JLPT in Hamburg: Everything You Need to Know

JLPT in Hamburg: Everything You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

Are you currently confused about which is the best place to learn Japanese and prepare for the JLPT exam in Hamburg, Germany? Is it really difficult to find comprehensive information about the JLPT exam in Hamburg? Will the JLPT exam in Hamburg be available in July and December next year?

Further, various questions like the above might be filling your mind right now. Don’t worry, we are here to help you reveal all the important information regarding the holding of the JLPT exam in Hamburg. Everything you need to know about registration procedures, exam times, what you need to prepare, costs, and much more. Everything you need is right here.

Not only that, but be sure to read this article to the end. Because we have a special review for you who want to strengthen your understanding of Japanese and prepare for the JLPT exam, to special tricks on how to get a perfect score on the JLPT exam! All right, let’s start the discussion!

1. About JLPT Test

About JLPT Test - EDOPEN Japan

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or in Japanese 日本語能力試験 is an official Japanese language proficiency test to measure and certify the Japanese language proficiency of foreign speakers.[1] JLPT has been conducted since 1984 under a combination of 2 main organizations: Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES).[2]

History records that in the first year of its implementation, JLPT was held in 15 countries with about 7,000 participants.[1] Then in 2011, the number of JLPT participants increased very significantly to 610,000 participants.[3] By 2017, the number of JLPT participants exceeded 1 million.[4] This number was growing before Covid-19 hit the world.

In addition, JLPT was originally held only once, in December. However, since 2009, JLPT has been offered twice a year, in July and December. Also, in several cities in other parts of the world, the JLPT is currently not certain to be held 2 times. There is only 1 time in a year.

Then, the use of the JLPT up to now has become more diverse, making it very prestigious. Not surprisingly, the Japan Foundation and JEES continue to carry out various innovations and improvements as well as penetration to expand the reach of JLPT participants and to be truly fair to provide equal and more opportunities for students to learn Japanese.

The Benefits of the JLPT Test

Those of you who can pass the JLPT test will look very good on your CV. Especially, if you pass at the N2 and N1 levels. Not only that, more details can be seen in the list below based on the official JLPT website:

  1. Earn points to get preferential treatment when immigrating to Japan. You will be privileged at the Japanese Immigration Session on the condition that JLPT N1 receives 15 points.
    Then, N2 receives 10 points under the “Points-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals”. Individuals with a total of 70 points or more will receive preferential immigration treatment.
  2. One of the requirements for taking the Japanese National Medical Examination. Some medical professionals, such as dentists, nurses, etc. require a JLPT N1 certificate to take this general examination.
  3. One of the requirements for taking the Japanese Prefectural Examination for Nursing Assistants. This certificate is required for those who graduated as nurses to take the local examination in the prefecture where they graduated.
  4. A candidate waving at the accreditation examination for the completion of junior high school education in Japan. Those who hold JLPT N1 or JLPT N2 certificates are exempted from taking the examination for foreign students.
  5. One of the requirements for nurse/nurse practitioner candidates under the EPA. Under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, a JLPT certificate is required for prospective nurses or caregivers from Indonesia, the Philippines (approximately level N5 or higher), and Vietnam (level N3 or higher) who will be visiting Japan.

In addition to the prestigious benefits listed above, you will also receive a promotion, increased salary, and recognition within the company if you are able to pocket the JLPT N1 certificate. Are there any other points that we haven’t mentioned yet? Please let us know what you think!

2. About JLPT Test in Hamburg

About JLPT Test in Hamburg - EDOPEN Japan

The JLPT exam in Germany is only offered in 3 cities: Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, and Hamburg. In 2023, JLPT will be held only 2 times in the city of Duesseldorf. While in the cities of Stuttgart and Hamburg only 1 time. In Stuttgart, the JLPT exam will only be held in December. Meanwhile, in Hamburg, the JLPT exam is only held in July.

In addition, please refer to the official JLPT website below to make sure in which cities and when the JLPT exam will be held:

Please note that the JLPT exam in each city has its own local institution that is trusted by the Japan Foundation. You can find all the important information about the JLPT exam on the website of this local institution.

In addition, the organizer of the JLPT exam in Hamburg is the Universitaet Hamburg. You can access complete information about the JLPT exam by clicking on the link below:

3. General Info about JLPT Test in Hamburg

General Info about JLPT Test in Hamburg - EDOPEN Japan

The JLPT exam in Hamburg will be held in July only for this year 2023. You can refer to the information listed on the University of Hamburg website. The following are the general steps you need to take to apply or register for the JLPT in Hamburg:

  1. Check the University of Hamburg website for the latest information about the JLPT exam in Hamburg.
  2. Be sure to read the information provided and the test guide carefully.
  3. Register by filling out the online registration form.
  4. The JLPT exam in Hamburg is only available in July.
  5. There are only 4 levels of the JLPT exam tested from N4 to N1.

Then, please be careful when registering, as the registration quota is limited. Also, please don’t forget to pay for the JLPT application using the payment method provided. If you encounter any difficulties during the JLPT application process, you may contact the University of Hamburg for further assistance.

4. How to Register for the JLPT Test in Hamburg?

How to Register for the JLPT Test in Hamburg? - EDOPEN Japan

To register for the JLPT on the University of Hamburg website, follow these steps

  1. Visit the University of Hamburg’s website to register for the JLPT.
  2. Carefully read the information provided on the web page and make a note of all the information provided in the linked Test Guide.
  3. Fill in all the information correctly. Always double-check the information you enter before submitting it.
  4. Make sure to pay by the specified method no later than 5 days after registration.
  5. When the payment is received, you will receive an e-mail with the message “Application Completed”.

If you have any difficulties filling in the data and other things, you can contact the University of Hamburg below:
Mr. Benedikt Skowasch
Email: jlpt.aai [at] uni-hamburg.de

Then make sure that the registration fee received is non-refundable for any reason.

5. How to Prepare for the JLPT Test in Hamburg?

How to Prepare for the JLPT Test in Hamburg? - EDOPEN Japan

For those of you who are currently confused and really want to get the best or even perfect score in the JLPT exam, we have a special recommendation for you. You don’t need to worry.

In order to get a good score on the JLPT test, we highly recommend that you take the JLPT Intensive Preparation Course with a professional teacher at a trusted Japanese language school in Hamburg.

However, if you prefer a flexible schedule and study materials tailored to your abilities, private lessons may be a wise choice.

Why is that? Because professional study will really help you prepare more clearly and accurately for the JLPT exam. You will find intensive Japanese preparation courses at various trustworthy Japanese language schools in Hamburg.

One Powerful Way to Boost your JLPT Score

As we said at the beginning, for those of you who really want a perfect JLPT score, we will reveal an additional point.

In addition to attending intensive Japanese language classes with professional teachers and tutors, consistent practice of questions also plays an important role in improving JLPT scores.

Practice questions will help you answer the real JLPT exam quickly and accurately. To help you do more practice questions, we have many book recommendations specifically for practicing JLPT questions.

If you are currently preparing for the JLPT N3 exam, please click on the link below to learn more about our recommendations.


This is the end of the discussion about the JLPT exam in Hamburg, Germany. We really hope that this information will be useful and strengthen your understanding of the JLPT exam in Hamburg.

Moreover, we are very proud to be a part of your journey to fight for the JLPT exam. Please share your JLPT exam experience with us below. Thank you for reading to the end. See you in the next article!


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