5 Great Places to Learn Japanese in Auckland

5 Best Places to Learn Japanese in Auckland, New Zealand

Are you looking for the perfect and reputable place to learn Japanese in Auckland? Do you find it hard to find the best Japanese language courses in Auckland? Do you also want to work in a Japanese company and being able to speak fluent Japanese is something you need? We are right here, for you to help you crack this problem.

Therefore, just for you, we have compiled the top 5 best places that are the best and most trusted Japanese language learning centers in Auckland. Of course, the prices are very affordable and the schedules won’t be a burden on your busy schedule.

Additionally, with a long history and an ever-evolving system, these 5 places also provide a wide range of excellent programs that are very useful for you in understanding the Japanese language and culture. These 5 places should be on your list.

In addition, we also have the information you need to find the best Japanese tutors in Auckland. This is the perfect option for those of you who don’t have much time. Everything you need and are looking for is here. Okay, let’s begin!

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About Auckland, New Zealand

The population of approximately 1.4 million (June 2022) makes Auckland the most populous metropolitan city in New Zealand. Auckland encompasses several islands in Hauraki Bay and remote rural areas. Further, as the fifth-largest city in Oceania, Auckland is also known for being very pluralistic, with a rich mix of European and Asian cultures. Coupled with its natural wealth and beautiful geography, Auckland has a special appeal to overseas travelers.[1]

Geographically, Auckland is surrounded by the Hunua Mountains in the southeast, Hauraki Bay in the east, the Waitākere Mountains, and several other mountains in the west. Today, Auckland has become a major economic center in New Zealand.[2] Despite its reputation as an expensive city, Auckland is also highly ranked as the most livable and convenient city, according to the 2021 Global Liveability Ranking by The Economist.

Moreover, the three major ethnic groups that have settled in Auckland are Chinese, Indian, and English. Although historically, most of Auckland’s population has been of European origin. However, the proportion of the Asian population is increasing and surpassing the European population.

Additionally, Auckland is also well known for being home to the largest ethnic Polynesian population of any city in the world. With a large population of Pacific Islanders and indigenous Māori.[3]

Further, the comfortable and wonderfully mild climate, countless recreational facilities, excellent quality of education, and abundant employment opportunities make Auckland a hotspot. However, the high cost of housing and the poor state of public transportation has also led to criticism of the city.

Are you interested in studying the Japanese language and culture in Auckland, New Zealand? Or are you preparing for a trip to Japan and need basic skills to be able to communicate seamlessly in Japan? The 5 best places we recommend in this article are the answer for you.

5 Best Places to Learn Japanese in Auckland, NZ

5 Best Places to Learn Japanese in Auckland, NZ - EDOPEN Japan

Here are the 5 Best Places to Learn Japanese in Auckland, NZ that you are looking for! Hope you can find what suits you best!

1. Auckland Japanese Tutor

If you are looking for a guaranteed private Japanese course with high-flying tutors, degrees in education, native Japanese, and experience in educating hundreds of students in Auckland, then ‘Auckland Japanese Tutor’ is a must for your future career improvement bucket list. 

Furthermore, Auckland Japanese Tutor, founded by Ms. Ayana Okamoto, was originally from Kanagawa with a degree in education. Before moving to New Zealand, she taught Japanese and helped hundreds of students who were enthusiastic about Japanese. The following is the available course:

1. Zoom LessonsWeekly Best for anyone who wants to take the lesson from home
2. In-person LessonsWeeklyPrivate tutoring lesson
3. JLPT Exam PreparationMore IntensiveBest for anyone who aims to pass JLPT
4. Online Video CoursesNo Time LimitSuitable for anyone who wants to learn in a flexible time

In terms of price, you can take any of the courses listed above and the cost ranges from $65/week for the cheapest to $1440 for the more intensive plan.

Additionally, after decades of experience in teaching Japanese to foreigners, Ms. Ayana knows the right techniques to deliver Japanese easily and happily to her students. She greatly created A clear road map to help you pass your JLPT exams.

Ms. Ayana is ready to guide and assist you specifically in monitoring your learning progress. After each class, you will get additional assignments to increase your learning speed.

Luckily, you don’t need to buy books for lessons, because you will be provided with learning materials for free, the course venue is also very convenient and strategically right near Glenfield on Auckland’s North Shore, shopping, and has free parking.

Address: Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Recruitment Term: Always Available
Number of Instructors: 1
Capacity: Private or Group

2. Japanese Tutor NZ

Amid the boom of online learning methods, this course is held by very experienced tutors in teaching Japanese through online methods. Either through Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom, and of course with flexible time. 

