5 Most Popular Places to Learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada

5 Most Popular Places to Learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada - EDOPEN Japan

Are you looking for the best place to learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada? Do you struggle to find the top Japanese language program in Calgary? Do you need to be fluent in Japanese to work in a Japanese company? We can help you overcome this obstacle.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 Japanese language learning centers in Calgary that are proven to be trustworthy and effective. They are also very affordable. These 5 places offer a wide range of excellent programs to help you understand Japanese language and culture.

Additionally, we provide information on finding the best Japanese private tutors for those with limited time. Our resources have everything you need. If you’re looking for information on the best places to study Japanese in other Canadian cities, please see our recommended reading below! Okay, let’s get started!

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About Calgary, Canada

About Calgary, Canada - EDOPEN Japan

Being the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada, Calgary is a world-famous ski resort. Calgary is also known as the gateway to The Rocky Mountains of the United States.

Furthermore, there are about 1.3 million people living in Calgary, making it the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. The city is known for being very beautiful and surrounded by very natural and unspoiled natural resources.

In addition, Calgary’s economy is based on the petroleum industry, agriculture, and tourism. Specifically, in the petroleum field, it is estimated that Calgary has the second-largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. Calgary is also home to the headquarters of most of the world’s oil companies.

The Texas of Canada

Calgary is often referred to as the “Texas of Canada” because of its proud “cowboy” tradition and large oil industry.

On the tourism front, Calgary is also very famous with the “Stampede” being a major attraction for travelers from all over the world. This celebration of cowboys showing off their skills is a huge celebration in downtown Calgary.

Moreover, during this time, airfares, hotels, restaurants, and tour packages become very expensive and full. The whole city, even stops its activities to welcome and contribute to this celebration.

Then let’s mention the next unique fact. The city, which is characterized by its grasslands, is known for its sunny weather even in winter. The climate is dry with low humidity and warm, making it a very pleasant place to live. If you want to enjoy the summer in Calgary, come in July or August.

Indeed, August is regarded as the month with the most pleasant weather in Calgary. This 4-season country is also known to be the warmest compared to other parts of Canada.

Amazingly, Calgary’s population is very diverse. Apparently, the Filipino, Indian and Chinese communities make up a large population in the city.

Speaking of culture, Calgary is very proud of its country music tradition. If you decide to settle in Calgary, you’ll be hearing it in every corner of the city.

5 Most Popular Places to Learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada

5 Most Popular Places to Learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada - EDOPEN Japan

Here we would like to present to you in detail the 5 greatest and most reliable places to learn Japanese in Calgary. We truly hope that you will find this information valuable. We wish you to find the best option you’ve been looking for!

1. The PonPon Japanese School

The PonPon Japanese School was founded by a couple from Japan and Canada, Ritomo and Mandy. This school provides an explorative learning experience through a detailed supervision system, students will be guided and observed. So that, students’ growth in understanding the subject matter provided will be monitored.

In addition, PonPon Japanese School is very popular with students. Because it is based on the online method of learning that is adjusted to the level of each student.

Lessons will be given to students with open materials provided for free that can be accessed at any time. This school will provide complete materials to train students’ reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The following programs are available at this school:

1. Private LessonsAvailable for beginners to intermediate learners$30-$150
2. Group LessonsSmall group size for ages 15-18 years old$13
3. Custom PlanYou are able to request your own, personalized lessons*contact for details

Also, there will be a special time, teachers will focus purely on speaking, listening, and conversation skills with students. Teachers will emphasize modern, natural, professional, and functional Japanese instead of textbooks.

Address: 8824 47 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2A4, Canada
Recruitment Term: Always Available
Number of Instructors: 2
Capacity: Small Group

2. Calgary Japanese Language School

Calgary Japanese Language School was founded in 1975 by three native Japanese academics. The school started with 60 students with strong support from the Consulate General of Japan in Edmonton, the Alberta Government, the Calgary Board of Education, and Queen Elizabeth High School.

