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Yokohama Design College (YDC)


Japanese is probably one of the most difficult foreign languages to learn. And maybe learning Japanese is not the main topic that comes to your mind when you decide which foreign language to learn. But did you know that learning Japanese can bring you many benefits? For example, if you understand Japanese, you can travel to Japan more easily.

Moreover, for those who want to continue their studies in Japanese universities, which are highly ranked in the world. After that, you can build your professional career in Japan. By learning Japanese, your job opportunities and the value of your skills will increase.

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Then, in this article, we will introduce you to one of the famous Japanese language schools in Yokohama, the second-largest city in Japan, which is also a famous port city with beautiful nature.

This school can help you find a way to start your career in Japan. Please read on to find out what you can achieve by enrolling in the Yokohama Design College (YDC).

About Yokohama Design College (YDC)

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Yokohama Design College (YDC) or Yokohama Design College (YDC) Vocational School was established in 1948. In 2014, this college was accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) as an applied professional post-secondary course). This school has been offering Japanese language courses as part of its general course since 2001. 2 years later, the course was transformed into a specialized course. Then in 2010, the school developed the Japanese course program into a comprehensive course.

What is special about this college is that you will not only learn Japanese here. You also have the opportunity to learn about other courses in manga design, visual design, and fashion. Skills that have high bargaining power in today’s market.

Educational Policies & Philosophy

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More about YDC, what are the educational policies and goals of this school? And what is the educational philosophy behind the establishment of this school? Of course, you want to know more. Please continue reading some of the following points to get an overview of this school.

1. Educational Goals

The establishment of this Japanese language school has 2 main goals: the development of Japanese language skills and the enrichment of Japanese culture. The mission of Yokohama Design University is to promote Japanese language education for international students. This allows students to develop essential language and cultural skills. Especially in the working world and also in daily life.

2. Tailored Guidance

The College provides an education that is responsive to the needs of each individual. Students receive easy-to-understand learning and instruction tailored to their needs. For those who wish to attend college, graduate school, or the like, for example, the College offers preparatory courses for EJU and JLPT. It also provides balanced training in reading, writing, speaking, as well as listening skills.

3. Providing Education and Guidance with Sincerity

YDC hopes that more people can become enthusiastic about Japan by learning deeper about Japanese culture and history. Therefore, YDC provides education and guidance with sincerity to support anyone who wants to study at this college.

4. A Variety of Classes

YDC offers classes that focus on mastering Kanji and conversational skills. Classes are divided between students from countries that use kanji and non-kanji users. In addition, YDC also offers various events in schools to improve students’ Japanese language skills.

Japanese Language Courses

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At Yokohama Design College, you can choose 2 courses in Japanese. They are the Japanese language course in the special course or the special course (comprehensive course). These two courses have different objectives and programs. You can choose according to your needs. Please read the following descriptions of the specifications of each course.

(1) Japanese Language Course in Specialized Courses

For this course, the target JLPT level is N5 to N1. Then, there are 2 kinds of special courses, such as college and career preparation courses in Japan, and short-term courses. In learning, this college divides students into small groups to make learning more effective. In this way, the course can help students achieve their own goals. Moreover, YDC also welcomes all non-students to learn Japanese.

(2) Specialized Courses (Comprehensive Courses)

In specialized courses or comprehensive programs, on the other hand, the goal for the JLPT is N2 or equivalent. With this course, students will receive help in finding a job in Japan or a Japanese company in their home country. In addition, students can also learn various skills such as translation, interpretation, accounting, commerce, and more.

Student Support

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The Yokohama Design College has a variety of services to support its students. Most notably, the International Center provides a safe and comfortable learning environment. There is also a career Support Center to help students achieve their goals. Please review the items below for more details and specifics on available support.

1. Classes and Events

At this college, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events held throughout the year. You will also receive intensive support in preparing for the JLPT exam, post-graduation exhibitions, and various other interesting programs. Various courses and events are offered every month where you can share your dreams with your new friends from all over the world. Furthermore, through these events, you can deepen your understanding of Japan as well as the importance of the language and communication.

2. International Center

The Yokohama Design College International Center offers a wide range of support services. All of them help to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for all international students. Here all students can ask questions ranging from problems in daily life to consultations about the future. The very helpful and professional staffs are ready to help you sincerely.

3. Career Support Center

At YDC, you will receive intensive support from teachers and a Career Support Center. Both support individual student skills and those related to the job fair. The Career Support Center will support students until they are able to plan their future, be independent, as well as able to find the right company to build a career.

Environment and Facilities

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The environment and facilities are essential factors that strongly influence a person’s development. Therefore, a safe and comfortable learning environment is very important. Moreover, YDC provides a comfortable learning environment. Here you will also get high-quality facilities. This will surely stimulate your creativity as well as enhance your growth while being a part of this college.

1. General ClassroomsThe classrooms are bright and spacious. There is a projector to support presentations and others.
2. Lounge & TerraceAn open patio and indoor lounge where instructors, teachers, and students can keep each other company.
3. Computer LabA digital lab with workstations and various types of professional software for design instruction.
4. Drawing StudioA studio for drawing theme sketches for students taking art classes.
5. Manga WorkshopA room with individual partitions equipped with magazines and comics for reference.
6. Sewing RoomThe room is equipped with industrial sewing machines, ironing machines, and work tables for designing and sewing.

Japanese Language Course Expenses

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Course expenses at YDC vary depending on the type of the course and the length of the course you wish to take. Thus, please read the following table to know the expenses for the Japanese Language Course in Specialized Courses.

Expenses for the Japanese Language Course in Specialized Courses

Course2-year course1.5-year course1-year courseShort-term course
Program ScheduleApril 2021 to March 2023October 2020 to March 2022From April 2021 to March 2022
October 2020 to September 2021
From 1 to 6 months
Application PeriodFrom early August 2020 to late October 2020 *for April enrollmentFrom early March 2020 to late May 2020 **for October enrollmentRefer to * or **The program starts in
any month
Expenses in Total¥1,455,000 or $11,264¥1,116,000 or $8,634¥785,000 or $6,077¥66,000 or $511 for 1 month, ¥117,000 or $906 for 2 months and ¥168,000 or $1300 for 3 months

In addition, please note that some courses may require additional costs for study materials. Further, please consider that the above fees are subject to change. Please click on the link below for current fees when you would like to register as well as to learn more about the other expenses for the other courses.


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According to some of the information, we have gathered, the Yokohama Design College (YDC) has received a rating of 4.5 stars and above. What are the advantages of this school? The reviewers have mentioned the following points:

  • Affordable expenses.
  • Very kind and supportive teachers.
  • Very convenient location to study.
  • Professional and supportive staff.

Furthermore, what do you think about it? Do you have any experience learning Japanese at this school? We would be very happy if you would share your review directly with us. Please leave your feedback in the comment column below.


In conclusion, we would like to ask you to reconsider some of the above points. Please let us know what you think of the information presented. We are also very happy to receive any comments. As well as the suggestions for our next improvements. Hope you get a helpful insight about the Yokohama Design College (YDC).

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