 (はっくつ)excavation; exhumation; digging upn; trans
646. 発生 (はっせい)occurrence; incidence; outbreakn; intrans
647. 発育 (はついく)(physical) growth; developmentn; intrans
648. 発芽 (はつが)germination; sprouting; buddingn; intrans
649. 発言 (はつげん)statement; remark; observation; utterancen; verb
650. 発病 (はつびょう)attack (disease)​n; intrans
651. 初耳 (はつみみ)something heard for the first timen
652. 浜辺 (はまべ)beach; foreshoren
653. 歯磨き (はみがき)dental brushingn; verb
654. 破裂 (はれつ)bursting; rupturen; intrans
655. 繁栄 (はんえい)prosperity; thriving; flourishing​n; intrans

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
656. 悲観 (ひかん)pessimism; discouragementn; verb
657. 否決 (ひけつ)rejection; negationn; trans
658. 非行 (ひこう)delinquency; misconductn
659. 悲惨 (ひさん)disastrous; tragic; miserablena-adj
660. 秘書 (ひしょ)(private) secretaryn
661. 比重 (ひじゅう)relative density​n
662. 只管 (ひたすら)intently; single-mindedlyadv; na-adj
663. 左利き (ひだりきき)left-handednessn
664. 必修 (ひっしゅう)required (subject)n
665. 匹敵 (ひってき)to be a match for; to rivalintrans
666. 羊 (ひつじ)sheepn
667. 必然 (ひつぜん)inevitable; necessaryn; na-adj
668. 日付 (ひづけ)calendar daten
669. 酷い (ひどい)cruel; heartless; hard; harsh; severe​i-adj
670. 日取り (ひどり)fixed date; appointed dayn
671. 雛 (ひな)young bird; chickn
672. 日向 (ひなた)sunny placen
673. 避難 (ひなん)evacuationn; intrans
674. 火花 (ひばな)sparkn
675. 日々 (ひび)daily; everydayn
676. 暇 (ひま)spare time; free time; leisuren; na-adj
677. 悲鳴 (ひめい)shriek; screamn
678. 百科事典 (ひゃっかじてん)encyclopedian
679. 冷やかす (ひやかす)to cool; to refrigeratetrans
680. 日焼け (ひやけ)sunburnn; intrans
681. 標語 (ひょうご)motto; slogann
682. 比率 (ひりつ)ratio; proportionn
683. 肥料 (ひりょう)fertilizern
684. 比例 (ひれい)proportionn; intrans
685. 疲労 (ひろう)fatiguen; intrans
686. 貧困 (ひんこん)povertyn; na-adj
687. 品質 (ひんしつ)quality (of a product or a service)n
688. 品種 (ひんしゅ)type (of goods)n
689. 貧弱 (ひんじゃく)poorna-adj; n
690. 頻繁 (ひんぱん)frequentna-adj

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
691. 不意 (ふい)sudden; abrupt; unexpectedna-adj; n
692. 封 (ふう)sealn
693. 封鎖 (ふうさ)blockade; lockdownn; v
694. 風車 (ふうしゃ)windmill; wind turbinen
695. 風習 (ふうしゅう)customn
696. 風俗 (ふうぞく)manners; customsn
697. 風土 (ふうど)natural features; topography; climaten
698. 不可欠 (ふかけつ)indispensable; essentialna-adj; n
689. 深める (ふかめる)to deepen; to heighten; to intensifytrans
690. 不吉 (ふきつ)unlucky; inauspiciousna-adj; n
691. 不況 (ふきょう)depression; recessionna-adj; n
692. 布巾 (ふきん)dish toweln
693. 福 (ふく)good fortunen
694. 複合 (ふくごう)compositen; verb
695. 福祉 (ふくし)welfaren
696. 覆面 (ふくめん)mask; veil; disguisen; verb
697. 不景気 (ふけいき)economic slump; hard timesna-adj; n
698. 布告 (ふこく)edict; ordinance; proclamationn; trans
699. 富豪 (ふごう)wealthy person; millionairen
700. 負債 (ふさい)debt; liabilitiesn
701. 相応しい (ふさわしい)appropriate; adequatei-adj
702. 不在 (ふざい)absencen
703. 負傷 (ふしょう)injury; woundn; v
704. 不審 (ふしん) doubt; suspicion; question; strangenessna-adj; n
705. 不順 (ふじゅん)irregular; unseasonablena-adj; n

