The 12 Greatest Podcasts to Help You Learning Japanese

The 12 Greatest Podcasts to Help You Learning Japanese - EDOPEN Japan

Listening to podcasts has become one of the great ways to learn and teach various content nowadays.Especially podcasts that are about learning Japanese and various interesting topics related to Japanese social life and culture should be listened to and not missed!

In addition, you can listen to them freely anywhere without time restrictions, listening to Podcasts is most preferred because it can train our listening and speaking skills very strongly. It’s truly an effective learning method.For Japanese itself, there are tons of quality podcasts that cover a wide variety of topics. Starting from topics with basic to advanced Japanese levels.

For this article, I’ve summarized 12 lists of the best Japanese podcasts that you should listen to in order to improve your Japanese! All of them, I have listed based on the level ranging from those suitable for beginners to advanced learners.

Best Japanese Podcast for Beginners

Best Japanese Podcast for Beginners - EDOPEN Japan

First, I’ll talk about podcasts suitable for Japanese language beginners. They cover various topics from simple to moderate levels of Japanese. Please choose according to your current Japanese language proficiency. You can begin by listening to easier topics and later progress to more advanced ones.

1. Learn Japanese Pod

Learn Japanese Pod tops my list as it offers superb Japanese language materials. The contents present comprehensive and varied Japanese topics in an enjoyable way, which is ideal for beginners and those who want to start learning Japanese with ease.

Learn Japanese Pod has excellent formatting, helpful full transcripts and currently offers 370 episodes focusing on specific topics. The Japanese conversations are enjoyable to listen to and definitely worth your time. The podcast, which began in 2007 and was created by Alex Brooke, is widely popular among Japanese learners today. By listening to Learn Japanese Pod, you can speak Japanese fluently and naturally.

2. Nihongo Con Teppei

If you’re looking for a podcast with short and easy-to-follow Japanese speeches, then Nihongo con Teppei is a fantastic option. Listeners all around the world are falling in love with this program. Its distinct pronunciation, enthusiastic delivery, gradual rhythm, and motivating content are a great starting reference for learning Japanese.

I appreciate how the episodes cover a wide range of useful topics. The three-minute format makes them quick and valuable, especially since the information is applicable to everyday life.

Along with learning Japanese, you will gain insights on time management, improving focus, forming productive habits and many other topics across the 617 episodes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Japanese with Shun

If you’re well-versed in Genki 1 & 2, a live podcast by native Japanese instructor Shunsuke Otani-sensei is a must. “Learn Japanese with Shun” is a delightful and engaging experience, with Otani-sensei’s slow, clear, and pleasing speech.

No transcript is necessary for this podcast. The topics are amusing and informative, offering intriguing viewpoints on daily life in Japan. Moreover, with Otani sensei’s exceptional delivery, listeners can gain a deep understanding of Japanese culture.

The podcast contains 183 episodes, each approximately 7 minutes in length. Another thing that makes the Japanese with Shun podcast great for beginners is the useful vocabulary review at the end. Another thing that makes the Japanese with Shun podcast great for beginners is the useful vocabulary review at the end. It’s definitely worth giving it a listen!

4. Learn Japanese with Manga Sensei

The material provides a brief but informative and easily understandable explanation, aiding learners in comprehending different aspects of the Japanese language. This includes grammar usage, vocabulary meanings, and other useful and imperative topics for Japanese language learning.

The podcast began in 2017 and has 1142 episodes, each lasting roughly 5 minutes. It is simple and easy to listen to.

Make sure to take notes while listening for useful tips and concepts to aid in your understanding of Japanese study materials.

Best Japanese Podcast for Intermediate Learners

Best Japanese Podcast for Intermediate Learners - EDOPEN Japan

Moving on to intermediate Japanese, here is a list of podcasts for those with at least JLPT N4 knowledge.

The majority of podcasts cover JLPT N3-N2 material at a manageable pace. Don’t worry – this podcast will be useful and easy for you!

1. JapanesePod101

If you wish to acquire an easy and free approach towards learning Japanese language, it’s vital to tune in to the renowned podcast series.

Majority of the requisites concerning the language can be gained out of it as they provide comprehensive, precise and concentrated information encompassing diverse Japanese learning subjects. Moreover, their podcast also includes diverse captivating material about Japanese culture.

The topics offered are current. This podcast is the most informative among other Japanese language learning podcasts.

It began in 2005 and has always been beloved. There are currently 784 episodes with different lengths. Don’t forget to listen!

2. Easy Japanese Podcast by Masa and Asami

The Easy Japanese Podcast, hosted by two Japanese locals named Masa and Asami, is personable and accessible. They cover subjects that are relevant to daily life, providing amusing and engaging insights from their youthful perspectives.

Listening to the discussions they have makes you feel like you’re amongst young Japanese individuals. You’ll have an enjoyable and fruitful time learning Japanese and its culture.

The podcast is relatively new, with 448 episodes that last an average of 10-11 minutes. Absolutely a worthwhile listen, the Easy Japanese Podcast by Misa and Asami should not be missed!

