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Nihon Kogakuin College


Since the 1950s, the Japanese economy has experienced great growth. Then, in 2021, Japan has been ranked third in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product (GDP). Also, the fourth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). Furthermore, Japan has another advantage: it’s the most innovative country in the world. These factors make Japan a desirable country for young people around the world to study and also to pursue professional careers in Japan.

On the other hand, the Japanese government itself supports the existence of vocational schools. These can be a place where innovations in the telecommunications, information, and also automotive industries are created. Further, the opportunity to attend a Japanese vocational school opens a special path to a professional career in Japan. And of course, this opportunity is also open to foreign students.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the famous vocational schools in Tokyo. The school also has a Japanese language school. This school is called Nihon Kogakuin College. What’re the advantages of this school? Next, please read more in this article.

1. About Nihon Kogakuin College

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Nihon Kogakuin College with the motto “try to make your dreams come true” will support your dream of doing what you love! Also, to earn a living with the standard of Japanese expertise known throughout the world. For more than 75 years, since 1947, this integrated college has been training professionals as well as offering an industrial education. The college will help you to build your dreams. Of course, depending on the field you are interested in for the future.

Furthermore, Nihon Kogakuin College consists of 34 departments in 6 colleges overall. Further, the college provides 103 specialized courses. This school was founded with a passion to satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

Moreover, the facilities and faculty at this school are spectacular! Both of which go beyond the normal level of a technical college. The school is ready to help students find jobs as well as improve their skills. In order to promote bright futures for all students who are passionate about technology and Japanese culture. Moreover, there is also a Japanese language school to help international students learn the Japanese language. Therefore, before the students enter the world of real learning, they should be able to integrate into the learning situation and environment on the Japanese campus itself with this Japanese language preparatory school.

2. College Location

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As mentioned earlier, this specialized school has a Kamata campus in southern Tokyo and a Hachioji campus in western Tokyo. Tokyo is the most famous city in Asia. It’s also, one of the largest cities in the world. Furthermore, more than 13 million people live here. This Japanese district is an icon of history and pop culture. Also, Tokyo is amazingly clean. You’d be surprised how trash and graffiti-free this city is. Public transportation is also very good. Trains and buses are usually the transportation of choice as well. So, it makes a lot of sense to make this city your first choice for an extended stay and study.

(1) Kamata Campus

The large-scale Kamata campus is located near Kamata Station in central Tokyo. This campus has the most advanced facilities with state-of-the-art learning materials for internships and a relaxed environment. Further, the new Kamata Campus with a new tower was completed in March 2010. The new 20-story tower with a basement has a lecture hall with seating for about 600 people and an Internet lounge with a ubiquitous information environment. This campus also provides students with an unparalleled modern learning environment.

(2) Hachioji Campus

The large campus is located in the suburbs of the picturesque city of Hachioji, which is known as an academic city. All the facilities on campus, including state-of-the-art learning facilities, sports facilities, and social amenities, far exceed your expectations of the standard of a technical college. The campus is also an internationally known filming location for TV dramas, commercials, as well as movies.

(3) Hokkaido Campus

Nihon Kogakuin College also has a campus in Hokkaido. This campus is named Nihon Kogakuin Hokkaido Vocational School. This is a school that “creates a prosperous future.” Here, students from each region study in various fields and learn every day on the campus, which is surrounded by nature. In addition, this campus is a comprehensive vocational school with 10 departments on a campus surrounded by nature. These departments are the IT professional department, information processing department, CG designer department, and many more.

3. Student Demographics

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In Japan, young Japanese students aren’t interested in engineering and technology. Therefore, the industry is suffering from a labor shortage in IT and engineering. This is why foreign students are so important. Companies are also interested in foreign professionals in these fields. The college deeply understands this situation. Currently, the school has about 550 international students. Further, 80% of the international students are from South Korea and Taiwan. Then, the other students come from 20 countries around the world, such as China, Thailand, and other countries.

4. College Features

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(1) A Very Comprehensive Vocational School

Nihon Kogakuin College has successfully developed into one of the most famous leading and integrated technical schools. One of the advantages of this school is that it’s a very diverse class. Starting from classes for creators, design, IT, engineering, and even health. There are 34 departments distributed in 6 colleges, namely Creators College, Design College, Music College, IT College, Technology College, and Sports and Medical College. Graduates of this college have worked and contributed to various prestigious companies in Japan.