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
706. 兵器 (へいき)conventional weapon; armsn
707. 平均 (へいきん)average; meann
708. 平行 (へいこう)parallelismn; na-adj
709. 閉口 (へいこう)to be stumped: to be fed up; to be tired (of)n; na-adj; intrans
710. 閉鎖 (へいさ)closing; closure; shutdownn; trans
711. 兵士 (へいし)soldiern
712. 平常 (へいじょう)normal; usual; ordinary; everydayn
713. 平方 (へいほう)square (e.g. metre)n
714. 並列 (へいれつ)arranging in a line; standing in a rown; v
715. 辟易 (へきえき)to be fed up (with); to be tired (of)n; intrans
716. 臍 (へそ)navel; belly button​n
717. 隔たる (へだたる)to be distantintrans
718. 謙る (へりくだる)to deprecate oneself and praise the listenerintrans
719. 編 (へん)compilation (of a text); editing​n; suf
720. 偏 (へん)left-hand radical of a character​n
721. 変革 (へんかく)change; transformationn; v
722. 返還 (へんかん)return; restorationn; trans
723. 偏見 (へんけん)prejudicen
724. 返済 (へんさい)repayment; reimbursement; refundn; trans
725. 変遷 (へんせん)change; transitionn; intrans
726. 返答 (へんとう)reply; answern; v
727. 変動 (へんどう)change; fluctuationn; intrans
728. 弁解 (べんかい)explanation (e.g. for one’s actions); excusen; trans
729. 便宜 (べんぎ)convenience; accommodationn
730. 弁護 (べんご)defense; pleading; advocacyn; trans

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Type
731. 保育 (ほいく)childcare; day caren; trans
732. 法案 (ほうあん)ill (law); measuren
733. 崩壊 (ほうかい)collapse; crumbling; breaking downn; intrans
734. 法学 (ほうがく)law; jurisprudence​n
735. 宝器 (ほうき)treasured article or vessel; outstanding individualn
736. 放棄 (ほうき)abandonment; renouncementn; trans
737. 封建 (ほうけん)feudalisticn
738. 方策 (ほうさく)plan; policyn
739. 豊作 (ほうさく)abundant harvest; bumper cropn
740. 奉仕 (ほうし)altruism​; servicen; intrans
741. 方式 (ほうしき)form; method; system; formula​n
742. 放射 (ほうしゃ)radiation; emissionn; v
743. 放射能 (ほうしゃのう)radioactivityn
744. 報酬 (ほうしゅう)remuneration; recompensen
745. 放出 (ほうしゅつ)release; emission; ejectionn; v
746. 放置 (ほうち)leaving as is; leaving alonen; trans
747. 法廷 (ほうてい)court (of law); courtroomn
748. 報道 (ほうどう)journalism​; report (of news); reporting; newsn; trans
749. 褒美 (ほうび)reward; prizen
750. 飽和 (ほうわ)saturation; satiationn; intrans
751. 保温 (ほおん)retaining warmth; keeping heat inn; v
752. 捕獲 (ほかく)capture; seizuren; trans
753. 保管 (ほかん)safekeeping; deposit; storagen; trans
754. 補給 (ほきゅう)supply; supplyingn; trans
755. 保険 (ほけん)insurancen

