GLOBIS University | A-Z Important Things You Need to Know

GLOBIS University | A-Z Important Things You Need to Know - EDOPEN Japan

Japan has always excelled in a unique and innovative way, surpassing other countries in diverse fields including culture, cuisine, art, technology, information, politics, and even economics. Investors, foreign workers, and students from around the world are highly interested in Japan.

With the economy ranked as the third largest, after the US and China, Japan holds a top-tier position in the arenas of economics and business. Additionally, Japan offers abundant opportunities for skilled graduates.

Similarly, Japan boasts exceptional safety, high quality of life, and world-class management and business education, making it a top destination for international students.

This article features one of Japan’s finest MBA programs – GLOBIS University, which is accredited by the Japan College Accreditation Association (JUAA) and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

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A Brief Overview of GLOBIS University

A Brief Overview of GLOBIS University - EDOPEN Japan

Since its establishment in 1992, GLOBIS University has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing business schools in Asia, with over 7,000 students attending classes on its campus in Japan, as well as in its Singapore and Shanghai branches. Widely regarded as Japan’s top MBA provider, GLOBIS offers a one-year full-time program and a two-year part-time program in the heart of Tokyo, available entirely in English and Japanese.

GLOBIS University aims to inspire and cultivate upcoming leaders to become the premier business school in Asia. For over 25 years, GLOBIS has been dedicated to maintaining its vision of fostering a community of talent, capital, and knowledge management to bring about imaginative transformation and innovation in society.

Additionally, GLOBIS University empowers its employees and others to recognize their potential, exhibit entrepreneurial spirit, and foster the growth of others. Unlike many other schools, most of the faculty members are highly experienced business professionals with a robust track record of entrepreneurship.


GLOBIS University operates five campuses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka. Additionally, there are two satellite campuses in Yokohama and Mito, Ibaraki in Japan. The principal campus is situated near Kōjimachi Station in Banchō – Chiyoda, in central Tokyo, offering both Japanese and English-language MBA programs.

Furthermore, the campuses in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka offer MBA programs exclusively in Japanese. Additionally, the satellite campuses located in Yokohama and Mito, Ibaraki only provide non-degree pre-MBA courses taught in Japanese.

However, outside of Japan, Globis University offers non-degree pre-MBA courses taught in English at campuses situated in Singapore, Bangkok, and San Francisco.

You can reach the main campus in Tokyo via the following options below:

1. Yurakucho Line Kojimachi Station, Exit 51-minute walk
2. Hanzomon Line Hanzomon Station, Exit 510-minute walk
3. JR/Marunouchi Line Yotsuya Station, Exit 1 or Kojimachi Exit10-minute walk
4. JR/Toei Shinjuku Line Ichigaya Station: 10-minute walk

Student Demographics

According to our recent research, the school presently has approximately 1,050 students as of June 2022. Out of this number, 950 students are enrolled in the Japanese program, while the remaining 100 students are in the English program. The nationalities of the international students are distributed as follows:

1. Philippines26%
2. Thailand19%
3. Europe12%
4. China7%
5. India7%
6. Singapore4%
7. Other countries: 21%

Furthermore, the curriculum emphasizes practical education utilizing the case method, making this university exceedingly popular among other institutions in Japan.

Specifically, students are mandated to complete courses in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Business Strategy, which are uniquely designed for the current turbulent market.

The School Features & Services of GLOBIS University

The School Features & Services of GLOBIS University - EDOPEN Japan

GLOBIS University has been operating as a provider of popular MBA programs for Japanese and international students in Japan for more than 30 years. Therefore, the experience, commitment, and quality are undeniable. Furthermore, what are the features of this great school? Then please take a look at some of the points below!

(1) Stark Business School

GLOBIS is now the largest business school in Japan, having educated over 100,000 business professionals. With its hands-on learning approach, entrepreneurial spirit, and robust industry connections, GLOBIS is the ideal destination to discover your life’s calling.

The extensive network, expert faculty, flexible courses, and venture capital experience will certainly expedite your future endeavors.

(2) Employment Support

It is certain that 80% of students graduate from this university and find employment within three months of completing their full-time program.

(3) Focus on Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action

The program emphasizes practical education using the case method. Most faculty members have extensive experience as business professionals with proven success in entrepreneurship.

Students are encouraged to enroll in courses like Entrepreneurial Leadership and Venture Strategy, designed to address today’s volatile markets.

(4) International Diversity

GLOBIS students and faculty hail from a diverse set of nations, as do Japanese students seeking to boost their capabilities and broaden their social circles. The GLOBIS alumni community is genuinely global.

(5) Highly Acclaimed Courses

The GLOBIS brand encompasses an educational institution and a venture capital company, “GLOBIS Capital Partners.” Since its inception in 1996, the latter has emerged as one of Japan’s premier venture capital firms, investing in over 100 companies.

