JLPT Brisbane: All You Need to Know

JLPT in Brisbane: A-Z Important Things You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

Are you looking for the best place to learn Japanese and prepare for the JLPT exam in Brisbane? It can be challenging to find comprehensive and reliable information about the JLPT exam in Brisbane.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you overcome this challenge. We have gathered all the necessary information for you, from technical details on administering the JLPT exam in Brisbane to effective strategies for achieving a perfect score.

Additionally, we guide finding a reliable and trustworthy JLPT exam preparation center in Brisbane with professional experience. Everything you need is summarized here. We will now discuss the JLPT exam in Brisbane and cover all the essential information you need to know!

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About JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

About JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) - EDOPEN Japan

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is an official Japanese language proficiency test for foreign speakers administered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES). The JLPT is specifically designed to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of foreign speakers.[1]

Also, the JLPT exam was first administered in 1984.[1] In 2011, this highly prestigious Japanese language proficiency test was recorded as the largest Japanese language test in the world. To date, the number of applicants for the JLPT exam continues to grow. In 2019, before COVID-19 hit the world, the number of applicants, even reached more than 1.3 million.[2]

Then, the JLPT exam has been revised since 2010. The JLPT exam with this new format adopts the latest research results in pedagogical theory and Japanese language testing. The JLPT questions will be richer and are expected to be truly relevant to the needs and real conditions in Japan.

Next, do you know who administers the JLPT in Japan and around the world? Is it administered by only 1 institution? In Japan, the JLPT exam is administered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.[3] Meanwhile, the administration of the JLPT exam abroad is managed by the Japan Foundation in cooperation with official local institutions.[3]

Therefore, the organizers of the JLPT exam in Japan and abroad are different. The two institutions are the main driving forces that cooperate in the administration of the JLPT exam in Japan and abroad. Specifically for overseas, each city has its institution, that organizes the JLPT on behalf of the Japan Foundation.

Why Taking a JLPT Certificate is Important for Foreigners?

The JLPT exam is very popular around the world. Many candidates for the JLPT want to obtain this highly prestigious certificate of Japanese proficiency for a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  1. To get a job and promotion in a Japanese company and promotion
  2. For attaining privilege by Japanese immigration authorities as a highly skilled worker.
  3. Required for Japanese university entrance exams, scholarship, and a part-time job during the study at Japanese University.
  4. Required to take the national examination for some professions (medical, engineering, etc.) in Japan.
  5. Exempted from some subjects if foreigners are studying at a junior high school level in Japan.
  6. Foreigners are recognized by Japanese society and can integrate more easily into Japanese society.

These reasons form a very strong foundation that makes the JLPT certificate very important for foreign speakers. If you are one of those above who want to pursue higher education, build a career, and live in Japan for a long time, or even accompany a family living in Japan for a while, Japanese is a necessity.

Then, along with the high quality of life to be achieved both in your own country and in Japan, the JLPT certificate is important and very worth fighting for.

About JLPT in Brisbane

About JLPT in Brisbane - EDOPEN Japan

The JLPT exam is offered in 6 cities in Australia: Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.[4] In each city, the JLPT exam is administered by a local institution trusted by The Japan Foundation. The JLPT exam is usually given 2 times a year, in July and December.

However, in Australia for 2023, the average JLPT exam will be held only once. Only in Canberra, the JLPT exam will be held in July.[4] Meanwhile, in 5 other cities, the JLPT exam will only be held in December.[4] You will need to visit the website of each local institution listed as a test provider in the city where you wish to take the JLPT exam.

For example, if you want to take the JLPT exam in Brisbane, the local institution that hosts the exam is Griffith University. You will need to check their official website below for updated information regarding the holding of the JLPT exam:

To find out more about Griffith University in organizing JLPT and other exams, we have summarized the information below.

About the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Science, Griffith University

The JLPT in Brisbane City is run by Griffith University under the Faculty of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences. The school offers a range of courses from art, drama, Islamic studies, and journalism to linguistics. There are many student exchange activities conducted by the school, one of which is the exchange of its students to Japan.

Many of the school’s graduates have gone on to work all over the world, playing important roles in business and political careers, including in Japan. The school prepares its graduates to succeed in the humanitarian field, a community that equips graduates with a critical mentality and can provide solutions to some of the social problems that exist in today’s society.

Moreover, if you want to find out more about information updates regarding the JLPT exam by Griffith University, please visit the link we provide in the next section. They use official social media to update the latest news regarding the implementation of the JLPT exam.

Address: 170 Kessels Road Nathan, QLD, Australia 4111 (Griffith University – Nathan Campus)
Email: s.natolo@griffith.edu.au (Michelle Natolo)
Telephone: (07) 3735 6754

General Info about the JLPT Exam in Brisbane

General Info about JLPT Exam in Brisbane - EDOPEN Japan

If you are planning to take the JLPT exam in Brisbane, you need to check the latest information released by Griffith University as the organizer of the JLPT exam via the previous link. Broadly speaking, the steps you need to know to prepare for the JLPT exam in Brisbane are as follows:

  1. Always follow the latest information released by the local testing organization (Griffith University).
  2. Set an alert when the JLPT exam registration opens. For the July JLPT exam, registration usually opens in February. If the JLPT exam is in December, registration and related information will be released in July.
  3. There is a quota limit on the number of registrants. Be the first to register as the quota is very limited, there are no extras or waiting lists.
  4. Registration can only be done through the link provided. Registration by contacting Griffith University and others will not work.
  5. Links for registration, test guidance, payment methods, and others will be provided. Use a laptop/PC to access and process all information.

Further, you just need to follow any instructions provided by the institution. Be careful and thorough when filling in all personal information, address, and test location, because if there is an error, the information cannot be changed.

