Nagoya International Academy (NIA) | A-Z Important Features You Need to Know

Nagoya International Academy (NIA)


As we already know, Japan is the country that’s the third-largest economy after America and China. Further, to make a career in Japan, mastering the Japanese language is essential. If you know Japanese, you can also increase your job opportunities. In addition, we all know that Japan has world-class companies that dominate many industries. Making a career in Japan is the dream of many young people.

Moreover, Nagoya is one of the three major urban centers in Japan. Then, there are 2.26 million people living in this city with a breathtaking natural landscape. Living and pursuing a career in Nagoya could be a great lifestyle for you as well. Especially, for those who want to study and also to pursue a career in the manufacturing, automotive, and robotics industries.

However, Japanese is the key to your way to catch up. Therefore, in this article, we’ll introduce one of the Japanese language academies that’s of very good quality. This academy is one of the excellent academies and also, it is in great demand among foreign students. Please read the whole article here.

1. About Nagoya International Academy

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The Academy accepts students from all over the world. Here, the student can learn Japanese together with the other students from different countries. The school also offers short-term courses and evening classes. In addition, the Academy has a maximum capacity of 100 students. Specifically, the limited capacity ensures exceptional teaching quality in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Again, in order to improve your Japanese language skills, it’s important to understand Japanese culture and customs intensively.

Moreover, Nagoya International Academy supports the development of youth and strives for mutual understanding. Additionally, the family atmosphere of the Nagoya International Academy helps students build genuine and closer relationships with each other, teachers, and school staff. The school’s goal is to cultivate valuable human resources who can play an active role in Japanese society, bring diversity, and expand mindsets.

On the other hand, with the above statements in mind, the school doesn’t rely solely on textbooks, but focuses on teaching how to apply the expressions learned in real-life situations. In addition, the school is committed to teaching proper social etiquette and strategies to improve communication skills. In addition to classroom instruction, extracurricular activities are integrated into the curriculum to help apply what’s learned in real life.

There are also in-class speech contests and debates in Japanese. By listening to classmates from other countries, students gain knowledge about other cultures and develop the “power of compassion” and communication skills that lead to better mutual understanding. Nagoya International Academy supports its students throughout the learning process and helps them achieve their goals and realize their dreams. In addition to language instruction, the school also helps its students find part-time jobs and provides assistance with all other aspects of their lives in Japan.

2. Academy Location

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Nagoya International Academy is located in Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya. This regional center, the birthplace of Japan’s greatest warriors, has much to offer. Its location in the center of Japan makes it easy to reach Nagoya from almost anywhere in the country. From Tokyo, the Shinkansen train takes only one hour and 45 minutes, and from Kyoto, it takes only 40 minutes. Nagoya is the third-largest city in Japan.

Additionally, the city is famous for having close ties to three of the most famous samurai in history. It’s also the city of the automobile industry, where the origin of the giant Japanese automobile company Toyota Motors is located. There are many nice retail stores and restaurants where you can try the delicacies of the city without leaving the station.

Furthermore, Nagoya is known for its tasty cuisine, and all around the station area, you’ll find great restaurants and a city that’s been growing rapidly lately. Enough with the beauty of Nagoya city, which will make you feel at home for a long time as well as to focus on learning the Japanese language.

3. Student Demographics

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Nagoya International Academy has a lot of international students, and the diversity of this school is very diverse. Therefore, this will make your mind open and have an international mindset that will develop you in association with problem-solving internationally. In the next part, please see the composition of the distribution of students below:

  • Nepal: 20%
  • Thailand: 20%
  • China and Malaysia: 20%
  • Latin America and Europe: 30%
  • Other Countries: 10%

4. Academy Main Features

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What are the great features of the Nagoya International Academy? Next, please take a look at some of the points listed below.

(1) Not limited to textbooks

The materials used in class are chosen according to the student’s preferences. However, the textbooks serve as a reference for vocabulary, grammar, expressions, etc., used in class. To apply and expand what you’ve learned in various practical situations, teachers provide worksheets, task sheets, as well as other materials. Also, you will have the opportunity to practice your Japanese in practical classes.

(2) Japanese as a means of communication

Not only give you lessons but also ask you to participate positively in class. The knowledge of Japanese in your brain is worthless if you cannot speak, listen, write, or read it. Therefore, this school always conducts lessons, from the point of view that communication means telling someone something also understanding what someone is expressing. Then, the contents of the lessons (vocabulary, grammar, expressions, etc.) are taught together with their purposes and the environment in which they’re used.

