Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy | All Important Things You Need to Know

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy | All Important Things You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

Japan is widely recognized as the world’s third-largest car manufacturer. Several influential automotive and communication corporations are based there, making it a coveted language to learn.

Japanese is spoken by approximately 122 million individuals globally, making it one of the most widely spoken foreign languages. A command of Japanese is vital, notably for professionals in the technology, communication, and business sectors based in Japan.

Additionally, Hokkaido serves as Japan’s northernmost prefecture and second-largest island, making it a prime educational destination. With its picturesque winter snow, majestic natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich Japanese heritage.

Studying Japanese in Hokkaido will provide a lifelong experience. Learn more about Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy, one of the top Japanese schools in the prefecture!

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A Brief Overview of Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

A Brief Overview of Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy - EDOPEN Japan

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo was founded in 2015, offering a unique school experience in Sapporo that cannot be found elsewhere in Japan. The school’s motto is “Learn, Enjoy, and Feel”, with a special emphasis on intercultural communication. With the best educational support, students are empowered to actively engage in the global community.

The academy offers a diverse curriculum allowing you to interact with numerous Japanese individuals and immerse yourself in Japan. In addition to formal lessons, events are organized to enhance your understanding of proper Japanese. Furthermore, you can partake in extracurricular activities showcasing Japan’s stunning nature and renowned culinary scene.

In this institution, instructors not only educate learners on word definitions and grammar but also stress the importance of expressing oneself correctly to foster positive connections and a prosperous future through the implementation of Japanese dialects that best suit individual strengths.

The schools are very careful in teaching and choosing the appropriate words according to the interlocutor or different scenes. It may seem unfamiliar, but mastering spoken Japanese requires immersion in practical situations and empathizing with others. The school teaches this and numerous other techniques to help you avoid critical errors when conversing with native Japanese speakers.

This educational institution provides access to a bountiful natural environment just a short journey away. The welcoming and friendly locals are a testament to Hokkaido’s attributes, making this locale the ideal setting for experiencing Japanese culture, studying the language, and admiring the picturesque seasons.

Academy Location

The academy is situated in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, which happens to be the largest city on Japan’s northernmost island. There are several compelling reasons to visit this bustling city, including its renowned Sapporo Snow Festival. Sapporo is also a frequent host of major international sports events and political gatherings like the G8 Summit.

This festival is one of Japan’s biggest winter events, drawing over two million visitors every winter. Furthermore, Sapporo is a vital cultural hub, featuring renowned culinary, theatrical, and musical events, as well as notable sights and attractions like museums and stunning gardens that merit the inclusion of your Japanese language skills in your travel itinerary.

Student Demographics

We can analyze the national distribution of students who attend this school. Please refer to the following data for a breakdown of the statistics.

1. Southeast Asia63%
2. East Asia19%
3. Europe14%
4. South America3%
5. North America1%

The Main Features and Services of Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

The Main Features and Services of Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy - EDOPEN Japan

Academy Main Features

The Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy has provided exceptional language education for over 15 years, with an unwavering dedication to excellence and quality. Here are some of the academy’s notable features:

1. Very experienced instructor

This school provides comprehensive instruction to students, covering basic sentence structure, grammar, and simple everyday conversations at the foundational level. Moving up, they also tackle complex intermediate sentences, official writing with phrases and common idioms, and high-level comprehension skills relevant to college or technical fields. The school caters to individual needs by offering tailored classes for all students.

2. Support for student life

Assistance is available for everyday issues, including medical care, with language interpretation if necessary when visiting a doctor. Furthermore, help is provided to find part-time jobs, create resumes, and practice for interviews for both part-time and full-time employment post-graduation. Additionally, the school offers specialized support and guidance for students considering transferring to Japanese higher education or pursuing work within Japan after graduation. Moreover, the school provides student dormitories within short walking distance.

3. Additional activity

Every month, the school provides several activities such as calligraphy and Zen meditation, cultural events, flower (Hanami) tours, and skiing. For ten continuous years, Hokkaido has been voted as the most charming and extraordinary prefecture in Japan. You can relish the beauty of Hokkaido and a wide variety of cultural activities here.

4. Perfect environment

This institution also values a tight-knit community, where scholars from diverse backgrounds collaborate with faculty to foster an amiable yet industrious setting.

Academy Great Services

What support and services are available to you as a member of this academy? Please review the following list for details.

1. Free Wi-FiStaff at this school offer full support to students, whether this is about their studies or daily life. Additional meetings, according to the needs of students with the teacher can be arranged during break time or after class.
2. LibraryVarious reading materials are available for studies or recreation support for students.
3. Activities during and outside of schoolDiving into Japanese culture with experience and cultural activities.
4. School transfer supportComprehensive guidance for those who aim to transfer to a degree program in Japanese schools.
5. Convenient environment to liveStaff at this school offer full support to students, whether this is about their studies or daily life. Additional meetings, according to the needs of students with the teacher can be arranged during break time or after class.
6. Career supportSchools can help to consult to find the perfect job after graduation.
7. Part-time work supportPractice Japanese while getting a little extra money from part-time jobs.
8. AccommodationHelp to find the right room for you.
9. Airport pickupThe students will get picked up by school staff when arriving, directly at your accommodation after a long flight.