ま ~ も

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Type
756. 埋蔵 (まいぞう)burying in the groundn; trans
757. 真上 (まうえ)just above; right overheadn
758. 前売り (まえうり)advance sale; bookingn; trans
759. 前置き (まえおき)preface; introduction; preamblen; intrans
760. 負かす (まかす)to defeattrans
761. 賄う (まかなう)to supply; to cover (costs); to paytrans
762. 曲がる (まがる)to bend; to curve; to warpintrans
763. 紛らわしい (まぎらわしい) easily mistaken; confusingly similar; misleadingi-adj
764. 紛れる (まぎれる)to disappear into; to be lost in; to slip into; to be confusingly similartrans
765. 幕 (まく)curtain; act (in a play)n; counter
766. 膜 (まく)membrane; filmn
767. 捲る (まくる)to turn over; to turn (pages); to leaf through (a book, etc.)​trans
768. 真心 (まごころ)sincerity; true heart; devotionn
769. 正しく (まさしく)certainly; surely; undoubtedlyadv
770. 真下 (ました)right under; directly below​n
771. 麻酔 (ますい)anaesthesia; anesthesian
772. 益々 (ますます)increasingly; more and more; decreasingly (when declining); less and less​adv
773. 不味い (まずい)bad (taste); unpalatable; unsavoury; unsavory; awful; terrible; unpleasant​i-adj
774. 股 (また)thigh; femoraln
775. 区々 (まちまち)various; diverse; differentn; na-adj
776. 末期 (まっき)last years; closing years; last daysn
777. 纏まり (まとまり)unity; coherence; consistencyn
778. 纏め (まとめ)settlement; conclusion; summaryn
779. 招き (まねき)invitationn
780. 瞬き (まばたき)blink (of eyes); winkn; intrans
781. 麻痺 (まひ)paralysis; palsy; numbnessn; intrans
782. 眩しい (まぶしい)dazzling; radianti-adj
783. 眉毛 (まゆ)eyebrown
784. 鞠 (まり)ball (for sport, games, etc.)n
785. 満場 (まんじょう)whole house; whole audiencen

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
786. 未開 (みかい)uncivilized; primitiven
787. 味覚 (みかく)taste; palate; sense of tastena-adj
788. 見方 (みかた)point of view; way of looking (at something)n
789. 三日月 (みかづき)new moon; crescent moonn
790. 幹 (みき)(tree) trunk; (arrow) shaft; (tool) handle; backbone; basen
791. 見苦しい (みぐるしい)unsightly; ugly; unseemly; indecenti-adj
792. 見込み (みこみ)hope; promise; possibility; chance; probabilityn
793. 未婚 (みこん)unmarried; not yet married​n
794. 惨じめ (みじめ)miserable; wretched; unhappyna-adj
795. 未熟 (みじゅく)unripe; green; inexperienced; immaturena-adj
796. 微塵 (みじん)particle; atom; little piecen
797. 見すぼらしい (みすぼらしい)shabby; unsightly; unkempt; seedy​i-adj
798. 水気 (みずけ)water content; moisturen
799. 見せびらかす (みせびらかす)to show off; to flaunttrans
800. 見せ物 (みせもの)show; exhibition; spectaclen
801. 乱す (みだす)to throw into disorder; to disarrange; to disturbtrans
802. 乱れる (みだれる)to be disordered; to be disarranged; to be disarrayedintrans
803. 未知 (みち)not yet known; unknown; strange​n
804. 密集 (みっしゅう)crowding together; clustering together; close formation; swarmn; intrans
805. 密接 (みっせつ)close (relationship, connection, etc.); intimate; nearna-adj
806. 蜜 (みつ)nectar; honey; honeydewn
807. 密度 (みつど)densityn
808. 見積もり (みつもり)estimate; estimation; valuation; quotationn
809. 源 (みなもと)source (of a river); fountainhead;  origin; rootn
810. 峰 (みね)peak; summit; ridge; topn

