9 Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Osaka

9 Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Osaka - EDOPEN Japan

Osaka is one of Japan’s most fascinating cities. It is home to Kansai International Airport, known as the gateway to Japan’s western skies. Many people from all over the world, especially from Asia, visit Osaka. So it is very interesting for those of you who want to learn Japanese by using it right in the crowd of this glittering city.

Also, there are many dialects specific to certain areas in Japan, and Kansai-ben, the main dialect in Osaka, is a well-known dialect that you can learn through TV. Therefore, in this city and school, you can immediately learn the native Kansai dialect by interacting directly with the locals of the Kansai region.

In addition, if you are currently confused to find information about other best and most popular Japanese language schools throughout Japan or in other cities in Japan, please also read our reading recommendations below!

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Why should you learn Japanese in Osaka?

Why should you learn Japanese in Osaka? - EDOPEN Japan

One of the main reasons why many foreign students and expatriates choose to live in Osaka compared to other cities in Japan is because of the special people of Osaka. Japanese people are known for being very educated, polite and fun.

However, the people of Osaka are known to be very friendly and warm compared to the native Japanese living in other cities in Japan. Even though the native Japanese in Osaka are not fluent in English, their warmth really makes us feel comfortable learning Japanese language and culture in this city.

Apart from that, Osaka also offers a more relaxed living situation compared to Tokyo. Tokyo is very crowded and busy. If you want a more relaxed and warm life, then Osaka can be the perfect choice!

Then the population, which is also less than Tokyo, will certainly give you the experience of a quieter life. The cost of living in Osaka is also much lower compared to Tokyo. Apart from that, you can also enjoy various beautiful Japanese cultural and historical sites in Osaka. Because of its very strategic location, you can also easily visit other cities such as Kobe, Kyoto and Nara to enjoy various tourist sites that are no less charming.

Apart from learning Japanese, the various conveniences and opportunities to enjoy cultural and historical sites as well as nature will certainly make your experience of studying and living in Japan a valuable and irreplaceable experience for a lifetime!

9 Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Osaka

9 Most Popular Japanese Language Schools in Osaka - EDOPEN Japan

(1) Osaka Japanese Language Education Center

The Osaka Center for Japanese Language Education is a Japanese language institution operated by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). This school prepares students for careers in Japanese higher education. The school is in Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City. The school is located in the historic “Uemachi Daichi” (Uemachi Plateau), which has promoted international understanding through Japanese language education since its founding.

This school is only a 7-minute walk from the “Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka” station on the Tanimachi Line. The Japanese government officially designated the center’s preparatory courses as “college preparatory courses” for students seeking higher education in Japan.

This school has its advantages as follows:

  • With a recommendation from the principal, students with excellent grades and good attendance can apply to about 30 universities in Japan that have an admission system based on recommendations.
  • The curriculum offered focuses on studying for the EJU and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Practical exams are given in class to help students prepare as much as possible for the entrance exam.
  • Scholarships are also available for those who excel in their studies, such as the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Scholarship of 70,000 yen per month (starting in 2019) and the “Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students”: 48,000 yen per month (starting in 2019). Some 13,000 graduates from 100 countries and regions play active roles in various fields.
  • Given so many graduates and its history, this one school is indeed a home for those who excel. It is not easy to enter this Japanese language school, but for those of you who have a strong will, it is definitely possible.

(2) Osaka International School of Culture and Language (OBKG)

One of the pioneers among language schools in Osaka. OBKG was founded in 1985. OBKG has a long history and experience. With about 400 students from other countries and friendly also professional teachers, the school also offers a very high-quality program of career and study guidance.

What’s more?

  • All OBKG teachers have professional certification. Similar to the Osaka Japanese Language Education Center – JASSO. They have a recommendation system for top universities in Japan.
  • Providing school dormitories to facilitate part-time students and activities.
  • Focuses not only on Japanese, but can also choose math, chemistry, physics, and English for EJU and JLPT.
  • This school dares to provide up to a 100% graduation guarantee for students who want to continue at S1, S2, and vocational school levels.
  • More than 80-90% of OBKG graduates are able to study in prestigious universities in Japan or even pursue postgraduate studies.