GLOBIS University offers training to employees of some of Japan’s largest blue-chip companies. In 2013, more than 40,000 corporate managers and employees attended GLOBIS events.

(6) Develop Your Personal Mission

At GLOBIS, students are encouraged to reflect on their personal life mission and apply their creativity and innovation. Furthermore, this esteemed university offers top-notch amenities such as high-quality facilities, ample lounges, and extensive libraries.

The Courses and Expenses at GLOBIS University

The Courses and Expenses at GLOBIS University - EDOPEN Japan

The Courses

(1) Full-time MBA (English and Japanese)

The GLOBIS Full-time MBA is a fast-paced, one-year program located in central Tokyo. Classes take place on weekdays, with an internship occurring during the final 2-3 months of the program. A total of 48 credits (roughly 32 courses), including mandatory courses, must be completed in order to earn the degree.

(2) Part-time MBA (Japanese and English)

The flexible curriculum of the two-year GLOBIS Part-time MBA program enables you to earn an MBA without compromising your busy work schedule. You will take a mix of in-person and online courses, held on weekday evenings and weekends. To finish the degree within two years, a total of 36 credits (around 24 courses) must be earned.

(3) Online MBA Program

The GLOBIS Online MBA program is a two-year degree program featuring real-time classes via video-conferencing software. Students participate in interactive sessions with lecturers and peers from diverse locations to gain insightful perspectives on international business.

(4) Pre-MBA Course

Through the Pre-MBA Course, you can begin with just one class and access a new spectrum of flexibility. Whether you seek to advance your MBA studies or simply take a course in an area of interest, the Pre-MBA serves as the gateway to the GLOBIS MBA program. These courses can be pursued online or on-campus, in Tokyo.

For further information about the course details, please refer to the information provided. As well as other course details, please click the button below for more information. We also hope you find the information helpful.

The Course Expenses

Regarding course expenses, it’s important to note that they vary depending on the duration and type of course. Here are the total tuition fees, updated as of September 2023.

MBA ProgramTuition Fee in Total
1. Full-time¥3,845,000 for 1 year (scholarship available)
2. Part-time¥2,998,000 for 2 years
3. Online¥2,998,000 for 2 years (scholarship available)
4. Pre-MBA course128,000 JPY per course (12 weeks/course)

To obtain further details on the course expenses we have outlined, please click on the button below. We also hope that this information proves useful to you.

Faculty Excellence and Global Review of GLOBIS University

Faculty Excellence and Global Review of GLOBIS University - EDOPEN Japan

The Faculty Excellence

(1) Top Business Professionals

As previously noted, GLOBIS University’s lecturers possess extensive management experience across various industries. This distinct advantage is unparalleled by other universities. Additionally, all lecturers hold MBA degrees from top business schools. Through their expertise, students can uncover their full potential.

(2) Excellent Facilitation Skills

Get everything you need at this top MBA campus in Japan. GLOBIS’s faculty members possess exceptional facilitation skills. Additionally, courses primarily consist of discussions during which the lecturer ensures that all students have the chance to actively participate. Furthermore, each instructor encourages students to transform their “knowing” into “doing.”

(3) Passion for Students’ Growth

All GLOBIS lectures prioritize students’ personal development and future success. Support for students even continues beyond graduation. Additionally, instructors are easily accessible and regularly socialize with their students outside of class. Lasting friendships and business partnerships between faculty and students are common occurrences.

The Global Review

According to our research, GLOBIS University has received a rating of four stars or higher. So, what are the advantages of this institution? The reviewers have cited the following advantages:

1. Teachers and staff are professional and also very supportive.
2. The education system offered is also very good.
3. The school facilities are great, clean, spacious, and convenient for study.

Have you taken any management or business courses? Additionally, we would appreciate your feedback regarding your experience at this university. Please share your thoughts by leaving a review in the comments section below.

FAQ about GLOBIS University

FAQ about GLOBIS University - EDOPEN Japan

Let’s look at some Globis University questions that may serve as a quick reference for you.

Is Globis MBA good?
Over 9,500 students from 77 countries and regions have earned an MBA degree from Globis University. Following graduation, 64% of alumni are employed in Japan, and 81% secured employment within three months. Based on the data presented, we can confidently conclude that GLOBIS University is a proven institution.
Is Globis accredited?
GLOBIS University is fully accredited by the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) and recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
Is MBA in Japan worth it?
There are numerous reports attesting to the fact that obtaining an MBA in Japan leads to lucrative salaries and promising career prospects.
What is the salary of MBA in Japan?
From our research, Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates in Japan can earn an average annual salary of ¥6 million/year Each year, numerous students secure their desired job roles at leading companies with lucrative compensation packages.

These are some of the FAQs we tried to make about GLOBIS University, hopefully, it can be enlightening and helpful for you!


In closing, please review the aforementioned principles to ensure the quality of our business writing. We appreciate your feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement. We hope that GLOBIS University has provided you with valuable insights.


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