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
811. 無意味 (むいみ)nonsense; no meaning; meaninglessna-adj; n
812. 無口 (むくち)reticent; quiet; silentna-adj; n
813. 婿 (むこ)husband; groomn
814. 無効 (むこう)invalid; void; ineffectivena-adj; n
815. 無言 (むごん)silence (not speaking); muteness​n
816. 毟ろ (むしろ)to pluck; to pick; to teartrans
817. 無邪気 (むじゃき) innocent; simple-minded​na-adj; n
818. 結び (むすび)ending; conclusionn
819. 無線 (むせん)radio (communication); wirelessn
820. 無駄遣い (むだづかい)waste (of money, time, etc.); squandering; frittering awaytrans; n
821. 無断 (むだん)absence of permission; lack of permissionn; prefix
822. 無知 (むち)ignorance; innocence; stupidityna-adj; n
823. 無茶苦茶 (むちゃくちゃ)nonsensical; unreasonable; absurd; unrealistic; awfully; extremelyna-adj
824. 虚しい (むなしい) empty; void; vacant​; vain; fruitless; futile; ineffectivei-adj
825. 無念 (むねん)regret; chagrin; mortification​na-adj; n
826. 無能 (むのう)incompetence; inefficiency; inability; incapacityna-adj; n
827. 無闇に (むやみに)thoughtlessly; recklessly; rashly; at randomadv
828. 無用 (むよう)useless; futile; unnecessary; needlessna-adj; n
829. 群がる (むらがる)to swarm; to gatherintrans
830. 無論 (むろん)of course; certainly; naturallyadv

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
831. 名産 (めいさん)noted product; local specialty​n
832. 名称 (めいしょう)name; titlen
833. 命中 (めいちゅう)(direct) hit; hitting the markn; intrans
834. 名簿 (めいぼ)register of names; list of namesn
835. 名誉 (めいよ)honor; prestigena-adj; n
836. 明瞭 (めいりょう)clear; plain; distinct; obvious; evident; articulatena-adj; n
837. 明朗 (めいろう)cheerful; brightna-adj
838. 目方 (めかた)weightn
839. 眼鏡 (めがね)glasses; eyeglassesn
840. 恵 (めぐみ)wisdom; enlightenmentn
841. 雌 (めす)female (animal, plant)n
842. 滅亡 (めつぼう)downfall; ruin; collapse; destructionn; intrans
843. 目眩 (めまい)dizziness; giddiness; vertigon
844. 目盛 (めもり)gradations (on a ruler, thermometer, etc.); division; scalen
845. 面会 (めんかい)meeting (face-to-face); seeing; visit; interviewn; intrans
846. 免除 (めんじょ)exemption; exoneration; dischargen; trans
847. 面目 (めんぼく)face; honor; reputation; prestige; dignity; creditn
848. メディアmedian
849. メロディーmelodyn
850. メーカーmanufacturer (esp. a major company); producer; maker​n

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
851. 設ける (もうける)to prepare; to providetrans
852. 申し分 (もうしぶん)objection; shortcomingsn
853. 盲点 (もうてん)blind spot (on the retina)n
854. 猛烈 (もうれつ)fierce; intense; terriblena-adj
855. 目録 (もくろく)catalogue; catalog; inventory; index; list​n
856. 目論見 (もくろみ)plan; scheme; plot; designn
857. 模型 (もけい)model; dummy; maquetten
858. 模索 (もさく)groping; fumbling around; searchingn; trans
859. 若し (もし)if; in case; supposingadv
860. 若しも (もしも)if; in case; supposingadv
861. 齎す (もたらす)to bring; to take; to bring about​trans
862. 凭れる (もたれる)to lean against; to lean on; to recline onintrans
863. 持ち切り (もちきり)hot topic; talk of the townn
864. 勿体ない (もったいない)wasteful; a wastei-adj
865. 専ら (もっぱら)wholly; solely; entirely; exclusivelyadv
866. 持て成す (もてなす)to entertain; to make welcometrans
867. 基 (もとい)origin; sourcen
868. 物置 (ものおき)storage room; storeroom; lumber roomn
869. 物好き (ものずき)(idle) curiosity; fancifulnessn; na-adj
870. 最早 (もはや)already; now​; no longer; not any moreadv
871. 模範 (もはん)exemplar; model; example; pattern​n
872. 模倣 (もほう)imitation; copyingn; trans
873. 股 (もも)thighn
874. 催す (もようす)to hold (an event); to give (a dinner, party, etc.)trans
875. 漏る (もる)to leak; to run outintrans