(3) Etiquette and strategy

At school, you’ll also learn manners and strategies in different situations. You’ll learn them in class and be able to communicate more naturally in Japanese.

(4) Certified & qualified teachers

All teachers are certified and qualified by recognized organizations. Additionally, teachers are committed to continuing their education to improve their teaching skills.

(5) Small classes

A maximum of 100 students provide you with a highly effective learning method to achieve your Japanese learning goals.

5. Academy Main Services

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In addition to the benefits offered by the features, in this section, we also want to talk about the services that Nagoya International Academy offers you. Therefore, this can be your reference to find out more about this academy. Then, what kind of support and services can you get when you are part of this academy? Next, please take a look at some of the following points.

1. Multicultural environmentThis school hosts students from all over the world, and the teachers know how to teach and guide them well.
2. Support for part-time workThe school publishes and updates available part-time job opportunities and prepares students for interviews.
3. English-speaking staffThe school can provide support in English and other languages.
4. Accepts beginner studentsEven if you’ve never studied Japanese before, it’s no problem! At this school, you can start from scratch.
5. Full-time job search assistanceFrom interview preparation for business Japanese classes, this school helps those who’re ready to find a full-time job.
6. Student loungeThe area where students gather to eat, talk, or do their homework.
7. Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi for all students.
8. Convenient study roomThere are several wide and convenient rooms for students to focus on their studies.
9. LibraryThere’s a modern library with books and other resources available for students.

6. Courses

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There are several types of courses at the Nagoya International Academy. Next, please read the detailed information about these courses as follows:

(1) Comprehensive Japanese

The structure of this course allows students to learn Japanese thoroughly from a low beginner level to advanced. This course is also ideal for those who wish to pursue higher education, who wish to work in Japan, who wish to pursue a Japanese-speaking job, as well as for those who wish to improve their communication skills in Japanese.

The objective of this course:

  • Focus to reach the level of JLPT N1
  • Offer elective classes for your own purposes
  • Japanese as a means of communication, not knowledge
  • Support for the student visa

(2) Short-term Japanese Course

This course is very suitable for those with short-term visas as well as working holiday visas. Usually, this course is taken by anyone who has already stayed in Japan with a visa, such as a family visa, working holiday visa, sightseeing, etc. Additionally, the school offers various courses for various purposes.

(3) Courses for those who live in Japan

This course is for those with short-term visas & working vacation visas. Moreover, this course is perfect for people who want to learn Japanese and manners in daily life, communicate and converse with Japanese people, and then make friends with Japanese people.

  • For those who want to improve their communication skills in business.
  • Perfect for those who want to participate in Japanese life.
  • The content of the lessons is based on everyday situations as well as conducting the lesson with the goal of applying what you learn in real life.

(4) Business Japanese course

This school offers a course for those who work or want to work in Japan. Then, this course focuses on conversations in a business environment, business manners, as well as business expressions in this course.

  • The course is ideal for those who want to learn business Japanese and manners.
  • Perfect for those who want to learn how to write business letters (emails).
  • Great for those who want to learn how to express themselves properly in various business situations, such as presentations, phone calls, and greetings, and for those who want to work or already work in Japan.

7. Expenses

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As for course fees, here is brief information about them. First of all, you need to know that the course fees vary. On the other hand, it all depends on the duration as well as the type of course you want. Broadly speaking, the total expenses at the Nagoya International Academy are divided as follows:

  • 3 months course: ¥244,800
  • 6 months course: ¥421,800
  • 12 months course: ¥761,500
  • 18 months course: ¥1,086,400
  • 24 months course: ¥1,409,700

8. Reviews

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According to some of the information, we have gathered, the Nagoya International Academy (NIA) has received a rating of 4 stars and above. Then, what are the advantages of this school? The reviewers have mentioned the following points:

  • The teachers and staff are very supportive and fantastic.
  • The school location is wonderful and the environment is very diverse.
  • Part-time jobs, as well as full-time job hunting’ supports, are very helpful.
  • The class is interactive and easy to understand.

Furthermore, what do you think about it? Do you have any experience learning Japanese at this academy? We would also be very happy if you would share your review directly with us. Next, please leave your feedback in the comment column below.


In conclusion, I would like to ask you to reconsider some of the above points. Please let us know what you think of the information presented. We are also delighted to receive any comments. As well as the suggestions for our next improvements. Hope you get useful insight about Nagoya International Academy (NIA).

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