Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture | A-Z Important Features You Need to Know

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture | A-Z Important Features You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

Ready for a trip to Japan? Japan is a renowned leader in high-quality manufacturing, boasting a strong and stable economy. Additionally, Japan boasts of being the safest country globally and offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity with four distinct seasons to enjoy.

So, whether you’re studying or pursuing a career in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage and modern pop culture, including anime and manga, up close. One of the initial steps to successfully adapt to life in Japan is mastering the Japanese language. If you aim to reside or work in Japan, fluency is crucial.

It can be challenging to decide on the most suitable language school, given the abundance of options available in the country. This is why I am pleased to introduce the Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture [KILC]. This institution is among the oldest, providing not just Japanese language classes but also cultural immersion opportunities. This article offers valuable information for those seeking to learn more.

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A Brief Overview of Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture (KILC)

A Brief Overview of Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture (KILC) - EDOPEN Japan

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture [KILC] is a Japanese language school in Japan that enrolls multinational students from around the world, primarily from Europe and North America, on a monthly basis to complete their Japanese language program and gain knowledge about Japanese culture.

  • The school aims to boost the count of pro-Japanese families globally by providing them a chance to encounter Japanese culture and history, which are exclusive to Japan.
  • The school aims to provide a platform for global students to enhance their international networking opportunities.
  • Kudan’s mission is to foster a pro-Japanese mindset while enhancing comprehension of the country. The aim is to provide an education and experience that can only be had in Japan.

Then, at this school, you’ll not only learn the Japanese language and culture but also have the chance to interact with other students and experience their various cultures. The manga course is a popular program for students passionate about manga. With support from staff, teachers, and fellow students, as well as host families and friends, anyone can feel comfortable and at home here.

School Location

To reach this school, you can choose one of the following nearest train stations:

  • 4-min walk from the east gate of Suidobashi Station (JR Chuo line, Sobu).
  • 5-min walk from the gate A2 Suidobashi station (Toeimita line).
  • 9-min walk from the gate 5 Kudanshita station (Tokyometorotozai lines, Hanzomon).

The school is located in the middle of 4 train stations, 17 minutes from Shinjuku and 6 minutes from Tokyo, with good connections to the main train stations. There is also an amusement park, many universities, vocational schools, some bookstores, and sports and music stores, so the station is really convenient and you can enjoy life in Tokyo.

Student Demographics

Students studying at the Kudan Japanese Cultural Research Institute come from a variety of countries. The ratio is as follows:

  • Europe: 47%
  • Asia: 33%
  • North Central South America and other countries: 20%

In total, students come from over 35 countries. The school also actively hosts 40 students from around the world each month.

The Main Features and Facilities of KILC

The Main Features and Facilities of KILC - EDOPEN Japan

7 Features of KILC

In addition to studying Japanese, the school provides the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture through activities in Japan, thus reaching out to more people around the world. Additionally, we are licensed by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Please take note of the following seven key features of the institute:

  1. The Institute admits high school and college students (admission of high school students is subject to certain conditions).
  2. There are a variety of courses: Japanese Intensive Course, Japanese Conversation Course, Japanese Holiday Course, Practical Course for Beginners, Manga (Comic) Course, and others.
  3. The institute offers not only Japanese language classes but also Homestays with over 300 host families. You can improve your Japanese language skills and immerse yourself in the Japanese culture.
  4. Professional Teaching Staff. The teaching staff consists of a core of dedicated professionals who have many years of experience teaching Japanese to foreign students.
  5. Various rich activities. Various school activities and opportunities for your experience.
  6. The Institute accepts students from all over the world. The school has students from over 35 countries each year.
  7. Support for Student Visa. This school is accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. It can help you with your student visa application.

Facilities of KILC

If you become a part of KILC, you will be surrounded by a lot of high-quality facilities and a comfortable environment to study. Please read the following facilities:

Wi-FiFree internet access for all students everywhere in the school.
LoungeA variety of reading materials are available for study and leisure.
LibraryA variety of reading materials are available for study and leisure.
ActivitiesExperience Japanese culture with cultural experiences and activities.
Professional StaffThe staff is professional and speaks Japanese, English, and Korean.
Career SupportThe school offers a program to help students find jobs after graduation.
Part-time Work SupportProvide support by presenting part-time positions and reviewing resumes.

Student Support, Living Support, and Activities of KILC

Student Support, Living Support, and Activities of KILC - EDOPEN Japan

Student Support

The school aims to assist all students aspiring to pursue their studies and reside in Japan. Hence, the Kudan Institute provides all services pertaining to this endeavor without any cost.

  • Accommodation Setup
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Airport Pick-up Support
  • Career Support

For long-term Japanese language students, the school provides a program to aid them in securing employment post-graduation. Additionally, the school offers assistance with part-time job placement and resume review. The school has established partnerships with multiple businesses and restaurants.

Living Support


This is a distinctive aspect of Kudan, as they provide an opportunity to experience life in Japan through homestay programs. Due to the limited availability of such programs in schools, it will undoubtedly be an exceptional experience for anyone who participates.