や ~ よ

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
876. 館 (やかた)mansion; palace; manor house; castlen
877. 喧しい (やかましい)noisy; loud; clamorous; boisterous​i-adj
878. 野外 (やがい)outdoors; outside; open airn
879. 軈て (やがて)before long; soon; shortly​adv
880. 役職 (やくしょく)post; official positionn
881. 役立つ (やくだつ)to be useful; to be helpful; to serve the purposeintrans
882. 役場 (やくば)town halln
883. 夜具 (やぐ)bedding; bedclothesn
884. 火傷 (やけど)burn; scaldn; intrans
885. 夜行 (やこう)walking around at night; night travel​n
886. 屋敷 (やしき)residence; estaten
887. 養う (やしなう)to support; to maintain; to provide fortrans
888. 野心 (やしん)ambition; aspirationn
889. 野生 (やせい)wild; growing wild; living in the wildn
890. 矢鱈 (やたら)indiscriminately; blindly; at random; recklesslyadv
891. 夜中 (やちゅう)middle of the night; dead of night​adv
892. 野党 (やとう)opposition party; the oppositionn
893. 家主 (やぬし)landlord; landlady​n
894. 遣り通す (やりとおす)to carry through; to achieve; to completeverb
895. 和らげる (やわらげる)to soften; to moderate; to relievetrans

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
896. 有意 (ゆうい)significant; meaningfulna-adj
897. 憂鬱 (ゆううつ)depression; melancholy; dejectionna-adj; n
898. 有益 (ゆうえき)beneficial; profitable; usefulna-adj; n
899. 優越 (ゆうえつ) supremacy; predominanceintrans
900. 勇敢 (ゆうかん)brave; heroic; gallantna-adj
901. 有機 (ゆうき)organicn
902. 夕暮れ (ゆうぐれ)evening; dusk; twilightn
903. 融資 (ゆうし)financing; loantrans
904. 融通 (ゆうずう)lending (money); finance; loann
905. 優勢 (ゆうせい)superiority; superior powerna-adj; n
906. 優先 (ゆうせん)preference; priority; precedence​n; trans
907. 誘導 (ゆうどう)guidance; leading; inductiontrans
908. 優美 (ゆうび)grace; refinement; elegancena-adj; n
909. 有望 (ゆうぼう)good prospects; full of hopena-adj
910. 遊牧 (ゆうぼく)nomadismn
911. 幽霊 (ゆうれい)ghost; spectern
912. 誘惑 (ゆうわく)temptation; allurement; luren; trans
913. 揺さ振る (ゆさぶる)to shake; to jolt; to rock; to swing; to swaytrans
914. 茹でる (ゆでる)to boil (something in hot water)​trans
915. 指差す (ゆびさす)to point attrans

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
916. 要因 (よういん)main cause; primary factor​n
917. 溶液 (ようえき)solution (liquid)n
918. 要件 (ようけん)important mattern
919. 養護 (ようご)nursing; (protective) caretrans
920. 様式 (ようしき)style; form; patternn
921. 要請 (ようせい)appeal; call for something; request; claim; demand​n
922. 養成 (ようせい)training; education; development; cultivationn; trans
923. 様相 (ようそう)aspect; phase; conditionn
924. 用品 (ようひん)articles; supplies (e.g. office supplies); things (for); utensils; goodsn
925. 洋風 (ようふう)Western stylen; na-adj
926. 用法 (ようほう)directions; rules of usen
927. 要望 (ようぼう)demand for; requestn; trans
928. 余暇 (よか)leisure; leisure time; spare timen
929. 予感 (よかん)presentiment; premonition; hunchn
930. 余興 (よきょう)performance (at a party or banquet, etc.); side show; entertainmentn
931. 預金 (よきん)deposit; bank accountn; v
932. 抑圧 (よくあつ)check; restraint; oppression; suppressionn; trans
933. 浴室 (よくしつ)bathroomn
934. 抑制 (よくせい)control; restraint; suppressionn; trans
935. 欲望 (よくぼう)desire; appetite; lustn
936. 予想 (よそう)expectation; anticipationn
937. 余地 (よち)place; room; margin; scopen
938. 与党 (よとう)ruling party; government partyn
939. 余程 (よほど)very; greatly; much; to a large extent; quiteadv
940. 世論 (よろん)public opinion; popular voicen

