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Kansai College of Business and Languages


Mastering the Japanese language will change your life. You’ve got the opportunity to build a career in a country with the third-largest economy after the United States and China. Japan is also a country with well-known technology companies that dominate the world in various fields. On the other hand, speaking of Japan, you can also find anything in this prosperous country. In Japan, you can study business, engineering, manufacturing, economics, and also the culture as well as politics.

That’s why Japan is also the country with the most foreign students in Asia. And the first step they took was to choose the best place to study Japanese. In this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the most famous Japanese language schools in Osaka. This school is called the Kansai College of Business and Languages. Please read the full information about Kansai College below.

1. About Kansai College

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While most public language institutions focus on teaching grammar, Kansai College excels in academic and pedagogical content. Additionally, the college designed great educational systems to help students achieve their planned educational goals. It has also produced many talented students and linguists since its inception. Kansai College of Business and Languages (Kansai College) was established in 1967 as a commercial vocational school.

Contrarily, Foreign language education in Japan is known to be very supportive only of grammatical development. However, Kansai College strives to train students who have also a high level of practical foreign language skills as well as sends many language specialists around the world.

In 1989, Kansai College established the Department of Japanese Studies, which focused on international students. To date, more than 400 students study there, as it is an institution where many Japanese students study conveniently. Therefore, not only to acquire language skills but also to exchange cultures and create a very supportive learning environment. As if it were a society that once existed. What makes this college special is that it has a mix of Japanese as well as the international students.

In addition, Kansai College not only promotes language skills but also cultural exchange with students from all over the world. Then, you can experience an environment that allows you to interact with other students from different cultures. In other words, this is a ‘mini-international community’.

2. College Location

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Kansai College is located in the center of Osaka. The major transportation is in close proximity to the school. It is only a 5-minute walk from Tennoji Station to Kansai College. Also, 5 minutes walk from the train station ticket office JR Tennoji. Then, the east exit is about 150 meters south of the Matsuzaki exit.

In addition, what interests you, Osaka as part of the four major cities “Kansai” has very different characteristics. The energetic, cultured, and traditional “Osaka”, the first capital of Japan “Nara” and the exotic port city “Kobe”. In contrast to the centralized Tokyo, Kansai holds a variety of interesting places and experiences for you.

Then, the school is in the Tennoji area, which offers both historical and modern attractions. In addition to the zoo and the art museum, Tennoji Park offers plenty of lush greenery that spread all the way to Tennoji Station.

3. Student Demographics

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The distribution of Kansai College students is very diverse, spread from all over the world, here we describe the distribution of students from all over the world. Demographically, the percentage of the student demographics can be made simply as follows:

  • Asian Countries: 46%
  • Taiwan: 37%
  • USA: 10%
  • Europe: 4%
  • Other countries: 3%

4. College Main Features

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Kansai College of Business and Languages has a complete and competent education system. Then, what are the proud features of this college? Please read the following points:

  • Instruction in the 4 Japanese language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
  • Formatted curriculum and course design.
  • Academic and career counseling.
  • Lesson for JLPT and EJU.
  • Excellent learning facilities and environment.

In addition, the points of the above features are designed to achieve the main goal of this college. The main goal is to produce graduates who’re highly qualified Japanologists, who have the cultural understanding, who are able to work internationally, and who’re well educated.

5. School Main Services

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In addition to the benefits offered by the features, in this section, we also want to talk about the services that Kansai College offers you. Therefore, this can be your reference to find out more about this college. Then, what kind of support and services can you get when you are enrolling in this college? Please take a look at some of the following points:

1. HousingThe school provides facilities for a comfortable place to live with affordable costs for international students such as a school dormitory, homestay, and shared house.
2. Commuter passes and discountCommuter passes and other student discounts are available when your student ID card ID is issued.
3. Free Wi-FiWIFI is available on campus.
4. Free bicycle parkFree bicycle parking is available.
5. Foreign language speaking staffStaff members who speak different languages are available to assist students in their daily lives.
6. Interactive eventsYou can interact with Japanese students through many interactive and well-organized events in the college.
7. Library (Book & Manga)Convenient place to learn and review the lesson you have done.
8. ClassroomConvenient and wide classroom.
9. Computer roomConvenient computer room to support students.
10. Audiovisual roomA very high-quality audiovisual room for everyone.

In addition, this college is also taking care of its students. When the students want to apply for jobs or search the part-time opportunities, the college will help them intensively with all of their hearts.

6. Courses

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Kansai College of Business and Languages generally offers 2 types of courses. Namely, a comprehensive long-term course and a short-term course. What details there are about these two courses, you can find out in the description below.

(1) Long term course

This course is for people who want to continue their education in college and build a career in Japan with intensive Japanese language learning. The duration of this long-term course is more than 1 year. Then, the main goal of this long-term course is to help students pass the EJU, JLPT, and specific goals that have been set.

(2) Short term course

This course gives an individual the opportunity to improve their current Japanese language skills. The duration of the long-term course is a total of 210 hours over the 3-month period. In addition, this is an opportunity for anyone to learn Japanese efficiently in a short period of time.

7. Expenses

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As for course expenses, here is brief information about them. First of all, you need to know that the course expenses vary. Especially, it all depends on the duration as well as the type of course you want. Then, please read the following points to know the expenses for the long-term course :

(1) Long-term course (April enrollment)

Japanese Course (1 year)Comprehensive Japanese Course (2 years)Postgraduate Japanese Course (1 year)
Tuition Fee¥668,000¥1,336,000¥668,000
Social Fee¥22,000¥44,000¥22,000
Activity Fee¥10,000¥20,000¥10,000
Accident Insurance Fee¥7,000¥14,000¥7,000
Total Expenses¥707,000

(2) Long-term course (October enrollment)

Japanese Course (1.5 years)Comprehensive Japanese Course (2 years)
Tuition Fee¥1,002,000¥1,336,000
Social Fee¥33,000¥44,000
Activity Fee¥15,000¥20,000
Accident Insurance Fee¥10,500¥14,000
Total Expenses¥1,060,500¥1,414,000

In addition, please also note some of the following points.

  • The textbook fee includes.
  • The tuition, social fee, as well as activity fee can not be refundable for any reason.
  • If these tuition fees aren’t paid by the due date without notifying the school, then you may not be able to continue attending classes.

Further, to get more information about the other details of this long-term course, as well as the expenses for the short-term course, please click the following button! Hope you get the useful info that you needed.


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According to various sources we have researched, the Kansai College of Business and Language has received very nice testimonies in the following aspects:

  • Good curriculum and environment.
  • Fulfilling lessons and friendly teachers.
  • Very sincere, supportive staff and teachers.

And not only that, the Kansai College is constantly very passionate to improve the quality of its services. Thus, it can continue to actively contribute to being a bridge for international students to improve their Japanese language skills and make a very good career in Japan.


In conclusion, we would like to ask you to reconsider some of the above points. Please let us know what you think of the information presented. We are also very happy to receive any comments. As well as the suggestions for our next improvements. We deeply hope you get useful insight about Kansai College of Business and Languages.

If you want to know about the other option of the best and most famous Japanese language schools in Osaka, please visit the link below!

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