This institution offers “homestay” as a lodging alternative for students. Homestays are within a 60–70-minute proximity of the school. Residing with a Japanese family can enhance your skills in the Japanese language. By spending time with a Japanese family on a daily basis, you can immerse yourself in unique customs and cultural experiences that are not learnable in class, including Japanese cuisine and norms.

Private Dormitory & Guest House

The school provides both shared apartments and individual apartments for its students. Japanese students currently reside in our shared apartments, allowing for social opportunities and a unique cultural experience. You have the freedom to choose the living arrangement that best fits your lifestyle.


In addition to courses, the institution organizes diverse cultural events and social gatherings to educate students about Japanese customs and traditions. Examples entail excursions to Tokyo Disneyland, Kamakura, Nikko, and Hakone, as well as observing sumo wrestling matches and donning kimonos. These events facilitate ongoing interaction with local Japanese people, provide valuable experiences and opportunities, and enable students to forge new friendships. The school regularly offers students opportunities to meet Japanese people, allowing them to gain valuable experiences and make friends. The school offers 交流会 (exchange with Japanese) as follows:

  • 日本語交流会 (Free conversation in Japanese only)
  • 日本語&英語交流会 (Free conversation in Japanese & English)
  • 日本語&中国語交流会 (Free conversation in Japanese & Chinese)

The Courses and Expenses at KILC

The Courses and Expenses at KILC - EDOPEN Japan

The Course

Japanese Course

Conversation CourseThe goal is to learn and, above all, develop their conversational skills by taking on specific situations and topics.
Intensive CourseThe goal is to learn and especially develop their conversational skills.
Practical Course for BeginnersFor beginners to learn to read hiragana/katakana, useful vocabulary, and expressions, for daily life in Japan.

Japanese Exchange Culture

Summer Holiday CourseMany practices of daily conversation for their spoken and listening skills to be refreshed!
Manga (Comic) CourseLearn both Japanese and Manga during your short 3-month stay. Japanese language and manga collaboration of Kudan and Mangajuku.
Cooking CourseThe course offers a variety of Japanese cuisines, such as learning about Japanese cuisine and culture.
Tea Ceremony CourseLearn the Japanese language and the culture of the Japanese tea ceremony (Bonryakutemae) at the same time.

Online Course

Online Japanese Course for BeginnersDesigned for beginners of the Japanese language. Simple terms using the expressions.
JLPT Prep CourseIntensive improvement of grammar scores in a short time.
Choose tea ceremony lessons in one of three languages: Japanese, English, or Italian!Preparation for finding a job in Japan can be completed in 2 months. Lectures by Japanese language teachers with experienced company staff.
Business Japanese Brush up CouseLearn not only business Japanese but also corporate culture and etiquette.
Online Private LessonsImprove your Japanese skills quickly with customized lessons.
One-on-One Online Tea Ceremony LessonsChoose tea ceremony lessons in one of three languages: Japanese, English or Italian!

The Course Expenses

Conversation Course or Intensive Course Fees

1. Conversation course 1 term12 weeks
2. Intensive course 1 term10 weeks
3. Registration Fee¥20,000
4. Fees per week¥16,000

Holiday Course Fees

1. Holiday course with homestay¥342,000 (4 weeks)
¥560,000 (7 weeks)
2. Holiday course without homestay¥238,600 (4 weeks)
¥397,800 (7 weeks)

Manga (Comic) Course

1. 1 month¥154,000
2. 2 months¥268,000
3. 3 months¥392,000

Online Course

1. Registration fee¥10,000
2. Tuition¥36,000 (Tax Included)

Other Fees

Please look at the following table to see the other fees:

1. Airport Pick Up15,000 JPY
*Arrival on Saturday (recommended)
30,000 JPY 
*Arrival on Sunday – Friday
2. Homestay Placement Fee10,000 JPY
3. Homestay Fee3,000 JPY/night
4. Accommodation Placement Fee5,000 JPY
5. Private dormitory Guest houseDeposit 20,000 JPY
6. Monthly Rent60,000 JPY ~ 150,000 JPY


Based on Google reviews, KILC received 79 reviews from various people with 4.6 stars with various comments highlighting:

  • Reviewers mentioned that the teachers and staff provide amazing care for the students.
  • A great institution for studying Japanese at various proficiency levels.
  • The staff makes every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable while studying abroad.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love it if you could refer to it and share your thoughts and suggestions if you know more, please share with us!


This is the essence of the Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture, which emphasizes learning Japanese through Japanese culture as a whole. We hope that the above review can help you in deciding on a Japanese language school that fits your preferences and learning goals!


Representative Director of Reboot Japan Co., Ltd., which operates EDOPEN JAPAN. Founded the company in 2018, which provides Japanese language education and assistance for studying in Japan. Started the company after living with international students at a Japanese language school. He enjoys learning about new people and cultures and has lived in Australia and Malaysia. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University.