3. Learn Japanese with Noriko

Noriko, a certified Japanese teacher, has a podcast that you must hear. Beyond podcasts, Noriko-sensei also hosts a YouTube channel and is a community host for Japanese language enthusiasts in the known group Japanese together.

Her podcasts cover a wide range of topics, and listening to them is a must if you want to improve your listening skills to an intermediate to advanced level.

The podcast began 2 years ago and has 486 episodes, each lasting about 10 minutes on average.

A podcast directly from a certified Japanese teacher is hard to come by! Noriko-sensei’s podcasts will broaden your Japanese vocabulary and effectively enhance your Japanese skills to an advanced level!

Best Japanese Podcast for JLPT Warriors & Advance Level Japanese Learners

Best Japanese Podcast for JLPT Warriors & Advance Level Japanese Learners - EDOPEN Japan

If you already have an advanced Japanese proficiency and aspire to enhance your vocabulary and converse like a native, you may tune in to the podcasts listed below.

The discussions delve into a range of topics, including work, contemporary issues within Japan and beyond, as well as science and technology.

Select the podcast that best fits your requirements!

1. The Real Japanese Podcast by Haruka

If you’re looking to improve your Japanese language skills at an intermediate or advanced level (namely N3, N2 or N1), then we highly recommend tuning in to “The Real Japanese Podcast” created by a Japanese language teacher and native Japanese speaker named Haruka-sensei.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as culture, food, travel and even anime in Japanese.

Her charming and welcoming style will make you feel like you’re talking to a Japanese friend of the same age.The real Japanese podcast started in 2020 and currently you can listen to 163 episodes with an average duration of around 16 minutes.

What’s great about Haruka-sensei’s podcasts is that you are able to access the podcast transcripts on her website, “Haru no Nihongo“. In addition, each podcast is labelled with the JLPT level of the topic discussed. It’s a must-listen! Don’t miss it!

2. Let’s Talk in Japanese with Tomo

If you want to improve your ability to understand spoken Japanese for the JLPT test at level N1 to N5, then listening to “Let’s Talk in Japanese” podcast by Tomo-sensei is highly recommended.

In each episode, Tomo-sensei explains Japanese topics with great detail, using words that are not too complicated while also not too easy and speaking at a moderate pace.

Listening to this podcast by Tomo-sensei can help you better understand Japanese grammar and vocabulary used in everyday situations. It’s packed with fascinating insights.

“Let’s Talk in Japanese” by Tomo-sensei began in 2019 and has already attracted many listeners worldwide. You can now listen to 235 episodes, each lasting approximately 11 minutes. I highly recommend it. Don’t miss out!

3. Nihongo That’s Dan

The “Nihongo That’s Dan” podcast made by the Japanese duo “Nakayoshi” is very interesting. It presents ordinary chats between Japanese couples, which are not found in textbooks. It is an excellent listening option.

When I listened to it, I felt like I was immersing myself into the lives of real Japanese people who were telling stories and sharing their thoughts on a range of fascinating subjects in an informal yet authentic Japanese style.

The “Nihongo That’s Dan” podcast has gathered listeners from different countries. It began in May 2019 and has become popular due to its simple, conversational style which brings liveliness to the content.

We strongly recommend it to those wishing to learn Japanese naturally and become fluent!

4. Rebuild

I would be amiss if I didn’t share with you an intriguing and special podcast of this era, called Rebuild. Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, a proficient software engineer, is the proud owner of this podcast..

If you want to hear a genuine Japanese person discussing a significant topic, particularly technology, software expansion, and devices, Rebuild is a necessary listen. It is informative and may even astound you with facts, science and current issues from Japan and around the globe.

5. GoGo Eibukaiwa

This podcast, Gogo Eibukaiwa, is a delight for those who want to hear two Japanese natives, Abe and Yoshi, talk about a range of interesting subjects and even strange news stories from all over the world.

This podcast is designed for people who are learning English as a second language. It is performed in a mix of English and Japanese so that listeners can improve their knowledge of both languages at the same time.

It’s definitely worth checking out! The podcast is not only full of useful information but it is also really enjoyable to listen to.


To conclude, remember that you can learn Japanese at any time and from any place. Free podcasts are one of several options to do so, which you can access at your convenience.

We trust the following list will help you discover the most competent podcasts to aid you in your proficiency in the language.

Best Japanese Podcast for Beginners1. Learn Japanese Pod
2. Nihongo Con Teppei
3. Japanese with Shun
4. Learn Japanese with Manga Sensei
Best Japanese Podcast for Intermediate Learners1. JapanesePod101
2. Easy Japanese Podcast by Masa and Asami
3. Learn Japanese with Noriko
Best Japanese Podcast for JLPT Warriors & Advance Level Japanese Learners1. The Real Japanese Podcast by Haruka
2. Let’s Talk in Japanese with Tomo
3. Nihongo That’s Dan
4. Rebuild
5. GoGo Eibukaiwa

We invite you to share your feedback in the comments section below. Good luck in becoming fluent in Japanese!


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