5 Most Popular & Best Places to Learn Japanese in Singapore

5 Most Popular & Best Places to Learn Japanese in Singapore - EDOPEN Japan

Japan has never stopped producing works that have won the hearts of many people both nationally and internationally. For example, various movies, animations, and technological innovations have carved various histories from the past to the present.

In the field of education, Japan offers educational systems and facilities that are not inferior to the quality of the world’s top universities. Plus, as one of the developed countries with a strong economy, Japan is also a target for foreigners to find jobs with fantastic salaries.

Its orderliness, deep philosophy of life, and strong and instructive culture make Japan one of the most comfortable countries to live in. However, the Japanese language is often a barrier for foreigners who want to pursue a career and live in Japan. Luckily, we are here to make it easier for you to learn Japanese.

Especially in this article. We have summarized 5 places with the best ratings, experience, and systems that will help you learn Japanese in Singapore. Enrolling in one of these schools might be a great step towards boosting your future career.

Of course, the information we share here is reliable and comprehensive. Everything you need to know about the 5 best and most popular Japanese language schools in Singapore is here. Okay, let’s get started!

About Singapore

Singapore, since 1960 has been one of the trading centers of the British Empire, making it a strong position in finance and industry. As a result, Singapore has become an economy that surpasses any other Southeast Asian country, putting it on a par with South Korea.

Moreover, Chinese is the ethnic group that dominates about 75% of Singapore, with Malays and Indians being the next largest ethnic groups. This diversity makes Singapore a very iconic, interesting city-state and gives it a very different culture and way of life compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

Don’t be surprised, most of the smart, skillful people of Chinese descent that you may know often started their careers in this powerful city-state, Singapore.

The Singapore Government’s dominance in every sector of life in Singapore makes the city-state highly organized and effective. Especially in the fields of information, technology, and finance. Research and education are also international classes.

Not to forget, the health sector is also in the spotlight of the world and is at the forefront of Southeast Asia.

5 Most Popular Places to Learn Japanese in Singapore

Here are the 5 most popular places to learn Japanese in Singapore. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for!

1) Hougang Japanese Language School

This school is Singapore’s historic Japanese language school, founded in 1983. It is the oldest Japanese language school in Lion Country. The original Japanese founder, Mr. Kenji Kitahara graduated from Kita Kyushu University in Japan in 1974 and moved to Singapore to study Chinese at Nanyang University. He has been teaching Japanese in Singapore for twenty-three years.

Further, the Hougang school will be very strict in providing quality teaching. This can be realized by you will have exams at the end of each class. However, you will also be given certificates for your achievements.

This school emphasizes on students master the basic course and then concentrate on JLPT test preparation. The followings are the courses:

CoursesPrices & HoursDuration
1. Elementary 1$300 (40 Hours)2-6 months
2. Elementary 2$300 (32 Hours)4 months
3. Elementary 3 (JLPT N5)$300 (32 Hours)3-5 months
4. Intermediate 1$300 (28 Hours)3.5-4.5 months
5. Intermediate 2$300 (28 Hours)
6. Intermediate 3 (JLPT N4)$300 (28 Hours)
7. N3 (1-3 term)$350/term4 months/term
8. N2 (1-3 term)$350/term4 months/term
9. N1 (1-3 term) $350/term4 months/term

For the details regarding the textbook, the textbook used is different from most Japanese language schools. ‘Nihongo no Kiso’ is the teachers’ weapon and for advanced classes keep in mind that teachers may use additional textbooks.

The school has also opened online classes and special classes for children. This school currently has also other 2 school branches, Jurong School and city-hall school. The school is also often featured in Singapore’s national tv programs for its quality and popularity.

Currently, the school is held by the second generation of administrators. Not to forget as well, the Hougang School is very famous as a Japanese language school with great quality but at a rational price.

Address: Hougang Street 21, #04-113/119 Blk 204, Singapore 530204 (Hougang School)
Recruitment Term: Contact for Details
Number of Instructors: –
Capacity: 10-20 students/class

2) Tomo Japanese Language School

At Tomo Japanese language school, the interaction between students and teachers will be very frequent. This language school emphasizes conversations that will happen a lot between students, teachers, and fellow students who are learning. They teach Japanese naturally not just to pass the JLPT test, but to learn Japanese through the roots of true Japanese culture.

What is interesting about the principal of Tomo school is, in terms of looking at the JLPT test. Many shortcomings of students who passed JLPT N1 can only read and listen but they are not fluent in writing and speaking natural Japanese.

Therefore, Tomo school supports this skill that other Japanese language schools do not have. You will be able to speak, read, write, and listen to Japanese fluently. Furthermore, you will learn also about Japanese culture, art, and history. Introduce practical applications, so that you know enough even to work in Japan.

In addition, the method used at this school has been proven to be a good method for learning languages. Including Japanese, for students who are new to learning. The followings are the available courses:

1. Further Advanced Courses$390/term60 weeks
2. Advanced Course$390/term60 weeks
3. Pre-Advanced Course$390/term60 weeks
4. Intermediate Course$390/term60 weeks
5. Basic Course$390/term60 weeks
6. Beginner’s Course$390/term10 weeks

Moreover, the Tomo School emphasizes the shadowing technique which allows students to speak like a native Japanese person. This technique emphasizes listening to a short conversation as well as shadowing afterward by immediately speaking exactly as you heard.