Moreover, Japanese Tutor NZ is led by Ms. Rie. She is a Japanese-born who has over 12 years of experience teaching Japanese to both Japanese and foreigners of all ages.

Plus, a local New Zealand teacher, Ms. Emma, has taught over 1000 students in Japan (English). Ms. Emma also has a Japanese Language Teaching Certificate (for foreign speakers) from the Osaka Japanese Language Center. The following is the available course:

1. Google Meet or Zoom Video Call LessonsThe flexible lessons via online
2. In-person LessonsWeekly lesson on-site
3. NCEA Level and JLPT Exam Special help to pass the NCEA Exam Preparation, Homework, and JLPT Exam

With each class lasting only 55 minutes. Also, with the added supervision and guidance of the teacher who will email a summary of each meeting of the student. You will also get homework to enhance your understanding. Regarding fees, please contact them further.

In addition, this course offers the advantages of fully customized lessons based on the student’s needs and time convenience. The curriculum is designed based on the student’s character and basic knowledge of Japanese. Moreover, the course is highly experienced and specializes in assisting students with JLPT test preparation as well.

Address: Auckland, New Zealand
Recruitment Term: Always Available
Number of Instructors: 2
Capacity: Private or Group

3. Language Hub NZ

This language institute is very large and well-known in New Zealand. 11 foreign languages are on the menu for students to choose from, one of which is Japanese. Further, this institution is very experienced in providing native teachers for each language course, emphasizing interactive patterns in closeness with students. The following are available classes:

1. Private Class$60/lessonBest for beginner-level
2. Online Classes$38/ weekBest for anyone who wants to get an online small class
3. In-Company classes
Contact for detailsIndividual and group in-company are available

Moreover, the method of learning provided at this institution is that the teacher will only speak in Japanese. This is intended so that students will remember deeply and strongly about the Japanese language taught by their teacher. In addition, the classes start from 10 am to 8 pm. You can then adjust according to the needs of each student.

Address: Wellesley Street West, Auckland, New Zealand
Recruitment Term: Contact for Details
Number of Instructors: 3 (Native)
Capacity: Group

4. New Zealand-Japan Society of Auckland

This is one of the oldest Japanese societies in New Zealand. Founded in 1960 to bridge bilateral relations between Japan and New Zealand. With the mission of introducing Japanese culture to New Zealanders, the society also teaches Japanese to anyone interested.

Furthermore, the society has 3 club interests such as the Japanese Tea Ceremony Club, Japanese Lessons, and Taiko Drumming Group. For Japanese classes, this course accepts all levels from beginner to advanced. The available course of Japanese courses follows:

1. Beginners$300/term + $32 (membership fee)10 weeks (1 term)
2. Pre-Intermediate$300/term + $32 (membership fee)10 weeks (1 term)
3. Intermediate$300/term + $32 (membership fee)10 weeks (1 term)
4. Advanced$300/term + $32 (membership fee)10 weeks (1 term)

Furthermore, the classes are held from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm with a duration of 1-2 hours per class. You will also get a total of 10 weeks of meetings. Then, you only need to pay $300.

5. Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

This language institute has been established for over 100 years, since 1922. The school actively serves the teaching of languages funded by the state, one of which is Japanese. Te kura school is very flexible in terms of time and place. All can be adjusted to the needs and situation of each student. Furthermore, the teachers are very easy to communicate with. The following is the available course:

1. Beginners’ JapaneseLevels 1 to 5Best for anyone who only has a limited basis of Japanese
2. NCEA Level 1Basic to Intermediate LevelsPrior ability to read and write hiragana and katakana are essential for this course
3. NCEA Level 2Intermediate The Prior mastery of NCEA level 1 is essential for this course
4. NCEA Level 3Intermediate to AdvancePrior mastery of NCEA level 2 is essential for this course

According to New Zealand government regulations, there is no registration fee. It will be free if you are between 16-19 years old. Moreover, you will only be charged a little if you pass the age limit of 19 years. This school will also not impose financial burdens on students who have strong intentions in learning.

Address: 11 Portland Crescent, Thorndon, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Recruitment Term: Contact for Details
Number of Instructors: Approx. 300
Capacity: Private or Group

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Auckland?

How to Find the Best Japanese Language Tutors in Auckland? - EDOPEN Japan

Those are the 5 places we highly recommend for you to learn Japanese in Auckland. Then, we also want to give you another important option that you should not miss. This particular option will be very helpful for those of you who only have limited time. Moreover, you can still learn the Japanese language with native Japanese speakers in Auckland.

Then, based on ratings and alumni, you can also get the best tutor who will help you even from scratch. After all, how can you find the best Japanese tutors in Auckland? We suggest you find them at Preply, Varsity Tutors, and a few other places.