Then, in the 1980s, the school opened its doors to non-Japanese students and in the same year, there was a drastic increase in student enrollment.

Not only is the language taught, but culture and compassion are emphasized among school members as the school is a close-knit community.

In addition, class times are held once a week with a complete package of speaking, listening, writing, and reading taught to children and adults. The following are the available programs:

1. Heritage Japanese Courses
Best for students at the ages of 5 to learn Japanese basics
2. Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) CoursesThe courses that teach Japanese as a foreign language with English may include in the instruction
3. Adults ClassesBest for students at ages 18 years old and older

There are also many cultural events that students will get at this school. It is officially recorded that more than 300 students enrolled and graduated in mid-2013 from this school.

Address: Queen Elizabeth Jr. & Sr. High School, 512-18th Street, N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 2G5
Recruitment Term: Every Month
Number of Instructors: –
Capacity: >7

3. Calgary Japanese Community Association (CJCA)

The Calgary Japanese Community Association (CJCA) is a mixed community of native Japanese and Canadians. The association encourages and promotes the Japanese heritage, culture, and legacy to all Canadians.

At CJCA, you won’t find rigid classes, one-sided teachers, or monotonous activities. Here you will learn about Japanese culture through hands-on activities in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

This community hopes that by using warm and friendly methods you will fit in more easily and understand how Japanese is spoken naturally by the Japanese themselves.

Furthermore, you will be equipped and supported by native Japanese teachers. They surely will help you to improve your listening skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, and writing in katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

In particular, classes take place only once a week on Saturdays from 10 am-12 pm. Please note that this class is only for people over 18 years old, if you are under 18 it is better to check with the relevant parties.

In addition to learning Japanese, there are many other activities organized by CJCA to make your day less boring.

Address: 2236 29 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 2K2
Recruitment Term: Contact for Details
Number of Instructors: 1
Capacity: Group

4. Berlitz Language School, Calgary

Established by Maximilian Berlitz, Berlitz is one of the oldest and largest language companies in continental Europe. With more than 140 years of experience helping students gain the language skills, cultural understanding, and confidence to open a world of opportunity and enrichment.

Further, 3 important methodological elements that Berlitz uses to teach its students languages are emphasis on immersion, objective, presentation, practice, and performance.

In addition, Berlitz is very aware of its students’ goals, abilities, readiness, and situation, hence Berlitz’s friendly approach. The following programs are available:

1. Learn Japanese OnlineAvailable for private and group online classes
2. In-person Japanese ClassesAvailable for adults, kids, and business

Located in the city of Calgary, the school has facilities that support the teaching and learning process with 6 air-conditioned classrooms, free Wi-Fi, and a language center that is wheelchair accessible for the disabled.

Course options can also be private and grouped, offline and online, all tailored to the student’s needs and available for children, adults, and companies.

Address: 407 2nd Street SW, Suite 300 Calgary, AB Alberta T2P 2Y3
Recruitment Term: Available Anytime
Number of Instructors: –
Capacity: Private or Group

5. Japanese Youth Access Calgary – Japanese Conversational Class

If you want to practice Japanese conversation in a relaxed environment, consider signing up for Nihongo Time, a conversation class provided by Japanese Youth Access Calgary.

This class offers opportunities to improve your listening, speaking, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills through various activities. It is also affordable. For more information, please click the link below.

Address: Calgary Nikkei Cultural & Senior Centre, 2236 – 29th Street SW, Calgary
Recruitment Term: Available Anytime
Number of Instructors: –
Capacity: group

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Calgary?

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Calgary? - EDOPEN Japan

The above are our recommendations for 5 places to learn Japanese in Calgary, Canada. Then, we would like to give you another important option.

Besides, this special option will be very convenient for those of you who have time restrictions. Furthermore, you can still get Japanese lessons from native Japanese speakers in Malaysia.

You can also get the best tutors based on evaluations and prior students who will help you from the very beginning.

Now, how do you find the best Japanese tutors in Calgary? We highly recommend you visit Super Prof, Amazing Tutors, and other sites.