It not only focuses on learning the Japanese language but also includes learning Japanese culture. In OBKG, there is also an advising system for students so that they can clearly build their future. For those who want to work in Japan, OBKG has obtained a qualification from the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Health to place foreign students with Japanese companies. So, OBKG School is a very comprehensive place for those of you who want to prepare for either an education or a professional career in Japan.

(3) Human Academy – Japanese Language School Osaka

Human Academy Japanese Language School was first established in Osaka in 1987. Human Academy – Japanese Language School, Osaka is part of two schools in Tokyo and Saga. The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education has authorized this school. The Osaka campus has been supporting students for over 30 years, helping them to fulfill their future dreams and aspirations.

In addition, this school offers a long-term study program for those who want to pursue higher education in a Japanese college or for those of you who want to do a short-term study to find work in Japan.

(4) J国際学院 (J International School)

This school has been recognized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. This language school has about 480 students from different countries (Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, etc.). It is in the center of Osaka, a 2-minute walk from Honmachi Station. Very close to Shinsaibashi and Namba (the busy center of Osaka). Since the owner of this language school is a big company.

This school is also willing and helps students to find part-time jobs, currently, 100% of students have managed to find part-time jobs. Offers regular courses and preparation courses for college or business, supported by ATEC (Asia Talented Personnel Exchange Corporation), a personnel office that helps to find jobs, so 100% of students can find part-time jobs.

Additionally, with the support of the Renge Medical Group, students can get annual medical checkups and free medical checkups. So, it can be said that this school focuses on those of you who want to become professionals in Japan.

(5) (Osaka) First Study Japanese Language School

The first study is a learning center in Osaka, the second-largest city in Japan, where the cost of living is cheaper compared to Tokyo. It is the most convenient place to live and study. It is a school that provides Japanese students with the necessary tools for high school and college entrance exams or for a job in a Japanese company.

The school offers the following benefits:

  • Dedicated staff who talk one-on-one with students throughout the year and provide step-by-step career counseling.
  • In an affordable fee system, the school has a monthly fee structure where students can pay their tuition each month with their income from a part-time job.
  • A dormitory in the form of an apartment. Usually, the school has a dormitory, but here the dormitory is a regular apartment that has access to a kitchen and bathroom, free support for part-time and full-time work.
  • As for the learning system, in the first phase, there are weekly tests and quarterly class tests, which increases the pressure to study regularly.
  • The teacher also tries to explain the material in English, although a pure Japanese learning approach is set as the standard.

(6) Seigan Japanese Language School

Was founded on August 20, 2012. This language school has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and students from different countries. The knowledge acquired here will enable you to read and write the Japanese language. The small classes and comprehensive support provided will help you feel comfortable in the big task of discovering Japan.

Seigan offers both in-class instruction and on-site training in Japanese companies, giving you an excellent opportunity to practice your skills. Seigan also offers different levels of learning that you can choose from Beginner (N4-N5), Pre-Intermediate (N3-N4), Intermediate (N2-N3), Advanced (N1-N2), Advanced (N1).

(7) Meric Nihongo Gakko

MERIC Japanese Language School was founded in 1989 and is strategically located just a 10-minute walk from Nipponbashi and Namba train stations, the city center and entertainment hub of Osaka. This renowned Japanese language school in Osaka has hundreds of students from different countries and many cultural programs to support the learning activities.

  • Meric is part of a network of colleges and universities in Osaka.
  • Offers assistance in finding a part-time job and advice on finding an apartment that suits you.

One most important thing for you to know is that Meric divides the course into 3 main classes as follows:

  • Basic Level (To be able to have useful conversations for daily life and to read and write simple sentences)
  • Intermediate Level (Aim to be able to speak, read and write about general topics)
  • Highest-level Advanced Level (To achieve a higher mastery of the language using many different materials such as newspapers, TV programs, videos, magazines, literature.