ら ~ ろ

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
941. 来場 (らいじょう)attendanceintrans
942. 酪農 (らくのう)dairy farmingn
943. 落花 (らっか)falling petalsintrans
944. 楽観 (らっかん)optimism; taking an optimistic viewtrans
945. 乱用 (らんよう)abuse; misuse; misappropriation; using to excesstrans

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
946. 理屈 (りくつ)theory; reason; logicn
947. 利根 (りこん)intelligence; cleverness; innate aptitudena-adj; n
948. 利子 (りし)interest (on a loan, deposit, etc.)n
949. 利潤 (りじゅん)profit; returnsn
950. 理性 (りせい)reason; reasoning power; (one’s) sensen
951. 利息 (りそく)interest (on a loan, deposit, etc.)​n
952. 立体 (りったい)solid body; three-dimensional objectn
953. 立法 (りっぽう)legislation; lawmakingn
954. 利点 (りてん)advantage; point in favorn
955. 略語 (りゃくご)abbreviation; acronymn
956. 略奪 (りゃくだつ)pillage; plunder; looting; robberyn; trans
957. 流通 (りゅうつう)circulation (of money, goods, etc.); distributionn; intrans
958. 領域 (りょういき)area; domain; territory; field; range; region; regimen
959. 了解 (りょうかい)comprehension; consent; understanding; agreementn; trans
960. 領海 (りょうかい)territorial watersn
961. 両極 (りょうきょく)both extremitiesn
962. 良識 (りょうしき)good sensen
963. 良質 (りょうしつ)good quality; fine quality; superior qualityna-adj; n
964. 了承 (りょうしょう)acknowledgement; acknowledgment; understanding; approvaln; trans
985. 領地 (りょうち)territory; dominion; grounds (e.g. school)n

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
986. 類似 (るいじ)resemblance; similarity; likeness; analogyn; intrans
987. 類推 (るいすい)analogyn; trans
988. ルーズ loose (e.g. belt)na-adj
989. ルールrulen

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
990. 冷光 (れいこう)cold light; luminescence​n
991. 冷蔵 (れいぞう)cold storage; refrigerationn; trans
992. 冷淡 (れいたん)cool; indifferent; apathetic; half-heartedna-adj; n
993. 恋愛 (れんあい)love; love-making; passion; emotion; affectionsn; intrans
994. 連休 (れんきゅう)consecutive holidaysn
995. 連日 (れんじつ)day after day; every dayadv; n
996. 連帯 (れんたい)solidarityn; intrans
997. 連中 (れんちゅう)company; lot; bunch; groupn
998. 連邦 (れんぽう)commonwealth; federation of statesn
999. 連盟 (れんめい)league; federation; unionn
1000. レッスン lessonn

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
1001. 老衰 (ろうすい)senility; senile decay; infirmityn; intrans
1002. 朗読 (ろうどく)reading aloud; recitationn; trans
1003. 浪費 (ろうひ)waste; extravagancen; trans
1004. 労力 (ろうりょく)labour; labor; effort; toil; troublen
1005. 露骨 (ろこつ)open; unconcealed; undisguised; blatant; plain; frankna-adj; n
1006. 論議 (ろんぎ)discussion; argument; debaten; trans
1007. 論理 (ろんり)logicn
1008. ロマンチックromanticna-adj; n
1009. ロープropen

Vocabulary (語彙/ごい)Meaning (意味/いみ)Type
1010. 我儘 (わがまま)selfish; egoistna-adj; n
1011. 惑星 (わくせい)planetn
1012. 態と (わざと)on purpose; deliberately; intentionally​adv
1013. 態々 (わざわざ)expressly; especially; taking the troubleadv
1014. 煩わしい (わずらわしい)troublesome; annoying; complicatedi-adj
1015. 詫び (わび)apology​n
1016. 和風 (わふう)Japanese style​n
1017. 和文 (わぶん)Japanese text; sentence in Japanesen
1018. 藁 (わら)straw​n
1019. 割引 (わりびき)discountn
1020. 悪者 (わるもの)bad guy; villainn


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