We will also be happy to help you find the best way to learn Japanese. Please always remember to follow the most thorough and reliable information we provide here. We will try to give you the best.

And we look forward to being a part of your great journey to master Japanese and pass the highest level JLPT in Calgary!

Looking for More Information about Learning Japanese in Calgary, Canada?

Looking for More Information about Learning Japanese in Calgary, Canada? - EDOPEN Japan

  1. How long does it take to learn Japanese fluently?
    According to experts, it takes a minimum of 3-6 months to achieve a beginner’s level of Japanese and at least 3 years to become fluent like a native speaker. However, the time required to achieve fluency depends on your commitment to consistent daily learning.
  2. Where should I start if I want to learn Japanese?
    To begin learning Japanese, it is essential to first understand hiragana. Hiragana serves as the foundation for reading kanji, vocabulary, and sentences. It is used more frequently than katakana in the Japanese language.
  3. How many years do you need to learn Japanese?
    The time required to reach a certain level of Japanese proficiency depends on the level you want to achieve and the amount of time you can dedicate to studying each day. To master Japanese level N1, it takes at least 2600 hours of serious study. Experts suggest that it will take at least three years to achieve a level of proficiency similar to that of a native Japanese speaker.
  4. Can I learn Japanese by myself?
    Yes, you can learn Japanese using various sources. Please read: 10 Best Ways to How to Learn Japanese Online for FREE and Top 10 Free Apps for Japanese Learning.
  5. Is 2 Years enough to learn Japanese?
    Experts suggest that it takes at least three years to achieve fluency comparable to that of a native Japanese speaker. However, with daily intensive study, it is possible to reach this level of fluency within two years.
  6. Is Japanese difficult to learn?
    Japanese does have a different writing system compared to the alphabet. Not only that, the number of kanji which is also more than 2000 certainly takes time for anyone to understand. Therefore, Japanese is one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers.
  7. What is the most efficient way to learn Japanese?
    Please refer to this for information: How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in Japanese?, 10 Steps How to Learn Japanese for Beginners and 10 Great Ways on How to Speak Japanese Fluently
  8. Is Duolingo good to learn Japanese?
    According to our research, Duolingo is an excellent tool for learning basic Japanese in an enjoyable way. However, it may not be sufficient for more advanced learners. Please refer to the following information: Duolingo Japanese Review.
  9. How many hours a day should I practice Japanese?
    To make rapid and thorough progress in learning Japanese, aim to study for at least two hours per day. As you become more comfortable with the language, you may consider gradually increasing your study time to four, six, or even eight hours per day, similar to the intensive Japanese language classes offered at formal language schools.
  10. Can I learn hiragana and katakana in a week?
    There are 46 hiragana and 46 katakana characters in total. Yes, you can master hiragana and katakana in a week! To achieve this goal, aim to study and master 15 letters per day. By consistently following this approach, you will be able to achieve your target within a week.


Last but not least, these are the 5 most reliable and trusted places to learn Japanese in Calgary that we would like to recommend. Furthermore, do you have any experience learning Japanese in any of the places we have mentioned above? Please share your experience with us below.

School NameAvailable Courses
1. The PonPon Japanese SchoolPrivate, Group and Custom
2. Calgary Japanese Language SchoolHeritage Japanese Courses, Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) Courses and Japanese for Adults
3. Calgary Japanese Community Association (CJCA)Contact for details
4. Berlitz Language School, CalgaryLearn Japanese Online, In-person Japanese Classes
5. Japanese Youth Access CalgaryJapanese Conversational Class only

At very last, we do sincerely hope that this information will be a helpful reference for you in finding the best places to learn Japanese in Calgary. In addition, if you need more information about learning Japanese, please feel free to contact us anytime here.

And we will see you in the future! Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day and keep your spirit on learning Japanese.


Representative Director of Reboot Japan Co., Ltd., which operates EDOPEN JAPAN. Founded the company in 2018, which provides Japanese language education and assistance for studying in Japan. Started the company after living with international students at a Japanese language school. He enjoys learning about new people and cultures and has lived in Australia and Malaysia. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University.