Additionally, this excellent academy cultivates a highly diverse atmosphere and fosters robust communities, among other advantages. Without a doubt, you will enjoy convenient study opportunities at this outstanding institution.

The Courses and Expenses at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

The Courses and Expenses at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy - EDOPEN Japan

The Courses

This academy provides purpose-built courses, including an advanced academic program for college or vocational school enrollment, short-term study abroad options to learn Japanese while sightseeing, and programs for residents of Japan. Generally, the academy offers two main courses: one for individuals without visas and another for those with visas.

In addition, the school provides numerous courses designed to meet your study objectives, proficiency in Japanese, duration of stay, and visa type. You are free to select the program that best fits your needs. Take a closer look!

(1) Academic advancement course (long-term)

This course is ideal for students aspiring to learn Japanese for a period of one and a half years, one year and 9 months, or two years. You can acquire a solid foundation in the Japanese language by enhancing the four essential skills, namely, “reading”, “listening”, “writing” and “speaking”.

Moreover, the academy also facilitates preparation for Japanese proficiency tests and entrance exams to Japanese universities for international students, providing them with an opportunity to master the Japanese language required for their post-graduation studies. They offer career guidance and assistance for every student to attend their preferred school.

(2) General course (long-term)

This is a one-year program designed for individuals who want to acquire Japanese language skills required for daily life in Japan. The program aims to achieve mastery in sentence patterns, grammar, and vocabulary essential in language-related activities for everyday use and fostering comprehensive skills suitable for any situation. It offers a curriculum with highly communicative content that imitates real-life scenarios. You will have the opportunity to learn accurate pronunciation and natural phrases, as well as become immersed in Japanese culture and daily life.

(3) Classroom course/lesson

The classroom lessons offer a course for individuals with or planning to obtain a non-student visa. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, the curriculum is tailored to your proficiency level and aims to improve your skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking Japanese in a well-rounded manner. This course teaches practical Japanese that is relevant to everyday life situations. Additionally, the program prepares you for Japanese language proficiency tests.

(4) Short-term study abroad course

During short-term study abroad opportunities, you can not only learn the Japanese language but also apply practical Japanese skills, experience Japan’s unique culture such as flower arranging and origami, calligraphy, and participate in various extracurricular activities.

(5) Private lesson

This individualized lesson is customized to satisfy your unique needs and goals. Whether you require Japanese for business or aim to improve your conversation skills. Additionally, the flexible scheduling allows busy individuals to learn Japanese efficiently at their convenience.

The Course Expenses

For information regarding course expenses, please note that costs will vary based on the duration and type of course selected. Please refer to the following lists for total expenses (Updated May 2022):

ProgramAmount of Expenses (Duration)
1. Academic advancement course (long-term)¥1,442,000 (2 years)
2. General course (long-term)¥765,000 (1 year)
3. Classroom course¥151,500 (3 months)

For additional details about this course and the associated expenses for other courses, please click the button below. We hope the information provided is helpful to you.


According to the information we gathered, the Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy received a rating of 3.5 stars or higher. So, what makes this academy stand out? Reviewers have listed the benefits as follows:

1. Teachers and staff are very caring and supportive.
2. The people of Sapporo are very welcoming foreigners.
3. The lessons are overall good and easy to understand.

Furthermore, what do you think about it? Do you have any experience learning Japanese at this academy? We would greatly appreciate it if you could leave your feedback in the comments section below!

FAQ About Studying Japanese at Japanese Language School

FAQ About Studying Japanese at Japanese Language School - EDOPEN Japan

Please take a look at our FAQ section, which we have specifically designed to assist you in finding the best school for learning Japanese.

What is the best way to study Japanese in Japan?
We confidently say that the best way is to learn Japanese through a Japanese language school. You will get a systematic curriculum and a supportive environment to progress your Japanese proficiency.
Is learning Japanese enough to get a job in Japan?
In Japan, finding employment is relatively straightforward, particularly for part-time positions. However, a high level of proficiency in the Japanese language is essential, particularly at the JLPT N2 level to ensure success.
Should I learn hiragana or katakana first?
Our recommendation is to start by learning hiragana, followed by gaining proficiency in katakana and kanji at an advanced level.
Is it worth going to Japanese language school?
From the diverse experiences of students from all around the globe, attending a Japanese language school can greatly affect your success in learning Japanese.

These are some of the FAQs listed above. Hopefully, you can use them as your best reference in determining Japanese language learning and schools in Japan!


We welcome your feedback on the information presented. We value any input or suggestions you may have for our future improvements. We hope you found useful insights about the Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy.


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