Address: Near Orchard Road, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore Shopping Centre, #03-24 Singapore 239924
Recruitment Term: Every Season
Number of Instructors: 8 (All Native Japanese)
Capacity: Small Size Only

3) Bunka Language School

Bunka’s focus on sharpening students’ acumen in Japanese conversation in a short period of time is the school’s guarantee. Bunka offers quality native Japanese teachers who are registered with the Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, Bunka has also been tested for more than 35 years using the right method to teach Japanese in Singapore. The English introduction makes it easy for beginners to learn Japanese at the beginning of the course. The followings are the available courses:

1. Elementary 1-3$268, $388, or $45010 weeks
2. Intermediate 1-4$3689 weeks
3. Pre-Advanced 1-3$36012 weeks
4. Advanced
$40016 weeks
5. Business Japanese $40016 weeks

Additionally, Bunka trains its students through real daily conversations that occur in Japanese society through classroom simulations. Therefore, students will be able to experience how Japanese is spoken naturally. Bunka has also opened online classes and private classes for its students who are constrained by face-to-face lessons.

Address: 402 Orchard Rd, #05-15/16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
Recruitment Term: All Seasons
Number of Instructors: 10 (All Native Japanese)
Capacity: <12 students

4) Tsubasa Language Service

The Tsubasa language service has achieved a rating of 100 percent of its students who have passed the JLPT N2-N5 test. This school is the best choice for you to hone your Japanese language skills at various levels.

Moreover, the institute also provides Japanese culture lessons and trips to Japan in direct cooperation with various Japanese employment agencies. Their motto is to provide quality Japanese lessons at affordable prices. The followings are the available course:

1. Beginner Class (Foundation Studies)*contact for details8 lessons (2 months)
2. Beginner Class*contact for details40-47 lessons (9-11 months)
3. Intermediate Class*contact for details48-52 lessons (11 months-1 per year)
4. Pre-Advanced Class*contact for details1.5 years
5. Conversation Class*contact for detailsApprox. 1 year

Further, you don’t have to worry that all the teachers here are not native Japanese. However, the teachers here have passed the Japanese teacher training course (日本語教師養成コース) and accent correction training.

In addition, the classes are spread out from elementary to advanced levels. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the small size of each class. You also can be sure that the quality and interaction between students and students will be more attractive and very interactive.

Address: 808 French Rd, Singapore 200808
Recruitment Term: All Seasons
Number of Instructors: 4
Capacity: Max 8 Students

5) Taiyo Japanese Language School

Founded in 2011, Taiyo is part of the Crystal Learning group of language schools which is famous for its small class sizes and focus on practice rather than theory. Further, the school is also trusted by many top Singapore companies to train employees of top companies in Singapore to enhance their Japanese language skills for business expansion.

In addition, the teachers are native Japanese and teach Japanese with English at the native level and have been teaching Japanese for more than 5 years. The followings are the available courses:

1. Complete Beginners Course*contact for details12 weeks
2. Conversational Course*contact for details12 weeks
3. Elementary to Advanced Course$450/term2.5 hours x 10 lessons

Moreover, since this school is not academic achievement-oriented, you will enjoy the learning process plus lessons such as culture, calligraphy and of course, hiragana katakana and Kanji will not be missed.

Address: 20 Kramat Lane United House #05-05, 228773
Recruitment Term: All Seasons
Number of Instructors: 4 (All Japanese Native)
Capacity: <8 students

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Singapore?

These are the top 5 highest-rated places we recommend for you to learn Japanese in Singapore. In addition, we’d also like to share another important alternative with you. This option is specifically for those of you who are looking for more personalized and flexible Japanese classes for your limited time in Singapore. Then, you would still get the chance to learn Japanese directly with native speakers in Singapore.

Furthermore, no need to worry, you can still do that by learning directly with the best Japanese tutors in Singapore. But how do you find the best Japanese tutor in the busy city of Singapore? You can find them at Preply, Amazing Talker, Varsity Tutor, and many other places.

We also love helping you find the best way to master Japanese. Don’t forget to keep up with the most comprehensive and reliable information we have shared here. We will always give you the best. And we are thrilled to be a part of your big journey to master Japanese and pass the highest level of JLPT in Singapore!


Last but not least, to wrap up this article, here are the 5 most excellent, highly reliable, and trustworthy places we highly recommend for you to learn Japanese in Singapore. Do you also have experience learning Japanese at any of the places we mentioned above? Please feel free to share your experience with us below.

School NameAvailable CoursesRange of Prices & Duration
1. The Hougang Japanese Language SchoolElementary to Intermediate Class & JLPT N3 to N1 Preparatory ClassesStarting from $300 for 2-4.5 months
2. Tomo Japanese Language SchoolBeginners to Further Advanced Course$390 for 60 weeks
3. Bunka Language SchoolElementary to Advanced Course & Business JapaneseStarting from $268 for 9-16 weeks
4. Tsubasa Language ServiceBeginner to Advanced Courses2 months to 1 year
5. Taiyo Japanese Language SchoolBeginner to Advanced Courses$450/term for 12 weeks

As a final addition, we sincerely hope that this information will be a useful and powerful reference for you to find the best place to study Japanese in Singapore. Please contact us anytime if you need more information about learning Japanese, here. And, see you in the next article! Really thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day and keep up the good work in learning Japanese.


Representative Director of Reboot Japan Co., Ltd., which operates EDOPEN JAPAN. Founded the company in 2018, which provides Japanese language education and assistance for studying in Japan. Started the company after living with international students at a Japanese language school. He enjoys learning about new people and cultures and has lived in Australia and Malaysia. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University.