(2) Undoubted Professional Experience

With more than 75 years of experience, the contribution of this college is undeniable. Not only Japanese students but also more than 550 international students study at this integrated technical college. For those of you who’re serious about a professional career, this college would be the right answer.

5. College Services

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The Nihon Kogakuin College provides a variety of services. The college offers complete facilities to support teaching and learning activities for its students. Next, please take a look at some of the following points.

1. Entrance Fee WaiverThose who have obtained the Japanese Language School Completion Certificate and have been admitted to the sister schools will have their admission and selection fees waived.
2. Commuter ticketsThere’s a special discount for students on their commuter tickets.
3. Comprehensive subjectsThere are more than 100 subjects in total as a bridge to make every student’s dream to pursue a professional career come true.
4. Transfer to Tokyo University of TechnologyStudents who graduate from Nihon Kogakuin College can transfer to Tokyo University of Technology if they wish to continue their higher education.
5. Intercultural interaction with Japanese studentsThe college offers a rich environment full of opportunities to use and apply your new Japanese skills for intercultural communication and building international friendships.
6. Cooperation and supportYou can get collaborations and support from leading Japanese companies. As a result, graduates are more efficient and have a good chance of finding a job.
7. AccommodationAffordable accommodation for living and studying in Tokyo.
8. Convenient accessThe school is located in a convenient place as well as the center of the study area in Kamata and Hachioji.
9. Free Wi-FiFree Internet access for everyone.
10. English speaking staffThe staff will sincerely help you to live and study conveniently in Tokyo.

Additionally, the college has a very international environment, strong communities, advanced buildings as well as facilities, and many more. Surely, you will study conveniently in this great college.

6. Courses

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Nihon Kogakuin College has 6 integrated colleges, 34 departments, and 103 specialized fields. Each college is in turn divided into different departments and courses. Please see the list below and click for more information.

(1) Creators College

Creators College is an integrated technical college for training professional artists and creatives in broadcasting, TV, film, voice acting, manga, anime, gaming, and CG. Students can learn directly from leading professionals in their field through a variety of hands-on courses in state-of-the-art facilities.

(2) Design College

Design College is an integrated design college for training highly regarded designers in graphic design, web design, interior design, as well as product design.

(3) Music College

The Music College is an integrated music college for the training of highly respected artists and staff in the fields of singing, music, recording, dance, and concert.

(4) IT College

IT College is an integrated IT industrial-technical college that trains highly regarded systems engineers, programmers, software developers, and network technicians.

(5) Technology College

The Technology College is an integrated engineering college that trains professionals with indigenous skills in robotics, electronics, electrical engineering, vehicle mechanics, biotechnology, architecture, and CAD.

(6) Sports and Medical College

The college is named the Tokyo Hachioji Sports & Medical College. This college is suitable for those who work in sports. This college combines the health department and the sports department, which are very closely related to each other.

In addition, to get more information about the other details of other courses, please click the following button! Also, we hope you get the useful info that you needed.

7. Course Expenses

First of all, you need to know that course costs vary depending on the subject area. Also, you should read the list below and take note of the fees for admission to graduation. This includes admission fees, tuition, and other costs. The following is an example of the cost of the Broadcasting Arts Department (Creators College):

  • Admission fee: 200,000 JPY
  • Tuition fee for the 1st semester: 610,000 JPY
  • Other expenses: 15,690 JPY (insurance, campus magazine fee, alumni association fee).
  • Tuition fee for the 2nd semester: 610,000 JPY
  • The total amount for the first year: 1,435,690 JPY
  • The total amount for the 2nd year: 1,250,000 JPY
  • Total payments until graduation: 2,685,690 JPY
  • Textbooks, teaching materials, etc., at the time of admission: approx. 95,000 JPY

Additionally, to get more information about the other details of the course expenses we have informed here. As well as the other details of the other departments, please click the following button! Also, we hope you get the useful info that you needed.

8. Reviews

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According to some of the information, we have collected, the Nihon Kogakuin College has received a rating of 4 stars and above. What are the advantages of this school? The reviewers have mentioned the following points:

  • Teachers and staff are professional, supportive, and super kind.
  • The exhibition is very great.
  • The school facilities are great, clean, and convenient for study.

Furthermore, what do you think about it? Do you have any experience learning Japanese also the other course at this college? In addition, we would be very happy if you would share your review directly with us. Please leave your feedback in the comment column below.


In conclusion, I would like to ask you to review some of the above points. Please let us know what you think of the information presented. We are also very happy to receive any comments. As well as the suggestions for our next improvements. Hope you get useful insight about the Nihon Kogakuin College.

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