If your registration is successful, you will receive a test voucher no later than 1 month before the JLPT exam by email. Please contact Griffith University if you have any questions or need clarification.

Test Guide and Fees

Before following the instructions to complete the JLPT exam registration process, you must carefully read the test instructions published by the test organizer through the activation link provided. Read and write down important information that you should not miss.

Please note that the JLPT exam is only held in the city of Brisbane in December. If you need to take the JLPT in July, you can only take the JLPT in Canberra. Regarding the test fee for the JLPT exam, here are the fees that you will need to prepare:

JLPT LevelsExam FeeEventbrite Booking Fee
1. JLPT N1$95$6.90
2. JLPT N2$95$6.90
3. JLPT N3$95$6.90
4. JLPT N4$85$6.31
5. JLPT N5$85$6.31

All prices listed above include GST. Eventbrite booking fees are also non-refundable. Specifically for all cities in Australia, complete information regarding the JLPT exam registration process and other information can be found on the Japan Foundation Australia website as follows:

How to Register for the JLPT Exam in Brisbane?

How to Register for the JLPT Exam in Brisbane? - EDOPEN Japan

The following are the steps you will need to take to register for the JLPT in Brisbane. For one reason or another, some steps may be shortened or lengthened. However, in general, these are the steps you will need to take:

  1. Register at the JLPT Australia website (Japan Foundation).
  2. Then, click on a test location to start the application. Links will open in Eventbrite. It is strongly recommended that you use a PC or laptop rather than a phone or tablet.
  3. Read the instructions in the JLPT test guide first. It is also good to see the previous year’s guide if the upcoming test guide has not been published.
  4. After reading the guidelines, prepare all the information and materials that will be uploaded to the application form via the website.
  5. Next, after completing the application form, it’s a good idea to save and print it as proof that you’ve completed all the required forms. Then, don’t forget to save it, and bring it with you to the JLPT test day.

Furthermore, if there are any questions you do not understand, please contact the official host institution appointed in the area where you will be taking the JLPT.

The Important Note

For the registration process to go smoothly, here are the additional important things you need to know:

  1. Please ensure that you do not register for more than one level. Do not select more than one test region.
  2. Remember that once the JLPT exam fee has been paid, there is no refund.
  3. The payment method can only be done by credit card.
  4. After registering, you should also check any voucher or further information about the JLPT test sent to your email address by the host institution. If you cannot find it in your inbox, then surely check the junk or spam folder to avoid any misunderstandings.
  5. If you have a special accommodation request, please contact the local JLPT testing center directly.

If you are requesting special accommodations for people with disabilities, you will need to submit a special form. You will also need to collect documents within the allotted time.

How to Prepare for the JLPT Exam in Brisbane?

How to Prepare for the JLPT Exam in Brisbane? - EDOPEN Japan

To know the technical aspects of the registration process and administration of the JLPT exam, you also need to know how to best prepare for the JLPT exam. In this section, we will provide you with additional options that are also very important.

To prepare for the JLPT exam in the best possible way, you need to take special intensive classes with professional and certified teachers. Apart from that, you will also need to get materials specifically prepared for the JLPT exam.

Furthermore, you can get all this by enrolling in Japanese language and JLPT preparation courses at the best schools in Brisbane. Below are our recommendations for you. Read more about the detailed information we have prepared just for you.

One Way to Boost Your JLPT Score

For those of you who are currently preparing well for the JLPT exam, we also want to share an important tip that you should know to get a high score!

The key is in the practice questions. This is what many JLPT candidates say. Extend the practice questions, practice writing and understanding kanji, practice vocabulary, and do it continuously.

To do this, you need good learning resources to support your JLPT material practice. We have a recommended JLPT practice book for you to use. They are all bestsellers and very popular among JLPT fighters.

In addition, if you are currently fighting for the JLPT Level N2 exam, please read our review below. We have recommended the best JLPT exam preparation books just for you.

Looking for More Information on the JLPT Test?

Looking for More Information on the JLPT Test? - EDOPEN Japan

  1. Is JLPT N3 enough to get a job in Japan?
    Japanese companies typically require a JLPT Japanese language certificate at the N2 level, although some may accept an N3 level certificate if you can communicate fluently during the job interview.
  2. Can you pass JLPT N1 in 3 months?
    The JLPT N1 test is the highest level, indicating a high level of proficiency in both formal and informal Japanese. It is unlikely that someone with no prior knowledge of Japanese would be able to pass the test in just three months, but having a basic understanding of the language would certainly help.
  3. Can I self-study for JLPT N3?
    The JLPT N3 is an intermediate level, which means it is suitable for self-study. However, it is recommended to have a teacher who has already passed the JLPT N3 test.
  4. How many kanji are needed for N3?
    The N3 level is an intermediate level that requires knowledge of approximately 650 kanji characters, as well as a solid understanding of hiragana and katakana.
  5. Is N4 harder than N5?
    Of course, since JLPT N4 is higher than the N5 level, N4 and N5 measure the basic level of Japanese comprehension.
  6. Does JLPT expire?
    JLPT test certificates do not expire, but many Japanese companies and universities require that the certificate be issued within 2 years of the test date. It is recommended to renew your JLPT certificate at least once every 2 years.
  7. Can JLPT, be taken online?
    Currently, the JLPT test is not available online. This means that participants must physically attend the test location in the city of their choice, as designated by the host.


Finally, Here is our review of the JLPT exam in Brisbane, Australia. We hope that the information we share with you will be useful to you. We are also very proud to be a part of your journey to fight for the JLPT exam in Brisbane.

If you have any questions regarding Japanese language study exams, JLPT, and so on, please share them in the comments section. We will also be very happy to hear about your experience in taking the JLPT exam. Thank you for reading this article to the end. See you in the next article.


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