This school offers the course and support for Internationals to gain useful language skills for academic life at a college in Japan, to gain an all-round mastery of the language for life.

(8) ARC Academy, Osaka

ARC Japanese Language School is one of the largest language school networks with thousands of students from different countries. ARC The academy was established in 1986 for foreign businessmen who want to learn Japanese. The meaning of “ARC” is “bridge to the world”. It also has branches in Tokyo and Kyoto, and in Osaka, the second-largest city in Japan.

In this school in further, we will learn Japanese systematically. Which will prepare us for studying in universities and vocational schools in Japan. All the necessary information is neatly and completely written on the school’s website.

  • Thanks to the staff speaking English and Mandarin, students do not have to worry about life in Japan.
  • The school also offers EJU (college entrance exam) preparation courses for students who want to continue their studies at a Japanese college, as well as business courses for those who want to find work in Japan.
  • Almost all facilities are in place to support the learning system and students’ lives, starting with help in finding part-time jobs, visas, dormitories, and career support.
  • Without exaggeration, this ARC Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka is one of the best language schools in the bustling city of Osaka.

(9) Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School

Osaka YMCA has been trusted and validated to teach Japanese to students in almost the whole world for more than 50 years. Then, this Japanese language school has a very long history. The teachers of Osaka YMCA not only teach the language but also actively develop teaching materials for students. Currently, Osaka YMCA has foreign students from more than 30 countries, so this school also creates an atmosphere of harmonious cultural diversity when educating students.

  • Osaka YMCA also offers a wide range of programs to prepare students for high school or college studies and for working in Japan.
  • The selection ranges from 3 months to 2 years and effectively adapts to students’ needs.
  • There are 2 Japanese language programs at Osaka YMCA, the Japanese Comprehensive Course, and the Practical Japanese Course.

In addition, what makes this school special is the diversity of religions that are embraced by students from all over the world. The school administration can even provide empty rooms for Muslim students who wish to hold a religious prayer. Salute and Deep appreciation!

FAQ about learning Japanese in Osaka

FAQ about learning Japanese in Osaka - EDOPEN Japan

The following is a discussion of questions that may arise in your mind regarding learning Japanese in Osaka. Please use it as a reference. Don’t hesitate to leave your questions or feedback in the comment section below!

How much does it cost to study Japanese language in Japan?
Costs vary widely. They range from ¥80,000 for a short-term course to ¥600,000 for a 1-year intensive course. You should check the website of each Japanese language school.
How long does Japanese language school take?
Intensive courses usually start from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years to 2 years.
Is 6 months enough to learn Japanese in Japan?
If you want to learn Japanese at a beginner level, 4-6 months is usually considered the right length of time.
How do I choose a Japanese language school?
You can start choosing a Japanese language school based on your main goals, the budget you have, the location, the target study period and time to learn Japanese.

If you have any other questions, please leave a message or your feedback in the comments section below!


Upon exploring the features as well as varieties of information from multiple best schools, let me conclude this article with the following additional points for you to remember:

  • Osaka is indeed one of the most fascinating cities in Japan.
  • Osaka has a well-known dialect, Kansai-ben. You can immediately learn the native Kansai dialect in this city and school by interacting directly with the locals of the Kansai region.
  • Of the 9 best and most prestigious Japanese Language Schools in Osaka, please choose the school that suits you the most.
  • Please check and read carefully the school’s details from the website. Also, please consider contacting the school if you have any further inquiries.

We really hope that this article is useful for you. Thank you very much for spending your time reading the article up to this part. See you in the next article!


Representative Director of Reboot Japan Co., Ltd., which operates EDOPEN JAPAN. Founded the company in 2018, which provides Japanese language education and assistance for studying in Japan. Started the company after living with international students at a Japanese language school. He enjoys learning about new people and cultures and has lived in Australia and Malaysia. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University.