In addition, we would also be very happy to help you find the best way for you to master Japanese. Don’t forget to always follow the most comprehensive and reliable information we have shared here. We will always give you the best. We are thrilled to be part of your big journey to master Japanese and pass the highest level JLPT in Auckland!

Learn Japanese in Auckland Free and Online

Learn Japanese in Auckland Free and Online - EDOPEN Japan

Students naturally want to learn Japanese at an affordable cost or even for free, and with the convenience of an online system. Below, we have summarized several schools and communities that offer such facilities.

Japanese SchoolOnlineFree or Paid
1. Auckland Japanese TutorAvailablePaid
2. Japanese Tutor NZAvailablePaid
3. Language Hub NZAvailablePaid
4. New Zealand-Japan Society of AucklandUnavailablePaid
5. Te Aho o Te Kura PounamuUnavailableFree for 16-19 years old
6. Embassy of Japan in New ZealandUnavailableFree

Looking for More Information on Learning Japanese?

Looking for More Information on Learning Japanese? - EDOPEN Japan

  1. Which institute is best for learning Japanese?
    Of course, the best is everyone’s perception, but we are here to provide references to the best Japanese language schools in every part of the world that can be the right choice according to your learning goals, please explore our website and you will find a comprehensive selection of references.
  2. What are the best places to learn Japanese?

    The best place is very diverse, as well as the media that students will use in learning Japanese, but we confidently say that the best place to learn Japanese is to enroll in a Japanese language school with native teachers and if possible enroll in a Japanese language school in one of the cities in Japan is the best place and way to learn Japanese.
  3. Where should I start if I want to learn Japanese?

    Enroll in a Japanese language school near you to take the first systematic step toward learning Japanese. Enjoy lessons that incorporate various aspects of Japanese culture, such as manga, JPOP, or anime. This is a fun way for many independent learners to start learning Japanese.
  4. What is the most efficient way to learn Japanese?

    Studying at a Japanese language school is the most efficient method in today’s digital era. It is very different from self-study, which lacks a systematic approach and a proper learning spirit.
  5. Is 3 months enough to learn Japanese?

    It takes years to become proficient in Japanese, so three months is only enough time to become familiar with the language. While it may be sufficient for temporary travel, such as sightseeing, it is not enough to learn the language.
  6. Is 30 minutes a day enough to learn Japanese?

    The average duration of a Japanese language class at a language school is 1-1.5 hours per session. However, consistent daily sessions of 30 minutes with an experienced Japanese teacher can also be sufficient to learn Japanese.
  7. How long will it take to learn Japanese fluently?

    Japanese language schools typically offer programs for JLPT N2 level proficiency that last around 2 years. It usually takes 2-3 years to become fluent in Japanese.
  8. Can I learn Japanese in 5 months?

    It is suitable for beginner-level students with no prior knowledge of the Japanese language. In 5 months, students can master hiragana and katakana and be able to speak simple conversations in common Japanese situations, such as shopping, asking for public facilities, traveling out, or eating in a Japanese restaurant.
  9. Is it possible to learn Japanese by yourself?

    The biggest challenge of working independently is the freedom and lack of supervision, judgment, and monitoring.
  10. Is Duolingo good to learn Japanese?
    Duolingo is a useful tool for beginners, but may not be suitable for those seeking more serious language learning due to some errors, such as inaccurate Japanese pronunciation. However, it can help students gauge their progress with its testing features.


Last but not least, these are the 5 best, most reliable, and most trustworthy places that we highly recommend for you to learn Japanese in Auckland, New Zealand. Further, do you also have experience learning Japanese at any of the places we mentioned above? Please share your experience with us below.

School NameCourses
1. Auckland Japanese TutorZoom Lessons, In-person Lessons, JLPT Preparations, and Online Video
2. Japanese Tutor NZGoogle Meet or Zoom Video Call Lessons, In-person, NCEA and JLPT Exam
3. Language Hub NZPrivate, Online and In-company
4. New Zealand-Japan Society of AucklandBeginners, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced
5. Te Aho o Te Kura PounamuBeginners and NCEA levels 1 to 3

As a final addition to this article, we sincerely hope that this information will be a useful reference for you to find the best Japanese language learning places in Auckland. Please also contact us anytime if you need more information about learning Japanese, here.

See you in the next article! Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day and keep up the good work in learning Japanese.


[1]statista.com. New Zealand: The largest cities. Retrieved 21 December 2023.
[2]peakvisor.com. Auckland. Retrieved 21 December 2023.
[3]newworldencyclopedia.org. Auckland, New Zealand. Retrieved 21 December 2023.


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